If you have already forgotten about such a brand as BlackBerry, the company is ready to remind you of itself. In two weeks, BlackBerry is ready to introduce the new BlackBerry Key2 gadget.

In the meantime, the company’s management released a short teaser video on Twitter. This is the first official footage of the new smartphone. The device itself will be shown on June 7th.

BlackBerry is calling this model “rebirth.” Judging by the video, Key2 will receive a dual camera and a mystical hardware key with a symbol of nine dots. What this button will be responsible for is still unknown. By the way, the journalists of the CNET resource directly asked the BlackBerry management about this button, but received a refusal to comment.

Otherwise, the BlackBerry Key2 almost completely repeats its predecessor KeyOne: the same somewhat chopped design, the same full-size branded keyboard. [CNET]

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