Beautiful storis please the eye. Stories in the news feed are watched until the end. This is important for small business owners and bloggers — social media content is one of the most important elements of promotion. We personally tested more than 50 popular applications for stories on Instagram and chose 10 very interesting and convenient ones. Get ready to rock!


The universal service is used to create posts, stories, videos and presentations. There are 50+ story templates available for free, and you can customize them by adding elements, changing fonts, and pasting photos that you can take on your phone or camera. You can easily edit a photo card directly in Canva: cut off an unnecessary fragment, add a filter, adjust the element’s transparency.

working with the canva application

When working with text, the spacing between letters and the line height are adjustable. You can create a series of pages: they can have the same layout or different ones.

Fans of individuality will love the ability to create a template that can be used in all future stories. It is also easy to add a track from the service library to the story: about 10 songs are available for free. If this is not enough, you can buy a track for $3 or activate a premium subscription. Then all elements become free: including layouts, fonts ($0.99 each without a Pro subscription), photos, videos and additional elements. It will cost $9.99 per month. For a year, you will have to pay $120 or UAH 3,300.

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Program for creating animated stories on the phone. Special photo effects can change the position of the picture, the scale, or gradually remove an element from the story. You can also add animation to the text, substitute glowing or moving objects. Instagram reads such stories as “videos”, and therefore promotes them better – at the same time, it is easier for followers to familiarize themselves with all the information, since it still feels like a picture that can be viewed quickly.

program for stories Mojo

About 50 ready-made templates are available for free. By adding a premium, the number of possible “backgrounds” will increase to 400+. Image details change: photos, background, extras, image format, text, detail animation type and timeline. You can also add a song from the program’s built-in library. In the paid version, the user gets:

  • 400+ templates,
  • dozens of additional elements,
  • fonts and formats,
  • the ability to add a logo and effects to it,
  • background removal.

It will cost $9.99 per month or $39.49 per year. A trial subscription is available — the first 3 days are free. However, you will still have to connect a bank card. So, if you want to try the full version, but don’t want to buy a subscription, you need to disable the trial version for 72 hours.

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One of the best programs for creating minimalist stories on iPhones (only works on “apples”, such as iPhone 11 or iPad). There are a total of 16 themes, each of which contains up to 10-20 templates: 3-5 layouts from each block are available for free. By purchasing the full version, all layouts become available for work.

StoryLuxe program

And although there are no great editing options, the thematic blocks of stories allow you to create a series of stories in the same style, but with a different appearance. Thanks to this, readers do not get bored when viewing stories: they are all different, which means that the eye will have something to “hook” on every time. To get access to all templates, you need to use the Pro version, which will cost $5.99 per month, or $24.99 if you sign up for a one-year subscription.

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A simple application for creating photo and video stories. Images can be moved and scaled, but cannot be rotated. If you need to get a picture “at an angle”, you will have to change the angle of inclination in another application.

program for working with CutStory pages

With a paid subscription, you can get rid of the app’s watermark, get unlimited projects to store, be able to add music from your media library, add logos, text, and even import your own cash. In the free version, you will have to be satisfied with ready-made templates and the text prepared for them.

A monthly Pro subscription costs $3.49. You will have to pay $41.68 for the annual subscription (although, during the discount period, you can buy the program for $30.99). If you do not want to buy a subscription, you can separately unlock some features of the program. You can remove the CutStory logo for $3.99. Getting the ability to add background music to videos will cost $2.99.

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One of the top stories apps for those who like to share videos or slideshows and want to do it beautifully. When editing, you can move fragments, blur the background, add music (it is better to use headphones during this so that you can hear every beat), texts and stickers, trim videos and songs. In addition, changing the speed of the video is available: slowing down and speeding up the whole video or its part.

InShot program

You can also edit the photo. When choosing the picture format, you should choose “9:16” – it is with this aspect ratio that stories are loaded. When working with a photo, you can move it to any part of the “story”, change the background or use one of the preset patterns.

Lovers of photo retouching will be delighted by the number of possibilities:

  1. Work with chiaroscuro
    Brightness, saturation, contrast, curves, vignette, color, noise, etc. will help give photos drama.
  2. Effects
    They will give the photos an unusual look: they will add artificial “refraction”, noises like on an old TV or video cassette, distort the photo, etc.
  3. Retouching tools
    For this, you will have to additionally download the Peachy program – a Facetune analogue that removes acne, circles under the eyes and wrinkles from the model’s face. You can change the picture in InShot — the integration is seamless.

The cost of the monthly version is $3.99. You will have to pay $12.99 for the annual one. After spending $34.99, the user gets the full version for their use. But if there is no desire to buy Pro, and there are few free features, you can buy separate packages – a set of Cinema, Film, Create and Skin filters for $1.99. $3.99 will cost a bundle of Power transitions or getting rid of ads.

