Finally, Apple has fulfilled the dream of millions: made an iPhone with a full-body display. Something new!

Stop. It’s about another iPhone. Which we will not be able to get at all soon, obviously not this year. Let’s be realistic. iPhone 8 appeared only because Apple did not have time to prepare the iPhone X for sale.

I have no illusions and do not advise you. The iPhone 8 performs the brunt of being second against the backdrop of dozens, therefore, it is deprived of much that usually attracts the buyer of the next generation of Apple smartphones.

This does not mean that the smartphone is bad. Nothing of the sort: it’s better than the iPhone 7 in almost every way. It’s just that not everyone needs to buy one.

We have iPhone 8 Plus 256 GB space black (Space Gray), and based on it, we will at the same time put a verdict of 8-ke of the usual size. This is now sold in Moscow for about 79 thousand rubles. The price layout changes every hour, so at the time of publication, they may be lower.

Updated: photo review of the red Product RED model read here.

Video from Mikka, watch first

What’s really new in iPhone 8?

Hey guys, this question is harder than it looks. Here I am holding it in my hands and I don’t even understand what kind of phone it is from the front panel. iPhone 6? iPhone 7? For four generations, Apple has been finishing off the same body, this is a record.

1. Glass appeared at the back. It’s not so good

Well, who here missed the body of the iPhone 4? Wait, gentlemen!

Apple returned to Jobs’ preferences after 6 years. There’s just no nostalgia here. This is a technical necessity: the iPhone 8 introduced wireless charging, which was difficult to implement in the metal case of previous models.

The phone looks incredibly beautiful on the photos of the official site. Shine, reflections, almost glare of light inside the panel. But the color itself is stable, even, sharp.

BUT In reality, guys, everything is a little different..

Let me remind you that we got a black model, and we have not yet had time to test the chic white and gold ones. About white and about gold, I think I will write separately, they turned out so successful. Finally (since the iPhone 5) a white iPhone can be taken again!

But black iPhone 8 disappointed me, especially after the matte iPhone 7. It’s not that black after all. As if it was slightly diluted with milky white. I suspect that the glass is to blame, reflecting a little light onto the panel whenever it is.

If you put the phone on the table with the display facing down, it looks like the bezels of the phone are darker than the back panel. And it’s kind of like that. This effect is better to notice live, since everything turns out darker in the photo than it really is.

I admit, I would not refuse a dark blue coloring with a glass panel. Just like Samsung and a lot of other smartphones. It’s a chic combination, but Apple clearly thinks differently.

The second nitpick to the body is that it is unusual and very easy to get out of hand. It seems that there is also a display on the back, or you took the iPhone on the wrong side. It’s a matter of time and adaptation. But about the ease of dropping, I’m completely serious. You need to buy a case for your iPhone 8 if you don’t want to walk around with a broken ass… a panel on the back.

And the third, completely expected thing – it gets TERRIBLY dirty. When I took it in my hands for the first time, immediately after unpacking, my hands were so clean that it was possible to change the surgeon without gloves. I took it in my hands for 30 seconds, turned it over, and there are stains.

If I’m not mistaken, Apple has stated that there is an oleophobic coating on the back. It will definitely wear off over time if that’s the case. And erasing prints that are more visible than the company logo turned out to be not so easy at all.

Finally, the question scratches as relevant as ever. To Apple’s credit, I want to note that the first tests on YouTube showed the incredible strength of this glass. After all, Gorilla Glass is the latest version.

But at the same time, the editor-in-chief The Verge After a week of careful use, I saw a big scratch. So here the question is open, we need real stories of real people in a couple of months.

Interestingly, in the iPhone 8, the metal frame is still aluminum and matte, but in the iPhone X it will be shiny and made of steel. Which is expected. Visually, the best solution was left for the top model.

I can say one thing: I hope Apple won’t leave design just like that and come up with something different in the next generation. Or at least make the frames steel in all models. I recommend you the white and gold versions, they are more successful than the black one.

