A non-Apple tablet that works decently.

A tablet computer fell under our gaze bb-mobile Techno MOZG. This Russian brand does not take creativity in the names. What is it worth “Iron Annushka” or let’s say KALASH.

bb-mobile Techno MOZG became “twice first”. Firstly, this is the first 7.85-inch Android tablet in Russia. 5.1. And, secondly, bb-mobile Techno MOZG became the first “tablet” on the domestic market based on the Intel® SoFIA™ platform. Uses a powerful yet economical chipset Intel® Atom™ X3. The price of the novelty is 8,490 rubles.

Design and controls

The all-metal body gives the tablet strength and has a positive effect on the design of the device.

The front side of the tablet is covered with scratch-resistant tempered glass. There is also a protective film.

The back panel of the bb-mobile Techno MOZG and its edges are made from a single piece of metal. Moreover, internal stiffening ribs are provided on the body. In other words, the “stuffing” of the tablet is reliably protected from damage in the event of a fall or impact. In addition, metal is much better than plastic at removing heat, which is released during serious loads on the hardware – for example, in three-dimensional games.

Only good things can be said about the bb-mobile Techno MOZG assembly. The tablet looks and feels solid. There are no uneven joints, large gaps, let alone backlash of the body parts. With screw torsion and squeezing, the gadget does not creak, in principle it does not make any sounds.

The arrangement of elements on the case can be called familiar. So, above the display is a conversational speaker, a front camera, a light sensor and a proximity sensor. There are no complaints about the operation of the latest sensors. auto brightness works correctly.

On the back side of the bb-mobile Techno MOZG, only the main camera lens is visible, the rest is hidden from view.

There is a plastic insert at the top of the back. Under the insert, there are antennas of wireless modules, two slots for SIM cards (mini-SIM + micro-SIM) and a slot for a memory card of the usual format – MicroSD. Also on the back of the tablet is the brand logo, Intel® logo, serial number, and other information.

The dual volume rocker is located on the right side of the tablet, and there is also a place for the power button. The listed keys, as well as the body of the gadget, made of metal.

The audio output for a 3.5 mm plug is placed on the top end of the bb-mobile Techno MOZG. Let’s clarify that the headset that is included in the package is not the cheapest. The sound quality in it is not bad, the microphone also did not cause any complaints.

On the bottom edge of the bb-mobile Techno MOZG there are two groups of holes, under which the speakers are located. Between them there was a place for a micro-USB connector.


The hero of the article is equipped with a 7.85-inch display with a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels. It’s not Full HD, and certainly not Retina, but the image doesn’t look grainy, and the clarity is fine.

The matrix of the tablet is made according to the technology IPS, and not the cheapest screen with typical “diseases” of the mentioned technology is used here (when viewed from an angle, the picture goes into a purple hue). The display boasts widest viewing angles (178 degrees) and natural color reproduction. The screen is decent for a gadget in this price segment.

Multi-touch, of course, is supported, the display is capable of processing up to 5 simultaneous touches.

Hardware platform

bb-mobile Techno MOZG is based on the highly integrated Intel® SoFIA™ platform, namely – Intel® Atom™ x3-C3230RK. This chipset includes a 64-bit quad-core processor running at 1.3 GHz, as well as a graphics chip Mali-450 MP4.

Is it possible to call bb-mobile Techno MOZG nimble? Definitely. In the notorious AnTuTu, the device is gaining more than 20 thousand points:


Small by today’s standards, the amount of bb-mobile Techno MOZG RAM – 1 GB – does not greatly affect the performance of the tablet. Everything works quickly both in the operating system environment and in “heavy” applications and games.

Modern 3D toys run and go on bb-mobile Techno MOZG without any problems. Those titles that provide a choice of graphics level allow you to set the maximum values. This in no way affects the “playability” – there is no FPS drawdown, no long loading, or other annoying moments.


Built-in memory bb-mobile Techno MOZG – 8 gigabytes, of which 4.58 GB is available to the user. To be honest, today this volume seems insufficient for comfortable use of the tablet. Fortunately, the device provides memory card support. This accessory is definitely worth buying.

Operating system and software


bb-mobile Techno MOZG is Russia’s first 7.85-inch tablet with an operating system Android 5.1 Lollipop. The advantages of this version, probably, should not be painted too much. In a nutshell, compared to Android 4.X, gadgets on Android 5.1 received about 20% performance boost and a 20 percent increase in battery life.