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An extremely convenient program for creating stories that works with iOS and Android. The program base has 400+ templates for Instagram posts and stories. However, in the free version there are about 30 layouts with the ability to change the font, colors and add stickers.

application for working with Unfold pages

You can upload photos from your mobile phone gallery and add images from Unsplash stock. Text settings are present: color, spacing between lines and letters, bold/italic and color background. Free 6 fonts, only 3 with Cyrillic.

The program will appeal to those who create series of stories. Here you can “draw” several stories in a row at once, maintaining the same layout for the “disappearing posts” block. Before saving them to your phone, you can preview them to make sure that the series is maintained in the same style. If you wish, you can change the order of the stories. Then you can download them to your phone or post them on Instagram.

The cropping function is a bit incomplete: images inside the layout can be changed (rotated, scaled, etc.), but they will be anchored to the center of the area. Therefore, if you need to post some part of a photo or video (for example, the upper left corner), you will have to cut them in another application and then “paste” them in Unfold.

There is a trial mode — 3 days of Plus subscription. However, you will still have to link the card from which the money is debited. Next, you can choose between a monthly and an annual rate of $2.99 ​​and $19.99, respectively.

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This app has earned a place in the TOP 10 applications for Instagram stories thanks to the ability to fine-tune the image to suit yourself. 60 templates with customization of all elements are provided for free.

StoryChic photo editing app

In the full version, the user gets more than 500 different layouts. There are simple animated templates where several elements move, as well as slideshows with music. Also, premium users will be able to work with animated fonts and get access to all filters.

StoryChic has many bright templates, the service is suitable for those who like to stand out. There are many layouts where you can set your photo as a background. The price of Pro in a monthly subscription “bites”: $9.99, and discounts on this tariff are rare.

But it’s easy to buy a profitable annual or lifetime version: you need to watch the program during the discount period. The annual plan normally costs $59.99, but during promotions it can be purchased for $29.99. A lifetime purchase will cost $149.98, but the price during the discount period drops to $59.99 — almost three times cheaper than usual. A trial period of 3 days is available, a bank card must be linked.

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Adobe Spark Post (Creative Cloud Express)

The program is suitable for creating graphics and videos. You can add visuals to ready-made templates — photos, stickers, logos, pictures, etc. Also, all elements change here, thanks to which it is possible to create a unique layout. And the number of options to choose from is staggering — there are more than 30,000 of them here. The thing is that Creative Cloud Express templates are not static images, but a set of elements that can be changed.

work in Adobe Spark Post (Creative Cloud Express)

The program is suitable for those who want everything to be beautiful right away. It changes the graphic elements according to the selected style. Let’s say the user has changed the background, and the program can immediately repaint additional elements. When changing the proportions, the program calculates where it is best to crop or stretch the resulting layout so that it looks decent. And with the help of Colors tools, you can change the photo palette in one click.

Here you can create animated elements, making posts more “live”. However, the free version has a watermark. If you want to remove it, you will have to pay for a Pro subscription. By purchasing it, the user simultaneously receives subscriptions to Adobe Premiere Rush (non-linear video editor – a simplified version of Premiere Pro), Photoshop Express (reduced Photoshop for PC), Spark Video (another video editor) Adobe Spark Page (a program for creating and layout of web pages). It will cost $9.99 per month or $99.99 for an annual subscription.

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StoryArt (Artory)

An application for processing photos and creating stories. Several hundred templates, many effects and dozens of cash are available for free. In the full version, the user can choose from more than 3 thousand layouts, 400+ of which are animated and 600+ stickers on any topic.

StoryArt program (Artory)

There are templates in the style of minimalism (simple background, minimal details) and bright layouts. Convenient navigation. It’s easy to find the layout you want by category or keywords. In order not to search for your favorite layouts, you can go to the “Favorites” or “Recent” sections – the collages you need are stored there.

Works are stored in the “Drafts” folder. If desired, you can create a chain of stories and see how they will all look in the same drafts menu. Layouts are also duplicated and moved to folders — this way you can create your content plan in advance.

A lifetime subscription costs $32.99. During the promotion period, you can “catch” the full version for $15.99. Considering it’s not an annual subscription but an in-app purchase, it’s a bargain.

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Smart video editor. It is enough to upload videos there, choose background music, and then the app will cut the fragments to create a montage. You can also create a photo slideshow here — just add the necessary photos.

of the Magisto program

There are templates for every taste – both soothing and energetic videos. True, a little more than 50 layouts and about 100-200 songs are available for free. In the paid version, the user receives the entire database of layouts (over 100 “moods”) and the program’s music library (over 500 songs) for use. It will cost $29.99 per month. The trial period is 7 days.

To make a final decision, which of the applications for stories is better, it is easiest to compare them in a general table:

Each app from these TOP 10 applications for creating stories has its own features that captivate at first glance. By combining work in several applications at once, you will get a unique profile that even a skeptic will want to subscribe to.

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