Yesterday we watched how it comes to Russia Fox.

Straight to the point. Wileyfox – the flight of creativity of the famous manufacturer Fly, which turned into a side project for several markets, including Russia.

Yesterday, the first two smartphones were officially presented in the center of Moscow – Wileyfox Swift and Storm. Both are based on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor, but on different models. A modified and “finished” version of Android is used from Cyanogen.

The guys chose an aggressive, impudent advertising campaign format: girls, passion, desire, a few half-naked models and unambiguous parallels. Look out for these videos and ads all over the internet in the coming weeks. Something tells that the target audience will like it.

I was pleased with the “strategy of conquering the market”, according to which they begin to work at Wilefox. They did not rely on the “top” model in the line, as is usually the case, but vice versa!

Smarts for people

Representatives diligently avoid the phrase “budget” when describing the Swift model. Bright HD IPS display, good (we tested) case build quality, good hardware and performance. That is, if they saved money, then where it really would not hit the user – at least, that was the impression they tried to leave. I-la Meizubut initially tailored for a specific market.

The key characteristics are as follows. The processor is a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 with a frequency of 1.2 GHz. The main camera is 13 megapixels. 16 GB internal memory, 2 GB RAM. The screen is 5 inches HD IPS. Display Gorilla Glass 3. Supports LTE and weighs 135 grams.

We will never exchange an iPhone, but Swift it will be good for the second pipe. It costs only $109, for that kind of money on the market it’s hard to find a good combination of hardware.

older model, Storm, I will not praise once again. It is huge, much more powerful. But it already costs $180, so the requirements for it are much higher. In my opinion, the design of the back side of the case is unsuccessful. Finally, we did not really like the camera performance (slowed down) and the way the device lies in the hand (worse than the 6S Plus). If you want to take something, then it is Swift.

Interestingly, there is NOTHING in the box with devices, except for a smartphone. No cable, no charging, no headphones – just the device itself. Thus, we reduced some costs and lowered the price for the consumer.

Online only


Wileyfox have another surprise in store. The fact is that their smartphones can be bought only through online stores. Now there are two of them: the official page of Wileyfox in Russia and some international portal JD.com.

JD.com is a large Chinese online store actively investing in the development of delivery logistics in Russia. For example, the SPSR delivery service closely cooperates with them, whose representatives also looked at the presentation. It is their forces that will carry Swift and Storm into the hands of future buyers. They promise delivery within 3-7 days.

Both purchase and warranty service will be carried out via the Internet. Within a month, you can return the smartphone without explanation. Wileyfox said that “more than 200 service centers throughout Russia” will be able to carry out repairs, but they were not named specifically. We think these are SCs collaborating with the parent brand, FLY.

It is very interesting to see what awaits a brand that has relied exclusively on online sales. And pay attention to the price in dollars: this is not a localization error, but a reality. You buy a smart for the ruble equivalent of the dollar value. That is, if tomorrow $ falls below 60, the benefit will be even greater than before. And vice versa.


Smartphone sales start from November 2.

We wish the guys good luck in our market! If possible, we will test the devices for you and tell you whether it is worth taking. To be honest: I left the younger model in mind. I really liked the display and performance, the two main “scourges” of state employees on Android.

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Yesterday we watched a fox come to Russia. Straight to the point. Wileyfox is a flight of creativity from the well-known manufacturer Fly, which has turned into a side project for several markets, including Russia. Yesterday in the center of Moscow were officially presented the first two smartphones – Wileyfox Swift and Storm. Both are powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor, but on different models….

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