If your brain melts from the heat, but you need to choose a good smartphone, don’t worry, here are ten options for every taste and budget:

one. iPhone 6s Like new 16Gb

The most affordable iPhone with a 4.7-inch display. The power of the device is enough for all tasks. Unlike newer models, there is no only moisture protection.

The device will be officially supported by Apple and receive iOS updates for several more years.

For whom: for those who are tired of the small screen of the iPhone 5s or SE, but do not want to pay for the top flagship.

Price: 28,990 rubles (16 GB) or 33,890 rubles (64 GB)

2. Sony Xperia XZ 32GB

A good smartphone in terms of price-quality ratio. Powerful hardware and a high-quality camera do not lag behind competitors, but the design and colors of the case look just awesome against the background of gray-black devices.

For whom: for those who are looking for a good smartphone with a catchy design.

Price: 38 990 rubles

3. Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

A real iPhone killer in every sense. Cooler camera, better screen, no side frames, real water protection. At the same time, the South Korean flagship is cheaper.

For whom: suitable for those who are looking for the best smartphone for today.

Price: 49 990 rubles

four. Huawei P10 Premium

The highlight of this smartphone is a dual 12-megapixel camera with Leica optics. In the model range there are a large number of colors, everyone will find a suitable one.

For whom: Great camera phone at an affordable price.

Price: 39 990 rubles

5. HP Elite X3 + Desk Dock

A solid Windows-smartphone, with the help of a complete docking station, you can connect it to a monitor and get a full-fledged Windows-computer. So all the necessary data will always be with you.

For whom: for those who need a smartphone and a computer in one bottle.

Price: 49 990 rubles

6. Micromax Q4260 Canvas Juice A1 plus

One of the most affordable smartphones. On board there is a good camera, a bright display and a fingerprint scanner. The developers fit a 4,000 mAh battery into the device.

For whom: inexpensive long-playing smartphone.

Price: 7 990 rubles

7. Lumigon T3

A cool designer smartphone that you will not find in the hands of passers-by. A distinctive feature of this model is the diode backlight of the camera, which allows you to take pictures in complete darkness.

For whom: Suitable for those who are looking for a smartphone with a night vision camera.

Price: 69 990 rubles

eight. Micromax E451

Good solid midrange. There is a 13-megapixel camera, 16 GB of internal memory, support for two SIM cards and LTE. And the price does not exceed 10 thousand.

For whom: good smartphone for internet and social networks.

Price: 9 950 rubles

9. INOI R7

The unusual smartphone is running a well-protected Sailfish Mobile OS RUS. Other features include support for LTE and two slots for SIM cards.

For whom: for those who need the Sailfish Mobile operating system.

Price: 11 990 rubles

ten. Tele 2 Midi

An operator’s smartphone, which is cheaper than push-button handsets. It runs Android 6, has dual SIM support, a modest camera, and a compact 4.5-inch display that’s easy to operate with one hand.

For whom: for the most economical

Price: 2 790 rubles

Smartphones provided by Buyon.ru.

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