Fans of maintaining a healthy daily routine have to systematically visit gyms. Otherwise, there is no way to maintain the desired physical form. In this case, sports apps are indispensable. These are true intelligent platforms that can take over activity monitoring and automatically provide tips and instructions that will make any workout comfortable.

  Activity Monitor & Best Fitness Apps

The popularity of CrossFit platforms continues to grow. Thinking about how the next mobile trainer will be launched and integrated, developers are trying to compete by offering additional features and various upgrades. The best fitness apps are capable of not only monitoring data, but also giving practical advice to the user. The system “‎loads”‎ instructions, news, statistics, and so on. There are dozens of programs for smart watches and fitness bracelets, but some items deserve special attention. Here are the most worthy among them.

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Fitbit Coach

Fitbit Coach is a must-have for the active user. The main purpose of the platform, in addition to improving physical fitness and health, is to help organize the daily routine. This virtual trainer will not only suggest the exercise, but will help you find time for a specific lesson. To those who have forgotten – remind!

Fitbit Coach is the best fitness app

Lack of time and problems with the daily routine often serve as an excuse for inaction. For people with excess weight and health problems, this is the very first excuse. With Fitbit users, this trick will not work!

Offering an advanced daily activity monitoring system, the American development team is ready to help (not for free) with planning exercises up to 5 minutes long. Everyone will be able to go in for sports without being distracted from everyday affairs! The only caveat is that it is almost impossible to evaluate all the advantages of the full version without a wearable accessory.

Through a wireless device created by FitBit, the app monitors activity and captures various daily health data. Based on basic parameters, the system recommends walking, running and strength exercises. Versatility and customization flexibility are the main reasons why this product ranks among the best workout apps.

The premium version, offered free for 90 days, features step-by-step video tutorials. These are detailed instructions showing how to perform specific movements. For motivation and detail, Fitbit is unmatched by any other platform. This application is highly customizable. You can personalize the exercise program in accordance with the working rhythm, physical form. For those who wish to go even further, the brand has developed the most accurate analysis of the sleep cycle.

Fitness Buddy

Fitness Buddy is a virtual personal trainer and nutritionist in one. Hundreds of home and gym exercises, personalized meal plans, recipes and more are sorted to make it easy to find the right fit in this well-thought-out app.

Fitness Buddy

Tips are accompanied by clear instructions with video support. Before starting classes, the user will have to select a body part, and then the type of equipment (everything that can be used is suitable). Progressive training plans are considered a special feature of this platform. They are ideal for beginner athletes.


Downloading 8fit is an alternative way to get advice from a personal trainer. The platform contains basic exercises and nutrition tips. It has never been easier to get fitness advice remotely from certified nutritionists. 8fit instructions open on your phone and are constantly updated with the advice of leading experts.

8fit is a simple workout app

According to Google Play and the App Store, the number of users who have downloaded the 8fit app and become active is in the millions. By applying individual loads and nutrition recipes, people of different ages will be able to eliminate health problems, and this confirms the majority of reviews about this product. For everyone who has a desire to lose weight, get in shape or gain muscle mass, the 8fit platform is a good helper.

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Nike Training Club

The all-in-one Nike Training Club is released as a “family” platform with 200 different exercises. This product is for those who love home sports with different intensity of loads. The application contains tips for all categories of users: from schoolchildren to the elderly. Those who want to do strength exercises, cardio, yoga have no problems with Nike ideas. You can train without even going to the gym and without any equipment!

Nike Training Club - The all-in-one workout app

The biggest advantage of the platform is that learning can be automated and continuous. The system itself redirects the user to the next exercises, counts the time and gives voice prompts at each stage. You can even stream music in the background. In this case, compact TWS headphones will come in handy.


A simple application from Californian developers breaks popularity records. The functionality is intended primarily for those who want to lose weight. The main feature of this system is calorie counting and continuous activity monitoring using artificial intelligence. Not least, MyFitnessPal provides access to the world’s largest (over 3 million) food database. This is a good entry into the top fitness apps.

  MyFitnessPal — activity monitoring

The system shows the number of calories, fats, proteins, carbohydrates and even fiber. The basic version has access to 350 exercises (toning and weight loss). UnderArmor developers have created a branded electronic diary – the user can track their eating habits and achieve their goals under the strict supervision of specialists. Only nutritionally approved recipes are integrated into MyFitnessPal.


