Yes: one egg – 64 calories + cucumber – 16 cal + buckwheat porridge – 138 cal. And compote? Agree, sitting and counting by hand or on a calculator how much you ate in a day, week, month is long and inconvenient. It is ideal if someone else does it for you, for example, a convenient, simple and functional program.

Apps for counting calories

You can choose from the top 10 applications for counting calories with additional features, which are reviewed below.

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We set a goal and go to it with the help of an intuitive application that can be downloaded and installed from Google Play on a smartphone or tablet in a couple of seconds. XBodyBuild will help solve three tasks at once: gaining, losing or maintaining weight.

  XBodyBuild calorie counter app

What is interesting about it:

  1. Individual settings for the correct determination of daily calorie intake. It is necessary to set the following parameters: gender, age, height, current and desired body weight, level of physical activity of the user (sedentary work, does he play sports, etc.).
  2. It is easy to add products by specifying the name of the dish or fruits and vegetables separately in the search for the desired section: the system will already calculate their calorie content.
  3. There are nutrition statistics, which show how much the user consumed in a day, week, month, which dish was the fattest, where the most proteins and carbohydrates were.

In addition to the meal plan, you can create a training schedule by choosing exercises, for example, for the muscles of the legs or abdomen.


A convenient option for both those who use Android gadgets and for owners of “apple” devices. The application can be installed on the device from any OS.

  MyFitnessPal calorie counter app

Main features of MyFitnessPal:

  • If there is news from friends, to motivate yourself by looking at what like-minded people have achieved, copy, if you like, their menu. In the privacy settings, the user can allow / prohibit data viewing. You can correspond with a person, send him photos.
  • You can keep a diary where you write down everything you eat: the progress is shown in the form of a diagram, as well as photos that can be added here and see how the figure has changed over a certain period of time.
  • In the “Nutrition” section, it is clearly reflected how many proteins, fats and carbohydrates are in your diet.
  • To add a product, you can scan the barcode on the package or manually enter the name and composition of the treats, there is a quick search in the system. Eating is conveniently divided into breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

There are ideas for the menu here, however, the recipes in the section of the same name are only in English.

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Calorie Counter by Lose It!

The application is not only for calculating BJU (proteins, fats, carbohydrates), but also tracking the consumption of macronutrients, water, and sugar. You can record breakfasts, lunches and dinners, add exercises, and set reminders in the electronic journal.

  Calorie Counter by Lose It!

In it you can:

  • set up your own weight loss or caloric plan for weight gain, taking into account the size and activity of the user;
  • scan a product or a barcode on it to quickly add it to your diet;
  • synchronize in one place all the fitness gadgets you have, for example, trackers, applications, “smart” scales, for example, such as the SBS6015WH;
  • send messages to friends and track their progress.

Note that the program has a 7-day trial period, after which it will be necessary to either delete or pay for a year of use.


This counter can be installed on Android and iOS gadgets, including the Apple Watch.

  FatSecret calorie counter app

The main features of “Fatsecret”:

  • After going to the main page, you can scroll through the news feed, where other users’ posts with photos of themselves and food are displayed, and you can leave comments.
  • Food for each day is added to the personal diary, the calories already consumed and the remaining calories are summarized.
  • You can take photos of foods and meals, and the application will identify them for the easiest addition to the meal plan.
  • The report shows how many calories and macronutrients were consumed and for what period.

Conveniently, there are several options for adding foods: own and user-defined recipes, food search in the system, recently consumed or saved food.

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It will help you keep control of your diet with the help of calorie charts, detailed reports, and a planner.

  SparkPeople calorie counter app

В SparkPeople:

  • 3.5 million product database, which is regularly updated, so that users can find and add any taste and health to their diet;
  • you can track calories burned, add workouts, choose a diet for yourself, for example, vegetarian;
  • there are demo versions of popular cardio and strength training so that you can combine healthy nutrition with physical activity.

Infostats from trainers and nutritionists will help you learn more about maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


If you are interested in which calorie counter to choose with a complete calculation of all nutrients, here it is – “Chronometer”. This is the best way to monitor what you get and what you don’t have in your diet.

