After the release of the updated iPad mini 6, many users seriously thought about purchasing a gadget. Some even see the tablet as a replacement for the iPhone.

Certain features and capabilities may still allow you to use the iPad mini 6 as a smartphone. Now we will consider them – precisely from the angle of an alternative to the iPhone.

To the point: detailed review of the iPad mini 6

What is the best iPad mini model to buy?

A significant drawback in the iPad mini 6 lineup is the lack of a medium version of the tablet. The minimum amount of memory of 64 GB is not enough for everyone. While the iPad mini won’t be as heavily loaded with photos and videos, games, music, or downloaded TV shows will take up space on the drive.

It turns out that for normal operation you will have to choose the older model with 256 GB.

In addition to the amount of memory, you should also remember about connecting to the network. iPad mini without a modem will not turn into a big iPhone, but rather into an enlarged iPod Touch. Distributing the Internet from a smartphone, which we are trying to get rid of, is also not an option.

Be sure to need a model with a cellular module.

Ultimately, you will have to choose between iPad mini 64 GB + Cellular and iPad mini 256 GB + Cellular. In the first case, get an extremely small drive that will have to be cleaned regularly for new content, and in the second, pay a lot 76 000 rub.

So to use the iPad instead of the iPhone, you need to choose a model costing from 62 000 rubbut it is better to take the top configuration.

Buy iPad mini 6 – from 47,990 rubles.

How can I make calls from iPad?

The biggest difference between iPad and iPhone is the inability to make phone calls. Although with the development of instant messengers and social networks, the number of voice calls through the mobile operator’s network is decreasing, not all users will be able to completely abandon the dialer.

From the moment of the presentation of the very first iPad to the present day, Cupertinians stubbornly forbid making calls from the tablet. Initially, this was a software limitation that could be removed after a jailbreak, and then the chip was limited at the hardware level.

Do not forget about the significant difference between the 6th generation iPad mini and its predecessors. The tablet does not support 2G cellular networks, in the absence of faster 3G 4G 5G coverage, you will be left without the Internet at all.

However, making calls from the iPad is still possible. We have already talked about how to use up to 4 SIM cards in one iPhone, some tricks from this article will help us.

By installing one physical “SIM card” or eSIM with connected mobile Internet, you will get a gadget with access to the network. Next, to make calls, you need to use one of the applications: MTS Connect or eMotion from Megafon.

Utilities will allow you to make calls at home rates via the Internet or stay connected when the SIM card does not catch the network. Thus, it will turn out to use the tablet as a phone for calls to the numbers of any mobile operators or landlines.

According to our own observations and user reviews, the service from MTS has a more stable connection, but the application has not yet been adapted to the iPad screen. The service from Megafon works a little worse, but the adapted application is much more convenient to use.

The only limitation is that in this mode you will not be able to receive and send SMS messages. For sites and services, you will have to set up two-factor authorization through special temporary codes, but you won’t be able to receive messages from the bank to confirm transactions on the tablet.

What gadgets for iPad it is desirable to buy in addition?

To be able to talk on the phone, through instant messengers or listen to voice messages, you must definitely get a wireless headset. There is no 3.5mm jack on the new iPad mini, and chatting through the built-in speaker is still a pleasure. Everyone around you will become unwitting participants in the conversation, and you will have to keep a rather big gadget near your ear or face.

Even banal listening to music or watching videos in a public place will definitely require headphones.

Buy AirPods – from 12,990 rubles.

The second mandatory purchase is a case. It is quite possible to carry an iPhone without a case and protection, but it will be difficult not to damage an 8.3-inch tablet during active use. The screen without an additional cover can easily be damaged, especially when worn in the inside pocket of a jacket or coat.

Another case is useful to conveniently install the iPad mini to view content.

Buy Smart Folio – 5 990 rubles.

Using iPad mini in some scenarios requires a stylus to take notes or sketch. iPad mini 6 works with the more expensive second generation Apple Pencil. If the stylus is needed solely for entertainment, you can try the universal Chinese equivalent.

Buy Apple Pencil 2 – 11,490 rubles.

Appropriate iPad mini price with accessories close to iPhone 13 Pro

If you’re trying to turn an iPad mini into a portable ultrabook for working with documents, you’ll need a keyboard and mouse or trackpad. Without additional physical buttons, entering and editing large texts on a small screen will be difficult. The virtual keyboard takes up almost half of its size, and the new iPadOS 15 chips are asking you to connect a keyboard.

Users who want a compact gaming device will need a gamepad. More and more Apple Arcade games and third-party apps are now getting joystick support. It will be more convenient and easier to control virtual heroes, cars or fighters in this mode.

