The phone is no longer just a means of making calls and sending SMS. This is a camera, a player, and a minicomputer in one device. But technology has gone a step further and now you can also pay for purchases with a smartphone.

how to pay by phone

How convenient it is, what are the pros and cons of this system, which payment option is better to use — you can learn all this from the article.

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How to pay with a smartphone?

The Near Field Communication system is used for the contact of the smart phone and the payment terminal, but its abbreviated name is NFC. It helps to exchange data at a distance that does not exceed 10 cm. You need to put 2 devices next to each other, perform 1-2 simple actions (depends on the calculation system used). And that’s all. Contactless payment using a smartphone has passed!

To pay for shopping with a mobile device, the latter must have an NFC chip. In the latest models, it is built into the motherboard, and in old smart phones, they can be added using a separate label with such a module. You can find out whether a specific mobile gadget supports NFC technology from the device’s characteristics.

Information about plastic cards is stored in the application, which must be downloaded to get started (see below for details). The physical number of the card is used only 1 time (during setup) and then is not stored anywhere. It is encrypted and only the encrypted virtual number is used in the future.

To start functioning, those who use smartphones on the Android OS will need:

  • click on the “Wireless networks” item in the menu,
  • click on the NFC subcategory,
  • activate the module.

Owners of “apple” accessories do not need to enable anything. The chip is activated at the factory, after which the antenna works autonomously.

pay the bill by phone

Nuance: Near Field Communication smartphone payment technology works only on Android versions above 4.4.4. As for Apple smartphones, you can pay contactless with iPhone 6 (for example, iPhone 11 64GB) and above.

And what is safer: contactless payment with PayPass cards or new-fashioned payment by phone? In the first case, you have to take out the card and attach it to the terminal. At the same time, there is a risk that outsiders will see her number and other confidential data. In the second option, during payment, the generated token is sent to the terminal, and not the card number or other data. Therefore, there is no way for attackers to receive card data and withdraw funds from the account.

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Which payment system to choose?

In order for the smart to start working as a payment card, you need to install a special program. What kind of? For “apple” units – Apple Pay, for Android OS – Google Pay, for Samsung phones there is also a proprietary application. Whether to choose it is a matter of taste. How to install each utility?

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Apple Pay

What the user needs:

  • having an iPhone no lower than six,
  • paycard,
  • Account.

  how to pay for purchases through Apple Pay

Next, you need the Wallet app to link your unit’s card. Installation is as follows:

That’s it, the process is complete. You can start paying with your Apple phone. To do this, you need to bring the device to the terminal, holding your finger on Touch ID.

A small nuance: You can add no more than 8 cards in the program.

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Google Pay

Many smartphones on the Android OS already have an NFC module. To start using it, you need to add a card to it.

how to pay by phone via Google Pay

This is done like this:

How to make a payment by phone using the Android Pay utility (now called Google Pay)? The device must be unlocked and brought to the terminal with the right side: if the module is built-in, the back side, if external, the side where the module is installed. An affirmative “flag” should light up on the screen of the unit. Then you need to enter a secret combination or put a painting on the check.

Bonus of this system: you can add an unlimited number of cards.

Samsung Pay

The connection conditions are similar.

pay by phone with samsung pay

Adding a card is simple:

  1. Specify your account with this company in the program.
  2. Click on the “Start” button.
  3. Decide on the authorization option (code or fingerprint).
  4. Click on “+” or “Add”.
  5. Make a scan copy of the card or rewrite the data from it yourself.
  6. Agree to the terms of service and click “Accept all”.
  7. Enter the code from the banking SMS in the corresponding field.

The final touch is to sign on the screen with a stylus or finger.

Nuance: one device supports no more than 10 cards.

To make a payment in the store, you need to activate the program, select the desired card, authorize with a fingerprint and bring the device to the terminal.

Pros and cons

The advantages of using such a system are obvious — smart payment takes a minimum amount of time, cards can not be carried with you, and the security of the operation is 100%.

pros and cons of paying by phone

The downside is that one of the latest smartphone models is required (it is important to make sure that the smartphone has NFC before buying) or an additional tag.

List of banks that support the NFC system:

The full list of banks can be viewed on their official websites.

You can pay with a smartphone at any POS terminals, which are now installed everywhere: in supermarkets, gas stations, cafes, cinemas.

So what is NFC and payment in a smartphone for the user? This is a modern, convenient way to pay for shopping safely and quickly. So far, the number of special terminals is small, especially in small settlements. But the system is developing, more and more banks are adopting it, both users and business owners are convinced of the comfort and speed of Near Field Communication.

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