We took our iPhone 5s on the second day after the start of sales and decided not to rush anywhere. Twisted, twisted, tested. This is a review of the 16 GB version in white. Go!

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It seemed that the standard Apple product update cycle had already outlived its usefulness. As competitors capture more and more market share, Cupertino steadily bends its line and pretends not to notice anything. This is not at all the case – and the fact that we saw the announcement of the iPhone 5c says a lot about the company’s attempt to adapt to new realities and market challenges.

The iPhone 5s is a real upgrade over the previous generation of Apple smartphones, which is the soul of a much larger number of potential buyers. There is a new grey/black variant, as well as two new white ones – one of them is “gold”. Buying one, regardless of the country, on the day of the start of sales was akin to incredible luck, but white devices in many stores soon became scarce. It was white that was brought to us, and Arthur and I, being the owners of white iPhone 5s, were only happy about this.

It looked like a set of a new smartphone. Everything is as usual: charging, a Lightning cable, Earpods with a microphone and volume control, a clip for the SIM card tray and a few reference pieces of paper. The main thing is the iPhone 5s itself.

Details are in the details

A person far from the world of technology will take a look at the 5s and conclude that it is exactly a copy of the iPhone 5. In principle, it is difficult to argue with this. Still the same wonderful and thin metal case with two glass panels at the bottom and top. Elongated profile and minimalist bezel that surrounds the 4″ display. The “do not touch while it works” formula has played to its fullest here, and it would not be very reasonable to blame Apple for this. But want.

In fact, the difference between the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s is noticeable from every side and edge, except for the bottom one. The first thing that caught my eye was the new design of the volume and lock buttons. In the iPhone 5, their installation site was framed by a notch slightly larger than the key itself. Because of this, after a month or two, dirt and dust clogged there, regardless of how carefully you handle the phone. In the iPhone 5s, these buttons seem to be “sticky” on top of the case. The pros of the solution, I think, are clear to everyone, but there can be no minuses here: these buttons are pressed in the same way as before. We also felt that the color of the SIM card tray matches the color of the case much more strongly than before. But we did not manage to capture it in a photograph, since the difference is visible only in the dynamics.

All smartphones of the “s” series, to a certain extent, corrected the design and visual shortcomings of previous models. And there is. Rumor has it that Apple has changed the paint technology of the case to minimize the problem of paint peeling off the edges of the device. It is likely that it was because of her that the infamous black version of the smartphone disappeared from sale. The white one was not subject to this problem and therefore became a real alternative even for those who previously considered it exclusively female: after six months of active use, the black iPhone looks disgusting, and it’s better to go with white, but “perfect” in appearance, than with black and as if killed “in the trash.” One way or another, the white models 5 and 5s match the shade of the metal case entirely.

Another visual modification is a new camera-microphone-flash unit on the rear panel. The camera, for example, has lost its shiny rim, and now its protective glass occupies the entire “groove” at the back. The hole for the microphone changed its shape from a “pill” to a regular dot hole. But the flash has become “oval”: now there are two LEDs of different light temperatures, which adjusts the color of the photo to a more realistic one, especially if there are faces in the frame.

Finally, the permanent “iPhone” text on the back is now Helvetica Neue in Ultra Light. Particularly impressionable owners upgrading from the iPhone 5 will have to get used to the new state of affairs – and to iOS 7, from where this font has spread.

Video review

Hardware and iOS 7. Upgrade for the future

No one believed in the prospect of a 64-bit processor in the iPhone 5s. And here we are holding it in our hands, managing a 64-bit operating system and 64-bit applications. If you think that the transition to a new bit depth has changed something, I hasten to disappoint: iOS 7 on the “esque” looks exactly the same as on the usual “five”. System apps like Weather open and load anywhere between 25-35 percent faster, but generally don’t show a really big visible performance boost. That’s because the iPhone 5 still works great with iOS 7, and the difference between 15 milliseconds and 25 milliseconds isn’t significant enough for 99% of users. The only exception is Safari, which opens pages at least a third faster. This is especially noticeable on “heavy” sites with complex layout and a large number of images.

Under the metal hood of the iPhone 5s is a dual-core A7 processor with a frequency of 1.3 GHz, 1 gigabyte of RAM, a new additional M7 chip for processing data on the device’s position in space, and a very powerful tri-core PowerVR Series 6 “Rogue” video processor. Which of the above really says something to you? Most likely, only the size of the RAM: it has not changed since the iPhone 5, which is a bit frustrating.

