If Apple takes on something, it does it well, whether it’s a flagship smartphone or a simple TV set-top box, a compact laptop or a workstation, an all-in-one computer or a tablet, complete headphones or a phone case. Actually, we’ll talk about the case in this review, namely, about the leather model Apple Leather Case for iPhone 6 Plus. Although, the version for the iPhone 6 is completely identical, so everything written below applies to the more compact version.

When I first saw the new Apple branded cases on display in some nondescript PET plastic boxes, I thought that the company had given up on packaging design. I remember that the original bumper for the iPhone 4 was delivered in a disposable, but very stylish cardboard-plastic box. I am generally silent about the Smart Cover packaging – it is beautiful. But not everything turned out so bad when the product fell into the hands. In particular, the PET plastic there is very high quality, thick and perfectly protects the accessory when sent, for example, by mail.



Inside, the case is mounted on an impressive cardboard stand, which also contains instructions for pulling the lining on the iPhone.


In principle, it is easy to guess this, having examined the product closer and thinking logically: there is only one cutout on the edge – from below:


But aside from the lyrics, let’s take a closer look at the Apple Leather Case and first of all evaluate the material from which it is made:


it Genuine Leather with a fine texture and with a very high quality and delicate dressing. In addition, Apple claims some kind of special dyeing method, thanks to which the paint penetrates deep into the skin and gives it a uniform color that does not rub off over time. The color is really high-quality and uniform (in this case, blue), but I personally still prefer the use of natural dyes of plant origin – they really provide an impressive result in terms of durability. Although in this case we are dealing with mass production at the level of millions of units, so you won’t get too confused with classic painting – it’s expensive, long, and the skin will not be as thin and delicate.

Pros from this very tenderness there are exactly three materials:

  • worthy appearance;
  • the cover is very pleasant to the touch – you pick it up and don’t want to let it go, it’s so good at home, warm, or something;
  • provides good protection to the phone due to the fact that it dampens the impact when the device falls.

In addition, a small ledge protrudes above the glass. It protects the front panel if the device is placed face down, or even dropped on the floor:


On the other hand, the same side also carries a negative point – it completely eliminates all the buzz from the glass curved at the edge, on which it is so convenient to crawl with your finger, performing gestures. For example, going back with a swipe from left to right in Tweetbot and other programs.

There is also a minus in the tenderness of the skin – it is very easy to scratch it, you can leave traces even with a fingernail. That is, over time, the accessory will rub off and look not in the most presentable way. This is not thick vegetable tanned leather, which over the years from wear and active use acquires its own unique texture of curves and scuffs, giving the product an even more interesting look. How fast will the Apple case rub? It depends on the accuracy of the user. It may look like new in six months, or it may wear out in tatters in three months. But, again, the accessory is chic tactile and looks good on the iPhone 6 Plus, without particularly increasing its dimensions or weight:


By the way, the mass of the cover is only 17 g and it is quite flexible, something in this regard is akin to a silicone counterpart, which is even unusual. I don’t know how Apple achieved such an effect, but when pulling the product on the phone and removing it, you can not be gentle – the case bends, but does not break.

Inside, the Apple Leather Case is lined with soft microfiber that prevents scratches from getting between the case and the case of sand grains – they simply press into the fabric without leaving marks on the back of the phone:


And in this photo you can see how well the accessory is made – no seams, no traces of glue, just some kind of magic:


There is also a black iPhone inscription and a message that the product was developed in California.

It remains to add that the Apple Leather Case completely covers the power and volume buttons – they are pressed in the case a little tighter than usual, and this will take some getting used to at first. The mute lever is not very recessed and it is convenient to switch it, although it is necessary to use the second hand.



The camera and flash are neatly inscribed in a window with a plastic rim:


Is the Apple Leather Case comfortable to use? Definitely yes! You really don’t want to take it off: it is tactilely pleasant, compact, light and, most importantly, it seriously improves the grip – you will no longer worry that the iPhone will slip out of your hand. In addition, unlike the previously discussed DLONS Ultra Slim, this accessory is really able to save the phone from damage to the glass and body when dropped on a hard surface.

In addition to blue, there are also options in beige, red, brown and black. The price of the issue in Russian realities – from 2200 rub. and higher.


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If Apple takes on something, it does it well, whether it’s a flagship smartphone or a simple TV set-top box, a compact laptop or a workstation, an all-in-one computer or a tablet, complete headphones or a phone case. Actually, we’ll talk about the case in this review, namely, the Apple Leather Case for iPhone 6…

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