Wondering what to buy on Friday? A silicone iPhone case or a full-fledged smartphone with contactless payment?

Today, perhaps, it is worth taking a smartphone.

Have a company Oukitel. About such, as they say, either good or nothing. And since you can’t say good things about her, you can only be silent.

But this time, I’ll say it anyway. Because right now her smartphone Oukitel C12 Plus with NFC support – that is, Google Pay, payment by touching the terminal – costs absolute pennies.

You look at the price of 3592 rubles and feel sorry for those who collected it in China. I hope they are at least fed.

Nothing special inside: MediaTek MT6739 at 1.5 GHz, 3300 mAh battery, 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of memory. 6.18 inch display, 8 MP camera, 2 SIM card slots.

I translate into Russian – it’s easy dialer, plus instant messengers and social networks. You should not run any games here, except for the simplest ones.

Everything changes the fact that inside costs NFC-module. This is a rarity for many Chinese smart phones from large companies, and for a smartphone it’s cheaper than 5 thousand rubles at all anomaly.

For 3592 rubles, you can’t even buy an iPhone SE, so the smart has the right to life in your next parcel from China. Sold on Pandao, if anything. Delivery is free from 12 to 40 days, as you’re lucky.

How it works, I don’t know. Reviews are positive, people are satisfied for such money. The rest is at your own risk.

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You can’t even buy an iPhone 5s for this money.

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