Otherwise, the owners of the iPhone 5s can safely poke their device into the faces of the owners of absolutely all other mobile devices, especially on the Android OS. According to the results of numerous tests, the A7 dual-core processor wins over all existing and implemented counterparts for mobile devices on the market. Even Samsung’s 4-core designs don’t deliver the same system performance. Simply put, this is one of the most powerful mobile gadgets to date: only the new LG G2 smartphone can compare with it, and sometimes not in favor of the latter. By the way, Infinity Blade III actually works better on the iPhone 5s, only the long loading bug that was “cured” on iOS 7 is not resolved on iOS 7.0.1, which was released specifically for the iPhone 5s and 5c. But how beautiful this game looks! Screenshots are clickable:

iPhone 5

iPhone 5s

And how innovations affect the operation of the operating system? Today, in the fall of 2013, almost nothing. But only today. This story is repeated year after year. There is a new iPhone model that works a little faster than the old one. Over the next 12 months, new firmwares, new features and new applications will appear, increasingly demanding in terms of performance. By the time the next Apple smartphone comes out, the difference in actual performance between the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s will definitely be much larger. And then the slogan 5s, “thinking ahead”starts to sound noticeably more interesting.

64-bit architecture does not play such a big role in the performance of devices until they have a large amount of RAM – from 4 gigabytes. But now developers are forced to adapt their new projects to a fresh processor, which means that the difference in the capabilities and speed of programs and games may become more noticeable. Adaptation lies solely on the shoulders of each developer, and until the most famous programs are rewritten for the new processor, the advantages of the new hardware will be really noticeable only in synthetic tests, “benchmarks”. All this means that when buying an iPhone 5s to replace the iPhone 5, you are primarily investing in a cloudless future and maximum iOS performance for a year or two ahead.

But it’s much more likely that you really just want to poke at the Touch ID sensor 🙂


We tested. iPhone 5s does not work on Russian lte networks. It does not depend on the model number and country of origin of the iPhone. Apparently, Apple blocked this possibility for Russia for reasons known to her alone, although in the specifications on the Apple.com website, the working frequency numbers coincide with ours.

Camera and Touch ID

In our harsh opinion, upgrading from iPhone 5 to iPhone 5s is possible only because of the new camera. We will omit the technical details, because most owners will not be interested in them. Let’s better pay attention to a completely indisputable fact: 5s shoots in the dark much, MUCH better than all previous iPhones. iPhone 5 on the left, iPhone 5s on the right:

The difference is striking: where the “five” turns the black sky into a dance of multi-colored pixel artefacts, the “eska” shows true black without interference spoiling the final photo. This is the advantage of a larger camera sensor, and, unlike the pointless race for megapixels, this approach really deserves respect. Think about how many of your photos were taken in low light conditions – evenings at home, cafes and clubs with subdued lights, food in a restaurant, and cats’ faces indoors. Now all this will look better not only in Instagram and In contact with, but also just on the screen, computer, and even more so on paper. And if you remember that the new camera is capable of shooting video with the effect of “time slowdown” …

The dual flash did not leave a strong impression, because the difference in the photo with it turned out to be small in normal shooting conditions. It works best when there are people in the frame: the skin color looks more realistic, because the iPhone 5s adjusts the color of the flash in advance to what is happening in the frame. But ordinary shots, for example, objects, look exactly the same with the new flash. But having a feature is always better than not having one. And if you are going to photograph people against the backdrop of cities at night, only the latest Nokia Lumia 1020 can compete with the iPhone 5s. Considering that its camera is considered the best among smartphones, this was a very serious compliment. And if you remember what size this camera is and compare it with that of an iPhone, then Apple can be proud of itself.

touch ID

touch ID – touch button – it was not by chance that we left it in the end. It was this function, with the support of the media, that became the main feature of the iPhone 5s. It’s not easy to ignore such an element of the case: the rim of the Touch ID key shines in the light, like the edges of the iPhone 5, and the round shape makes these reflections mesmerizing. The absence of the traditional “square” in the center of the Home button does not bother at all, and after a while it is generally taken for granted. With Touch ID, the glare on the front of the iPhone looks great. In short, everything looks very good. And it clicks too: tactilely, the new button is very similar to that of the fifth generation iPod touch. That is, her move is small, but clear and pronounced, and the click is a little sharper. It didn’t get worse, that’s for sure.