The Freeletics interface and exercises may not seem the easiest. But apparently this is not a problem for professionals, since the number of downloads of the application has already exceeded 200K. The platform is available in 160 countries and translated into 10 languages. This product from the German IT team is rightfully considered the best for experienced athletes. Whether it’s weight loss, muscle building or fitness training, Freeletics always has the right exercise system, although it’s not free.

Freeletics app - the best for the best

The possibilities are structured as follows:

  1. Basic Training Coach plan with access to all fitness programs.
  2. “Training and nutrition” mode, supplemented with diets.

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Track Yoga

This is the work of ETERNAL KARMA INC. The program has training videos, training plans for several days or weeks, and other nice features. Everything can be saved offline, which is not always possible with other Android and iOS products. The San Mateo development team is confident that yoga exercises help cure depression, as well as eliminate a number of problems associated with the routine.

The creators of Track Yoga give people the opportunity to organize the following:

  • professional group training to help improve social contacts;
  • constant relaxation sessions that block negative thoughts and relieve the feeling of routine;
  • regular fitness classes, which positively affect sleep and raise team spirit.

Track Yoga app

The developers of ETERNAL KARMA INC claim that moderate exercise will help stimulate certain hormones and control the level of critical chemicals in the body. We are talking about endorphins, serotonin and stress hormones. User opinions on this matter are mixed, but there is only one way to verify the veracity of the statement – download and install Track Yoga on your device.


The application from the Health & Fitness category is intended primarily for people in the recovery stage. The program from the Texas development team teaches runners how to eat and train properly. The diet module automatically calculates the daily energy balance. In addition to tracking the number of calories burned, as well as time, distance and pace, food intake monitoring is provided. Alas, the MapMyFitness interface is only available in the English version.

MapMyFitness - interface

With instructions from MapMyFitness, there is no need for equipment or additional supplies. You can play sports anywhere and anytime. The duration of the workout is from 5 to 60 minutes. The app also has a section for kids and teens. This means that you can activate the program for the whole family and train together.


A simple program from the Swedish team Perigee AB is designed for those who have never visited the gym, but would like to work out a little. The feature of the workout platform is the minimum possible load and the simplest exercises.


In one short session of 7 minutes, which can be repeated at your own discretion several times during the day, Seven developers offer to lose extra pounds and tone up. The basic course consists of 13 exercises for 30 seconds. It’s free and only requires a chair, wall, or other vertical surface.

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Sworkit Fitness

The application from Nexercise Inc is more often used by women – the platform has a specific graphic design. Most of the instructions are presented in the form of well thought out instructional videos. The user can set the training time and the load selected from 4 basic options: strength, yoga, cardio and warm-up.

Sworkit Fitness provides the ability to create your own set of exercises and track progress in history. The developers have added a special button through which it is proposed to contact a personal trainer. This is the best way to get expert advice and dispel doubts about the effectiveness of specific fitness workouts.

  Sworkit - monitoring and fitness app

There’s no reason to argue that no exercise app can replace the watchful eye of a professional trainer. Experts insist that the use of wearable accessories and applications for sports is just monitoring, mainly related to the desire to control oneself, saving and “sharing” the achieved result.

That’s not to say that fitness apps aren’t effective or can be confusing, though. The most important result that can be obtained with their help is the ability to exercise regularly and not lose tone. If we are talking about the presented ten products, see their differences and advantages in the table:


Developer Category diets Monitoring
Fitbit Coach Fitbit Inc Health & Fitness Not Yes
Fitness Buddy Azumio Gym-free, Health & Fitness Yes Yes
8fit Urbanite Health & Fitness, home fitness Yes Yes
Nike Training Club Nike Gym-free, home fitness Not Yes
MyFitnessPal MyFitnessPal Inc Health & Fitness Yes Yes
Freeletics Freeletics Gym-free Paid version Yes
Track Yoga Eternal Karma Yoga Not Not
MapMyFitness MapMyFitness Health & Fitness Yes Yes
Seven Perigee AB Gym-free, home fitness Not Not
Sworkit Fitness Nexercise Inc Йога, Health & Fitness Not Yes

Which application to install is an individual choice for everyone. It all depends on the specific purpose and physical parameters. Active people run for fun, athletes train for a marathon. In these completely different cases, the same monitoring accessories will not always be effective, as well as applications.

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