2. Wireless charging that works everywhere

To my great joy, Cupertino did not reinvent the wheel. The iPhone 8 has a widely supported Qi wireless charging module.

This means that almost all existing wireless chargers work with the iPhone 8 already, and you don’t have to look for special Apple-certified models or anything like that. For example, the Samsung platform worked as it should 🙂

I ran into a couple of Moscow restaurants and made sure that everything is OK, you can use their chargers. There was just nothing to photograph. On the Internet, however, I have already seen complaints about some platform models that do not work. Moreover, the more powerful and steeper such charges, the greater the chance that they will not work.

Over time, a list will appear and the cause of the incompatibility will be determined. In the meantime, I advise you to check such charges on the iPhone 8 in advance before buying.

The very principle of operation is this. Under the glass back cover is a special receiver coil. Charging occurs due to the inductive transfer of energy from the platform to the coil.

Important: according to the passport, the maximum distance between the phone and the platform is up to 4 centimeters. And in fact, a maximum of 1 centimeter. If you have a thick or multi-layer protective case, you are span. The display down also does not seem to be charging, I checked twice.

Still, wireless charging in the iPhone 8 can not stand metal cases and metal in general. If you have inserts or pads on the back, they shield the signal and prevent the chip from working properly.

I warn you that the iPhone 8 gets very hotwhen it lies on such a platform for a long time. On the Apple website, this is mentioned as a normal situation, but personally I see an extra load on the battery here. Make sure that the sun does not shine on the iPhone 8 during wireless charging, otherwise it will overheat in no time.

3. True Tone display straight from the iPad Pro

iPhone 8 and 8 Plus received displays with the usual diagonal of 4.7 and 5.5 inches, respectively. Apple calls the new screens Retina HD.

The resolution has not increased, but the image has become richer with support for extended color gamut. This is noticeable only in direct comparison with the iPhone 7, the photos do not transmit.

The already excellent viewing angles of the display are now even wider. Thanks to dual-domain pixels, the picture “virtually not distorted” when viewed from an angle. I put it in quotation marks, because I never complained about the viewing angles in the iPhone 7, and it’s extremely difficult to explain the difference in words. It seems to work, but it doesn’t.

Another innovation is much more noticeable. iPhone 8 is equipped with technology true tone. It sets the intensity and color temperature of the white color appropriate for the current lighting.

If to speak in Russian, in home yellow lighting, the screen will also turn yellow, and in cold it will become a little blue. That is it adaptive color temperature. And she’s really good.

True Tone pleases the eye. Reading from the device and working with it is more comfortable in any light. Eye strain is kept to a minimum. I really liked it on the iPad Pro, and it’s great that now a similar feature has appeared in iPhones.

For purists who edit photos on an iPhone and don’t want any magic: the feature is turned off in the settings, and the first time it is also offered as an option, not a mandatory thing.

In order for True Tone to work at all, the iPhone was equipped with a new sensor that measures the brightness of ambient light and its color. It is located next to the camera. After the measurement, the system changes the display parameters based on special algorithms.

I noticed that True Tone plows regardless from the Night Shift function, they do not interfere with each other. The latter only makes the color temperature of the display warmer in the evening, while True Tone flexibly changes the parameters depending on the lighting.

4. New cameras and the coolest front camera shooting mode

If you don’t like wireless charging and a glass body, then the camera is major and undeniable improvement in the iPhone 8which is almost impossible to scold.

Technically, not much has changed here. The 12-megapixel matrix remains, but now it features increased speed and an updated color filter.

The specifications are still the same. The iPhone 8 has the same ƒ/1.8 wide-angle camera with six lenses and optical stabilization. The iPhone 8 Plus is paired with a wide-angle lens with an ƒ/2.8 telephoto lens. Aperture is similar to the iPhone 7, competitors have better results.

However, he changed photo processing algorithm.

