Analyst company Strategy Analytics studied the demand for smartphones in the third fiscal quarter of 2016 and concluded that of all manufacturers, Apple earned the most.

A year earlier, the share of the Californian company was 65% of the total.


Operating income from smartphones, according to experts, amounted to $ 9.4 billion, Apple’s – $ 8.5 billion. “Catches up” with the apple company Huawei with 2.4% profit ($ 0.2 billion), Vivo and OPPO generated no more than 2, 2% global profit. The remaining 2.2% went to all other companies. Even Samsung didn’t even make it into the top five because of the failed sales of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Apple’s leadership is something surprising, given that it owns less than 20% of all smartphones produced. Well, Apple is not yet successful, Android owners? [PA]

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Isn’t that a success?

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