The interface of the bb-mobile Techno MOZG operating system looks completely standard, the gadget does not use shells and other third-party “pretty things”. Android can be safely called “naked”. Of the unusual, we note that the background of the application menu is transparent, and not white.

The developers of bb-mobile Techno MOZG decided not to “litter” the tablet’s memory with a bunch of unnecessary pre-installed applications and limited themselves to the client “In contact with”a fully functional 30-day navigation program “Navitel” and several services from “Yandex”.



bb-mobile Techno MOZG equipped with an almost complete set of wireless adapters, if you do not take into account NFC and 4G. So, the tablet provides modules Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0, 3G and GPS/GLONASS. There were no complaints about their work, everything is clear and stable.

Support for two systems at once – GLONASS and GPS – helps the tablet to establish faster and more stable communication with satellites. Including in difficult conditions like neighborhoods with dense buildings, where the “solo” GPS would have had a hard time.

Dual SIM slots needed for more than just internet access. bb-mobile Techno MOZG is capable of performing telephone functions. That is, the tablet is able to receive / make voice calls and exchange SMS messages. Moreover, if you are the owner of large hands, you can talk on bb-mobile Techno MOZG like on an ordinary smartphone – just by putting the device to your ear, or just use a headset.


bb-mobile Techno MOZG comes with a 3500 mAh non-removable battery. At first glance, this is not much. But one battery charge is enough more than a day’s work in medium mode. Even if you use the Brain very actively, it will still last a full day.

We also add that on bb-mobile Techno MOZG you can watch videos for more than 6 hours in a row or play modern 3D games for about 4.5 hours.


Probably, the bb-mobile Techno MOZG cameras are the only thing you can just say: nothing special. The main camera module of the tablet is 5-megapixel, but without the auto focus function. The quality of the pictures is not high, but it is enough to take a picture of the text (for example, an announcement, a schedule, etc.). Otherwise, Techno MOZG definitely does not pretend to be a bb-mobile camera.


The front camera of the tablet is 2-megapixel. For self-portraits, this resolution is not always enough – you need good lighting. But with her direct duties – video calls – she copes very well.



● Display: 7.85 inches, 1024×768, IPS
● Processor: Intel® Atom™ C3230-RK, four cores at 1.3 GHz
● Graphics accelerator: Mali-450 MP4
● Operating system: Android 5.1 Lollipop
● RAM: 1 GB
● Built-in memory: 8 GB
● Memory expansion: MicroSD up to 32 GB
● Communication: 2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900; 3G: 850/1900/2100
● Number of SIM cards: mini-SIM + micro-SIM, Dual SIM Dual Standby (DSDS)
● Wireless interfaces: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0
● Navigation: GPS/ GLONASS
● Cameras: main – 5 MP, front – 2 MP
● Sensors: light sensor, proximity sensor, gyroscope
● Battery: 3500 mAh non-removable
● Dimensions: 201x131x7.5 mm
● Weight: 318 grams

Contents of delivery


Those who are already familiar with bb-mobile branded tablets know that these gadgets are distinguished by a rich delivery set. And the bb-mobile Techno MOZG is no exception. The device package includes:

• Tablet computer bb-mobile Techno MOZG;
• Block of the network charger with a capacity of 2A;
• Cable microUSB-USB;
• OTG cable (for connecting peripheral devices to the tablet);
• Wired headset;
• Convenient compact stylus;
• Case-book;
• Protective film (already pasted on the screen);
• Cloth napkin for wiping the screen;
• Instruction;
• Warranty card.

In the dry matter

bb-mobile Techno MOZG became the first twice: the first tablet in Russia based on the Intel® Atom™ X3 platform and the first 7.85-inch tablet with Android 5.1 Lollipop. The device makes a pleasant impression, this applies to both visual and tactile sensations, and operation in general.

We attribute to the strengths of the gadget good level of performance, economical battery consumption, metal case and a good screen. The Brain has no obvious shortcomings, except that I would like to see a larger amount of internal memory and a higher resolution main camera.

Recall that you can buy bb-mobile Techno MOZG for 8,490 rubles.

*Intel, the Intel logo, Intel Inside, Core, and Intel Atom are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the US and/or other countries.

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A non-Apple tablet that works decently. A bb-mobile Techno MOZG tablet computer fell under our gaze. This Russian brand does not take creativity in the names. What is “Iron Annushka” worth, or, say, KALASH. bb-mobile Techno MOZG became “twice first”. Firstly, this is the first 7.85-inch tablet in Russia on the Android 5.1 operating system. And, secondly, bb-mobile Techno…

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