Attention: on iPhone 8, all photos are initially taken in HDR mode. It’s a response to the superiority of technology in the Google Pixel, to this day considered the best phone for photo quality. The ability to see photos without HDR needs to be manually enabled in the Settings, which I advise you to do right away – I personally do not like overexposed shadows just for the sake of sky contours.

We will compare HDR photos and the new processing algorithm in a separate photo comparison, but for now, see a few examples below. They already say that the iPhone 8 has the best camera among smartphones today, but personally, I will first compare it more seriously than I confirm. There are too many nuances here to draw conclusions based on three photographs.

In the meantime, this question is up in the air, I will say a lot of good words about the new coolest rear camera shooting mode – portrait lightingeven though it’s in beta. Apple is finally taking AI seriously.

What portrait lighting? This is an imitation of the effects of professional shooting of people’s faces in a studio environment. And it works almost perfectly!

It’s easy to use. In the Camera application, select the desired effect: daylight, studio light, contour light, stage light and stage light – black and white. Aim the frame at the contour of the face when shooting portraits. You’re filming.

The iPhone thinks for three seconds, and voila, a cool photo is ready. Red blemishes and skin imperfections are gently removed automatically, and the result is an absolutely incredible portrait that has nothing to do with the actual lighting conditions at the time of shooting.

Of all the modes, the coolest and most radical is stage light in black and white. It generally removes the background of your photo . That is, you were sitting against the backdrop of your grandmother’s carpet and a bunch of scattered things – but in the photo you seem to be sitting against a black background with high-quality flash and spotlights, and you were shot on Mark III.

For the implementation of the Apple mode, the firmest five – and hope in pursuit that such toy chips will not be forgotten. Something like this is now wanted not only for portraits, but also for ordinary photographs.

Alas, if there is no face in the frame, the effects will not work. This is the difference with background blur, last year’s feature of the iPhone 7 Plus – it is relevant for anything.

4K video can now be shot at up to 60 fps, and 1080p video at up to 240 fps. Generally, 4K 60FPS is mind-blowing achievement for a smartphone, because until recently only expensive professional video cameras were capable of this.

4K 60FPS videos, by the way, have an unusual problem: not every computer can play them! Too many resources are required. For example, my old Air from 2013 just freezes on every frame. And on the 2017 MacBook Pro, everything is in order.

Optical zoom, as before, went only to the Plus model. The presence of a telephoto lens allows you to zoom in on the picture without losing quality. The zoom works in tandem with digital, allowing you to achieve 10x zoom when shooting photos and 6x when recording video.

Again, a concrete comparison between the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 cameras will take more time, but the software work has been done seriously, and the result is worthy of at least starting to consider buying an eight. Unless you have a seven, of course.

5. Speakers that actually play louder

Last year, Cupertino equipped the iPhone 7 with two stereo speakers. This allowed the sound to be more spacious and deep compared to the mono speakers in previous models. Oralo is normal, but it does not compare with the speakers, which is expected.

This year, the developers improved the quality of the speakers and worked on increasing the volume level. I launched the first track I came across on YouTube and deaf.

The volume increase is really noticeable, it cannot be written off as a statistical error – now one iPhone is enough to pump a medium-sized room with tolerable sound quality. And I was pleased that the wheezing dynamics No even at maximum speeds, but it may appear over time due to wear.

I don’t know if the time will come when I can give up my portable speakers, but Apple is trying and doing everything so that you at least hear the call from another room. It is commendable.

6. Processor and performance, which is unrealistically high

Every new iPhone gets a more powerful processor, and now Apple has surpassed itself. This year was no exception, with the A11 Bionic chip at the heart of the iPhone 8. I think you have already heard that it is more powerful than the 2017 MacBook Pro.

Okay computers, but the new 6-core processor works up to 70% faster than previous A10 Fusion. The graphics processor has also been upgraded, it is 30% faster than its predecessor.

The increase is generally huge within the framework of neighboring generations of devices, but personally I still do not understand where so much power is needed. Time and new firmware should show why all this.

