Is it possible that dry shampoo can compete with the usual, familiar from childhood, shampoo? Patented in the last century, dry shampoo suddenly became especially popular.

how dry shampoo works

Environmentalists hope to save a huge amount of fresh water with it, and stylists advise using it for styling – instead of styling foam or fixing varnish. Is dry shampoo really so versatile, to whom and how to use it?

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How dry shampoo works

To understand how dry shampoo works, let’s find out what purpose it has. The main enemy of clean curls is excess sebum, which accumulates on the hair and mixes with particles of the epithelium, street dust, human sweat. An unpleasant smell appears, sticky strands sag ugly and the person looks sloppy.

The basis of the white powder, which is dry shampoo, is a sorbent. Large molecules of a substance that have the ability to absorb sebum lipid molecules bind and hold them, cleansing the curls from impurities. As such a sorbent, talc, rice flour, corn starch, and specially prepared clay are used.

In addition to the sorbent, other components are present in the composition of the product:

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How to use dry shampoo correctly

After the hair is treated with dry shampoo, the curls are transformed and look not only flawless, but acquire luxurious volume. And for those who have hair that does not differ in density, and in addition they quickly grow fat, this is in many ways a decisive factor. How to use dry shampoo to get the desired volume? Once you understand how to use dry shampoo correctly and avoid gross mistakes.

Application Tips: Application

To achieve a spectacular volume, it is worth adopting a simple algorithm of actions:

  • using a comb, divide the curls into small strands;
  • shake the bottle or can several times;
  • process each strand from the sprayer for no longer than two seconds.

dry shampoo how to use

The optimal time for exposure to the agent is selected individually, empirically, but not longer than five minutes.

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How to wash off dry shampoo?

Does dry shampoo need to be rinsed off specifically? Answer: no. You don’t need to rinse anything. By combing your hair well with a thick comb, you can get rid of it. And the additional use of a hair dryer in cold air mode guarantees a better removal of particles of the newfangled product.

how often can you use dry shampoo

How to use dry shampoo for volume

One of the current trends is to achieve amazing volume with dry shampoo. To do this, it is sprayed on washed hair to the roots as close as possible. The hair is whipped and combed after a couple of minutes – as is usually done in the process of “dry” washing. After that, again give splendor to the hairstyle with your hands.

Should I Rinse Off Dry Shampoo?

But can dry shampoo be applied to clean hair? You can, but as an exception, and most importantly – do not do it too often. Otherwise, there is a chance to deprive the hair of its natural protection. It is better not to abuse such a tool for owners of overdried brittle hair, because you can only worsen the situation.

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How often can dry shampoo be used?

Refresh your hair – this is what dry shampoo was invented for. But it is not perfect either: it can clog pores if you use it constantly or do it more often than allowed. This is definitely the way to the development of seborrhea and inflammation. Even the best dry shampoo should not be applied more than twice a week. And in between its use, be sure to wash your hair in a more familiar way, using water and a liquid hair cleanser.

Can you use dry shampoo on clean hair?

Can you dye your hair with dry shampoo? This is not recommended for two reasons:

  1. the paint will not lie evenly;
  2. the components of shampoo and paint can react, causing irritation of the skin.

But for curls that have been dyed, dry shampoo is the best purchase, because if you wash your hair often, hair color and shine disappear. Whereas the penetration of dry shampoo deep into the hair shaft is minimal, and the paint remains in place for a longer period.

What results have we reached? A good quality dry shampoo really cleanses the hair by absorbing excess sebum. And so that its use does not disappoint, it is worth remembering only four simple rules. This super trendy care product is necessary for:

  1. choose the right one – products of well-known brands, selected based on the type of hair, are worthy of trust;
  2. spray according to the instructions – evenly over the entire length;
  3. remove with a thick comb, additionally blowing out particles of the product with a hairdryer;
  4. do not abuse it, especially since it is beyond his power to perfectly cleanse the scalp.

This approach will help, regardless of life situations, to remain the owner of an impeccable hairstyle, to be well-groomed and confident in your own attractiveness.

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