Today we cannot imagine life without smartphones. “Where is my smartphone, I haven’t looked at it for 5 minutes!” Every second thinks, while every third only increases the time.

When the phone was only for communication, any new model made a bigger splash than the iPhone X. With a flash drive? Unreal cool! The coolest thing was to have 3 devices at once: a player, a phone and a PDA.

Progress on the occasion of marketers has gone the wrong way.

Those were the times! Now I change my smartphone every six months or a year. But all old phones are still functional, although some need to change the battery.

Nokia 3310

Release date: 2000

My very first cell phone was the same Nokia that is popular to this day. Believe it or not, the handset is still alive, and after changing the battery, it often travels with me as a dialer. Dropped, lost, but the most convenient “dialer” is not afraid of anything.

Most of the country then saw mobile phones only in the movies, cellular communications were obscenely expensive, and the mentality of the country’s inhabitants allowed them to live freely “Out of Access Zone”. Therefore, the phone was taken only on trips.

Remembering this time, you understand that without constant communication, life was calmer and freer. Somehow managed to find each other without a geotag and a connection at all?

And here was the legendary “snake”. I give a tooth: no modern shooter can be compared in popularity. The ability to score more points gave not virtual, but quite real recognition from classmates.

And the very possession of a cell phone … This is not an “iPhone” for you, it’s much cooler!

Nokia 6100

Release date: 2002

This phone was so thin, small, that it was impossible to imagine. A color (!) screen framed by a futuristic top keypad turned the Nokia 6100 into a messenger from the future.

But the coolest thing was that it had GPRS, a WAP browser and Java support! Because of this, the phone did not work for more than a day, and the account was always empty: it was godlessly expensive to download at least 1 game.

How could something be downloaded at 750 KB?

Internet connection and applications have turned the Nokia 6100 into a super hit, passing from hand to hand. The delight of others is indescribable. The wow-effect was complemented by the inscription “Made in Germany”.

HP iPAQ hx4700

Release date: 2004

Not a telephone, and not even a communicator: a huge pocket computer, from the sight of which everyone squealed. Finally, I stopped using it only with the purchase of a smartphone on Android 4.

Top stuffed tank handheld could boast:

  • the best among PDAs, 4-inch resistive screen with stylus,
  • gigantic autonomy (4 hours with the screen on and 8 hours with extended battery),
  • metal case,
  • Synaptics touchpad,
  • 2 slots for memory cards,
  • cool sound from headphones
  • and tons of accessories right out of the box: docking station, leather case, flip cover (!).

And, of course, unrealistically cool Windows Mobile. Under it, you could even draw, code and design. Craftsmen made wires that could be connected to COM, RS 232.

Siemens A65

Release date: 2004

Needless to say, with such a handheld, the phone went into second place, and the player was not needed? You can save money on the phone, and the budget Siemens is the best choice for a dialer.

Perhaps, of the usual dialers, it is Siemens that I love the most. It’s been 13 years and his battery hasn’t even blown up.

Simple, reliable German phones were always popular. Again, interchangeable panels and GPRS, a color screen and an incredibly comfortable keyboard.

Siemens ME75

Release date: 2005

But everything has its time. I changed the A65 to a top-class protected “semen”.

An amateur solution: VGA-camera was inferior to Sony-Erisson, joystick and screen; there are no memory cards, MP3 was able. Perhaps that is why Siemens dropped out of the race. When they came to their senses, it was too late.

Go open Coke for me with your Samsung Active. Weak?

The ME-series of German phones had the amazing charm of a rubberized waterproof case. And, of course, it was very convenient for them to open bottles.

Samsung X200

Release date: 2005

One of my favorite phones. Am I the only one who thinks that folding beds are the most stylish format? Of course, this budget model offered nothing more than calls and a radio, but it was damn convenient.

This phone came to me due to the fact that the cable of my favorite slider constantly had to be changed. The budget clamshell helped out a lot.

The X200’s volume rocker, keypad and alarm LED should be standard. I haven’t come across anything more convenient.

Samsung E830

Release date: 2007

But anyway, it was the slider that became my favorite push-button phone. In the seventh year, they had serious competitors. Rescued Samsung only design and excellent sound quality.

Under the proprietary connector, suppliers put an adapter and branded “ears” with a short wire, one of the best. A similar complete headset served me faithfully after a long time and still tears any headphones up to 2500 rubles.

The standard of classical style: not as catchy as the fashion Nokia, but a cut above the average-analogues. If there had been a 3.5 mm jack, Nokia would have lost the entire market.

HP iPAQ 510

Release date: 2007

This little helper turned out to be a disappointment. The hope to replace the bulky 4700 was not crowned with success: on a small screen, serious tasks cannot be solved without a stylus. In addition, the era of 3G was coming, which quickly captured even the Russian hinterland.

Nevertheless, as a regular phone, the Windows Mobile-based communicator proved to be quite good: in fact, it worked as a companion for the hx4700 – a dialer and a modem, take a photo or listen to music.

It is a pity that the development of Win Mobile reached a dead end and stopped. The idea of ​​a single space has not yet been implemented as intended by its developers, and Google and Apple are only on the way.

iPhone 3Gs

Release date: 2009

After endless flash drives, 16 GB of internal memory seemed like incredible wealth.

This phone made almost the same impression that the Nokia 3310 used to: such a fast and responsive operating system, a cool camera and sound have never been seen in phones.

Metal frame, impeccably polished case with oleophobic coating and fast internet made the iPhone 3Gs perfect. A flawless smartphone, the impression of which was spoiled only by the need for a jailbreak.

The communicator of the future wanted to be flashed, adjusted and redone. Therefore, the iOS smartphone gave way to the Android smartphone.

Jiayu G3

Release date: 2012

This smartphone has become the herald of a new revolution. No less, maybe more than the iPhone or Nokia. Jiayu became the first Chinese company to offer not a fake, but a very cool smartphone of its own design. In everything.

Unlike major European brands, the Chinese have guessed to make a smartphone at the request of ordinary customers. It turned out to be an incredible combine: an IPS screen, Gorilla Glass, a powerful processor, a lot of memory, modern Android 4, a hefty battery – for only $ 170!

It was Jiayu who showed who is now in charge in the market. Tenacious, masculine (in defiance of the “remnants” of HTC and Samsung), powerful and worked for an extremely long time.

The Jiayu G3 was a major departure from the budget ZTE/Orange, which were the first affordable Android phones on the market. The flagship for nothing is what Xiaomi and many others will offer next.

Progress or regression?

At first I wanted to write an article only about dialers, but without the iPhone and Jiyau, the list would not be complete. They changed the world and ended the era: GSM communication and voice calls are ready to sink into oblivion. They also changed the approach to the design of portable communications equipment.

In the place of indestructible convenience devices that aspire to be a universal assistant, the concept of a cheap, pocket-sized advertising and content provider has arisen, created to sell you unnecessary things and ready to break even before the end of the warranty. Break-buy!

Smartphone is a fashion accessory. Not for communication with each other, but for boasting and useless pastime.

Just think: every pocket hides all the wisdom of civilization, access to any resources and the ability to turn the world around. And we use this power to look at cats and send each other pictures with emotions. They have already forgotten how to express them in words.

Compare a couple of old phones with modern ones? Or do a couple of retro reviews? ?

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