How much I did not try to catch the iPhone 7 Plus on bOBigger brakes than the iPhone 8 did not work. It is too early. By the way, both lag in the same places due to iOS 11 optimization problems. There are also no games yet that would demonstrate the superiority of the new processor.

No change in RAMA: iPhone 8 costs 2 GB, iPhone 8 Plus costs 3 GB. Keep this in mind, because according to the experience of past years, it was the RAM that became the performance throat of older models. And if versions with 4 GB of memory are released next year, a noticeable gap in performance will still manifest itself in some iOS 13.

What Apple has really done is improve the battery conservation mechanisms. iPhone 8 received a new generation of performance controller, which is responsible for overclocking the processor at peak times and reducing performance when working with basic tasks.

Do you think it will give you more battery life? NOPE.

Apple reduced the battery in both models: 1821 mAh in the iPhone 8 instead of 1960 mAh in the iPhone 7. Plus also suffered: 2675 mAh versus 2900 mAh.

The difference in capacity is offset by the operation of the new controller, but at the same time means that at maximum load iPhone 8 will drain faster 5-10% of last year’s model. Well, what is it, Apple? We asked for more battery, not vice versa!

In general, the new A11 Bionic processor, which is in the iPhone 8, was developed with an eye on augmented reality, which requires serious calculations and consumes the resources of even the iPhone 7 Plus in two hours.

I would talk about the difference in how AR works on the old and new models later for a simple reason: there are very few serious applications with AR in the App Store, and none of them have yet used A11 resources properly. In my comparisons, the difference is zeroso there is nothing to write for you yet.

Who needs an iPhone 8?

Well, you can’t just offend a really good smartphone. This is meticulously comparing the old and the new, looking for the difference. For a buyer from the street after Android, the eight will seem like a revelation. I am sure that the eighth will be a good idea to buy for the holidays, especially for girls.

Turning a blind eye to the lack of innovation, iPhone 8 continues the legacy of iPhone 7 – but in this case it goes very far. The question is – is it still good or so-so?

To be fair, after getting to know the smartphone, I boldly call it the iPhone 7s. This is what it is, it’s just that the number has changed due to marketing and the new case. And if you were waiting for the iPhone 7s, then you got it.

Think right now: are you in the category of people who should buy an iPhone 8? If a…

  • Are you still walking around with an iPhone 6 or younger?
  • you missed iPhone 7 while waiting for iPhone 7s
  • you are not going to buy X and just want to upgrade your iPhone
  • you naively hope that you will buy the iPhone X in the store before March next year

… then you can just go and buy an iPhone 8 without thinking. Get together right now. Because there will be no alternatives until the middle of next spring. And then you can wait for the next generation. Why not please yourself with a new iPhone instead of a long-term old one?

Yes, iPhone 8 makes sense to buy for everyone who has an iPhone 6s and older. I highly recommend the Plus model, because you will appreciate the blur effect in the camera and excellent battery life, which you quickly get used to. This is a really good idea and not a waste of money, you will see the difference and spend your money well.

But if you have iPhone 7Well, I have sad news. No guys you need to upgrade to iPhone 8 it is forbidden. More precisely, do as you wish, I’m not a decree for you. But it makes no sense to change seven to eight so few! And this is what the fanatic on the Apple website tells you.

I agree that portrait modes with lighting effects are incredibly good! But, unlike background blur effects, they only work on faces and only on the rear camera.

Here’s a simple test for you. Open A photo on your iPhone and see how many portraits of other people you have. If there are many, then write down the cool features and the reasons for the purchase; if you clicked 2-4 such photos in a month, then no, you won’t need it.

Another feature that iPhone 7 owners will really like is support for wireless charging. You have no idea how good it is to set everything up and start live without wires. And I’m glad that almost any Qi-enabled charger will fit.