Cronometer calorie counter app

Additional features of the program:

  • the “Recipe” function, which allows you to add ingredients and save dishes;
  • contains information on how many nutrients are contained in the consumed food;
  • recommends foods to fill nutrient gaps;
  • you can start an interval fasting timer, which helps to lose or maintain weight without harming the body.

The application has a large community with which you can communicate, consult, receive comments and leave your own.

The service here is in English. Installation on mobile gadgets and Apple laptops is supported.

Nutritionix (Track — Calorie Counter)

A simple and convenient option for counting calories. Despite the fact that the interface is in English, you can understand it in a few minutes.

Application for counting calories Nutritionix (Track — Calorie Counter)

Pros of Nutritionix:

  • Convenient division of eating into breakfast, lunch, dinner, dinner and snack. There is a separate “Water” item, which allows you to monitor sufficient liquid consumption.
  • Quick addition of food: it is enough to enter the desired component in the search (we write in English), and the system will offer options with pictures. From your menu, you can add a photo from a tablet, smartphone, or other device.
  • Statistics will show the change in body shape by day and month, you just need to select a certain date in the calendar.

The application shows not only calories, but also the nutritional value of any ingredient, you just need to click on the “i” icon next to it.

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Carb Manager

Before starting work, ask to clarify the goal: for example, to lose kg or build muscles. Based on the user’s weight, height and activity data, the system will suggest a plan. This is a great option for beginners.

Carb Manager calorie counter app

Carb Manager allows you to:

  • it is ideal to calculate so that the calorie restriction is at a maximum, but does not go into starvation;
  • choose a tasty and simple recipe from the available extensive database;
  • create a grocery plan, what to cook for the coming weeks, create a shopping list based on the entries.

Here it is easy to track not only what is eaten, but how much water the user drinks, how actively the user engages in sports. The assistant is easy to customize and enter your own macro tracking recipes.

The application is currently available only in English and works with Internet access.


The most simple interface with basic functionality, necessary for everyone who supports the form.

Dine4Fit calorie counter app

At Dine4Fit:

  • a convenient list of individual products and ready meals with calories and photos;
  • you can fill in the “My food” section to personalize yours;
  • there is an opportunity to leave your notes;
  • you can add products by barcode from the packaging;
  • in the “Statistics” section, data on weight and drinking regime are reflected, and there may also be an analysis of the diet in the pro-version.

There is a large database of recipes with a detailed description of the nutritional value of the ingredients and the method of preparation.


This is one of the best applications that can be used for counting calories, intermittent fasting, making a proper nutrition program and as a base for useful recipes.

  YAZIO calorie counter app

Features of YAZIO:

  • the system tells you how many calories you need to consume, drink water and take steps per day, based on the set goal;
  • you can add sports exercises, which will be taken into account when creating an individual nutrition plan;
  • in your personal profile you can set a challenge for yourself: for example, no chocolate or fast food for at least 21 days;
  • daily tips from the program: suppose you reduce the amount of oil today and add more raw vegetables to your diet.

In the pro version, additional features are available, for example, more accurate measurements of the body, not only weight, but also in centimeters of the waist, hips, muscle mass, blood glucose level.

Finally, brief information about the food trackers described above:


Size, MB, Android / iOS OS
XBodyBuild 23 / none Android 4.1 and above
MyFitnessPal Android 8.0 and above iOS 13.0 or later
Calorie Counter by Lose It! Depends on the device / 191.7 Device dependent / iOS 13.0 or later
FatSecret Depends on the device / 73.9 Device dependent / iOS 11.0 or later
SparkPeople Depends on the device / 163.5 Device dependent / iOS 8.0 or later
Cronometer 29 / 61,9 Android 5.0 and above / iOS 11.0 and above
Nutritionix (Track —  Calorie Counter) 16 / 26,8 Android 5.1 and above / iOS 11.0 or later
Carb Manager 26 / 38,3 Android 7.1 and above / iOS 13.0 or later
LYING Depends on the device / 108.2 Device dependent / iOS 12.2 or later
Dine4Fit Depends on the device / 89.4 Device dependent / iOS 13.0 or later

You won’t know which app for counting calories is better until you test at least a couple of options. In this rating, each program has both free features and a premium version. You will need to create an account and complete a small survey before using the app. Next, we configure the assistant for ourselves and achieve the set goals: losing weight, drying, increasing mass, etc.

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