To work with Touch ID, you must set a numeric passcode on the system. Otherwise, they will not let you use the biometric sensor in the button. The offer to set a password meets all new users at the stage of first turning on and setting up the device, so you won’t miss anything anyway. After creating a password, look in “Settings” – “General” – “Password and Fingerprint”.

Here, in the “Fingerprints” menu, you can register up to 5 fingerprints at the same time – that is, up to five fingers. Experience shows that in the first place you need to add both thumbs and both index fingers: for cases when you are holding a smartphone or when it just lies on a table. One remaining “slot” can be used for family and friends, or you can add a toe or a cat’s paw there. In both cases, by the way, everything will work.

The process of adding a fingerprint to the smartphone’s memory is simplified to the maximum. It is enough to follow the prompts on the screen, alternately applying and releasing your finger. Along with this, lines are gradually drawn on the fingerprint image. Once the entire virtual fingerprint turns red, you will be prompted to add a secondary touch option. To understand why you need it, pick up your iPhone right now and pay attention to where your thumb is. Most likely, it is closest to the button. But you won’t be able to press the entire area of ​​your finger on it while continuing to hold the smartphone in your palm. But sideways, that is, one of the sides of the fingertip – easily. It is for this scenario that the second stage of fingerprint registration exists. Thought it out, folks.

By enrolling your fingerprint, you can skip entering your password each time you unlock or purchase content from iTunes and the App Store. It looks like this. You press the screen lock button or the Touch ID/Home key. The screen backlight turns on. You touch the sensor with your finger for literally a second – and release. If the fingerprint matches the saved one, the smartphone will be unlocked immediately, even at the moment of raising your finger from the sensor. If an error occurs or the print does not fit, the word “retry” will be displayed. Three unsuccessful attempts to determine the fingerprint block the function of using the Touch ID sensor. This means that you will no longer be able to use this type of unlock until you manually enter your numeric password – or your Apple ID account password if the problem occurred while trying to buy something. This is a protective measure.

The biometric sensor is not new to the electronics industry. He used to be in many laptops and even smartphones. But he has never worked so stably, and even more so did not look so pretty. If the fingerprint is registered correctly – without haste – the sensor will detect it nine times out of ten. We noticed that the finger can be held on the sensor for literally half a second, so that it has time to determine the print. But for this, it must be clean and lie as best as possible on the sensor. By the way, the position of the finger itself does not matter at all: for example, Touch ID easily recognizes touch and fingerprint, even if you turn your smartphone upside down.

The functionality of Touch ID is strictly limited to a lock and password upon purchase. At the moment, the sensor is not used in any other scenarios. Even if the App Store asks you to confirm the data of the linked bank card, you will have to enter the account password in the old fashioned way. We sincerely hope that one day this function will extend not only to all the moments of entering passwords in system applications, but also in third-party ones. Imagine how great it would be if you didn’t have to remember your password in all services and sites: just touched Touch ID and that’s it. But so far it hasn’t.


iPhone 5s is right iPhone 5. From its predecessor, he inherited all the best: a metal body, a bright and realistic display, an ultra-slim body and a great design. A huge backlog in performance, an excellent camera and the broadest prospects for the first convenient biometric sensor are the main advantages of the new model, except for the expanded color gamut.

Small changes in the design of the case and fixing problems with color can encourage not only owners of old iPhones to upgrade, but also those who used the “five” before. And against the background of the plastic iPhone 5c, there is a desire to immediately support a full-fledged, metal product from Apple with the ruble. In six months, the difference between the old and the new smartphone will become much more noticeable. And then you are unlikely to regret that you have upgraded.

And if you still don’t like something and want thrills, there is always something dusty on Android on the store shelf…

All photos in the review were taken with a Fujifilm X-M1 camera.

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We took our iPhone 5s on the second day after the start of sales and decided not to rush anywhere. Twisted, twisted, tested. This is a review of the 16 GB version in white. Go! Buy an iPhone for 20 thousand cheaper than the market here. Something is changed and even given away for free. S It seemed that the standard update cycle for Apple products had already outlived its usefulness. When competitors take over more and more…

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