Yes, still me I warn against buying an iPhone 8 just for the glass case. I did not expect this from myself at all, but it categorically did not go to me. That’s just No and dot. Tactilely, it seems as if he mixed up and grabbed the iPhone by the display. Or that this is actually another Android flagship, and not a smartphone from Apple.

Whatever you say, the metal is much nicer in the hand. Yes, and it looks the same – in my opinion, naturally. Let’s wait for the iPhone X, suddenly there will be other colors.

Well, performance … I don’t see the difference with the iPhone 7 Plus today. In six months or a year, it will become more noticeable, but thanks to the same amount of RAM and overall high performance, I’m not sure that the gap between these two models will ever become more critical than the error.

All in all, I would not change iPhone 7 to iPhone 8, but would change all other models. This is logical and justified even from the critical position of the layman, not to mention Apple fanatics.

FAQ: answers to your questions

Before the review was released, I posted a mini-post where I asked readers what to check and see in the new iPhone. We have collected here the 10 most interesting questions from you.

1. Interested in how tenacious the grip is today?

Not tenacious at all, slips at times. Moreover, the dirtier the back panel, the faster it flies out of hand. A cover is a must buy.

2. Please look at the display on the theme of marriage, spots on a white background, uneven backlighting.

Everything is perfect on ours, there are no highlights, black is perfectly even over the entire screen area. There are no spots on the white background. I think in 4 years Apple was able to get rid of childhood diseases.

3. How quickly does it charge wirelessly from zero to 50% and up to 100%?

For a long time. It takes about one and a half to two hours if the phone is not used. Which is generally difficult, because it is worth raising it – and charging is expected to stop.

4. How much more and further does Bluetooth 5.0 work in real life?

Not how much. Compared by EarPods and two other third-party wireless headphones. There is no difference, because it requires the device to support Bluetooth 5.0. And there are none for sale.

5. Do iPhone 7 cases fit iPhone 8?

I can’t say about a regular iPhone, but the iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8 Plus are almost completely compatible, except that the sides of the case barely protrude more. I’m not sure about tight all-metal cases, I’ll have to try.

6. Does the screen turn yellow out of the box, like in last year’s phones?

With True Tone, the difference is subtle, but without it, the display is bluer than on my iPhone 7 Plus. As a rule, this moment varies greatly depending on the parties, and you may come across a completely different case.

7. How fast does it charge via USB-C and MacBook Pro charger?

Very fast! I charged from 15% to 100% in less than an hour and a half. Cool thing. iPhone 7 Plus in the same conditions charges approximately 30-40 minutes longer.

8. 3D Touch lags like iPhone 7 Plus?

No, all is fine. But in my plus, it also lags, which is strange. Most likely, the jamb of iOS 11 optimization.

9. Do you feel the increased width and weight of the device?

Until I read the question, I did not notice! The weight is actually more. And it’s noticeable. Although Plus itself is so heavy that even a difference of 50 grams does not solve much 🙂

Last and foremost. Take or not?

iPhone 8 – to the gnashing of teeth pragmatic smartphone. Apple just says you can’t buy an iPhone X anyway, so endure the same thing for the fourth year in a row. Thank you for at least one and a half features poured.

But this is not enough to call this generation truly new. it iPhone 7s and dot.

For many, this is enough, because the phone itself is good. Those who now have last year’s flagship, the iPhone 7, will remain dissatisfied. I am among them and sincerely see no real reason to upgrade to the iPhone 8.

That’s why I will not buy an iPhone 8, but I’ll understand if you take it. Here’s how I advise you to do it. If you have:

iPhone 5/5s/SE: you can safely upgrade to iPhone 8!

iPhone 6/6s: I advise you to take the iPhone 8 Plus, the upgrade is noticeable.

iPhone 7: pass past and waiting for the iPhone X.

And that’s it. Have a nice shopping or a quiet ignore. I hope Apple comes up with something more interesting next year.

PS Only if you are going to wait for the iPhone X, remember: it will not appear in real sale with us until February-March next year.

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