On iPhones, the light did not converge like a wedge. Not everyone needs an Apple flagship. Sometimes we choose a smartphone for parents or a child, we are looking for a handset for the role of a second dialer, or we just want a budget phone that is not a pity.

On the AliExpress hundreds of offers, among which it is difficult to navigate. Here are a dozen unusual smartphones from China.

1. Doogee DG700 TITANS2


Stylish “zakos” under Vertu from the company Doogee. It is small, convenient to operate with one hand, and there is also support for two SIM cards.

If you want an original look, take the Doogee DG700, or save up for Vertu.

Buy: 4 479 rubles, buy with cashback

2. Blackberry Q10


This is the last representative of the classic Blackberry line, now Blackberry will be only on Android and with a controversial design. The Q10 model has everything you need: an operating system familiar to fans of the company, support for corporate services, a recognizable design, a comfortable QWERTY keyboard and a touch screen.

And this seller can immediately install Russian keys.

Buy: 6 071 rubles, buy with cashback

3. Leagoo M5


One of the most affordable Android smartphones with a fingerprint scanner, for those who are tired of entering the unlock password. There is nothing else interesting in it, well, except perhaps a bright 5-inch display.

Three color options are available: black, gray and gold.

Buy: 4 302 rubles, buy with cashback

4 Melrose S9


One of the smallest smartphones, dimensions are only 86 x 43 x 8.8 mm, while it also looks a bit like an iPhone. You can safely take the child for school, if it breaks – it’s not a pity.

Buy: from 2 975 rubles, buy with cashback

5. SANTIN Q727


Advanced “babushkophone” No. 1. Where else can you find Android with a quick dial of relatives and a simple camera.

Now even your grandmother can sit on WhatsApp or Viber. Wait for new selfies from the village.

Buy: from 1,590 rubles, buy with cashback

6. Walkie Talkie F22


Smartphone for builders, rescuers and extreme sportsmen. The case has protection against falls, the built-in antenna will catch the network where iPhones never dreamed of. Several of these devices can be combined into one network and used as a walkie-talkie.

Buy: 7 003 rubles, buy with cashback

7. Waterproof button smartphone


Dual SIM device for those who are not used to the touch screen. Most smartphone operations can be performed using the physical buttons and joystick.

The device is protected according to the IP68 standard, has NFC, GPS and runs on Android 6.

Buy: 6 354 rubles, buy with cashback

8. VKworld T2


The original clamshell for Android. You can open and close the lid in the old fashioned way to work with the device, or you can turn the screen to the back and use it as a conventional touch device.

Do you miss the old Razr V3?

Buy: 7 142 rubles, buy with cashback

9. Phablet PS-LTE706


Just imagine: a 7-inch display, two SIM cards and LTE support – cheaper than 6 thousand rubles. Yes, not Apple or Samsung, you can take a whole box of such phablets for the cost of an iPhone.

Just think in advance what you will wear such a “shovel”.

Buy: from 5 887 rubles, buy with cashback

10. Watch phone SNOPOW W1S


This model has everything that Apple Watch owners only dream of. The watch can make calls on its own without connecting to a smartphone, and they themselves are a smartphone.

Inside Android 4.4, camera, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and 4 GB of memory.

Buy: from 7 316 rubles, buy with cashback

If you do not recognize anything but the iPhone


We laughed and that’s enough, you can just order a case for your favorite iPhone.

  • Original chameleon case for iPhone 7 – 294 rubles.
  • Translucent case for iPhone with a sheen – 111 rubles.
  • Colorful cover-scales – 116 rubles.
  • Case in the style of Google Pixel for iPhone – 458 rubles.
  • Case with works of art – 177 rubles.
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Download a special browser extension and get cashback automatically.

Happy shopping!

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