As you can see, for the minimum set of original accessories from Apple, which will be needed for a replacement iPhone tablet, you will have to pay from 19 000 rub. (headset and cover). If the iPad mini performs a couple more functions, the total price tag for “accessories” may increase up to 30-35 thousand.

Considering the price for the older model of the tablet itself, you get a set of gadgets worth from 90 000 rubles and more. And this is already comparable to the price of the flagship iPhone 13 Pro models.

Why iPad mini will be more convenient than iPhone?

◈ The main advantage of such a device is this is his screen. The largest iPhone of the Pro Max model has a display with a diagonal of 6.7 ″, and another part of the matrix is ​​occupied by a bang and reserved areas for this. The workspace on which the gadget is controlled is, in fact, slightly smaller.

The sixth generation iPad mini has an 8.3-inch display without compromise or limitation. Almost two inches on paper in fact give a serious increase in the area of ​​​​the matrix. The large screen is convenient for reading, viewing content, working with two windows (almost) and interacting with the system.

◈ The tablet has many handy features. Although iPadOS is a fork of iOS, inheriting most of its chips, but in recent years, the system for tablets has received many interesting features.

● Ability to work with two or even three windows at the same time. Split View and Slide Over modes on the iPhone simply do not exist, and even when working with a small smartphone screen, they would be of little use. Even watching Picture-in-Picture video, which has recently moved to iOS, is not as convenient as it is on Apple tablets.

● On iPad, multi-finger gestures are convenient. All sorts of gestures or tricks work on both systems, but few use them on the iPhone, and on the iPad it’s hard to imagine everyday work without them.

● The browser on the iPad is as similar to the desktop as possible. You can view the desktop version of sites, conveniently control the scale of the page and get all the content conceived by the developers.

● The tablet works great with a mouse or trackpad. Back in iPadOS 13.4, they added a wonderful sticky cursor mechanism that allows you to fully work on a tablet with an additional input tool.

● Keyboard support is improved every year. The autumn OS update for tablets brought a lot of convenient shortcuts and a special menu for viewing all available keyboard shortcuts. After a little getting used to, you can work on a tablet with a connected keyboard without using a touch screen. Even games are slowly getting keyboard support.

● Sooner or later, the Cupertino team will release a feature announced at WWDC 2021 called Universal Control. It will allow you to flexibly use the iPad paired with a Mac computer, transferring the cursor or content between gadgets.

◈ New tablet received Type-C port for charging and connecting peripherals. This greatly expands the list of compatible equipment. You can make friends iPad mini with almost any modern drive, wired keyboard or mouse, specific devices for musicians, office peripherals. A large number of hubs and adapters further expands the capabilities of the USB port. With an old and slow Lightning, this trick will not work.

◈ In recent years, touch ID there was one unexpected advantage. The sensor is independent of the mask worn by the user. Although Face ID is learned with a clever trick, with regular use of security tools, using Touch ID is more convenient.

◈ For iPad mini good package. There is a minimum requirement to get started. If this is your first Apple gadget, you will find everything you need in the box: a charging cable and a powerful adapter for 20 W with fast charging capability.

This is where the set of main advantages of the tablet ends, it is possible that some users can find other bonuses in their use cases.

How does the iPad mini lose to the iPhone?

▣ The iPad mini 6 has quite controversial ergonomics. The model, as expected, was not equipped with an expensive Face ID module, and the fingerprint scanner was hidden in the power button on the end of the device. This position of the button may not always be convenient.

On the front panel of the tablet, the top and bottom do not visually stand out, the gadget often spins and the power button is in different places. You have to look for it to unlock, confirm payment or identify the user in the system settings.

Volume keys add even more discomfort. They are unexpectedly located on the upper end of the tablet next to the power button. One side face is reserved for installing the iPad mini on the table, and the second is occupied by a place for attaching and charging the Apple Pencil. Not everyone will definitely use the stylus, but everyone will suffer from the volume buttons on the upper end.

▣ Using the iPad will be difficult, if you often need a camera. The tablet has only one wide-angle 12-megapixel module. Although the camera device has been significantly upgraded compared to the previous generation iPad mini, the matrix is ​​at the level of the second generation iPhone SE.

The updated ultra-wide-angle front camera is definitely pleasing, the maximum viewing angle is even greater than in the flagship iPhones. But the chip is useful only for video calls. You should not rely on the main module at all, it is only suitable for scanning documents or shooting something for work purposes.

▣ The tablet will not be able to fully replace the smartphone with an Apple Watch. The watch is still impossible to make friends with the iPad.

Together with the tablet, you can only use smart watches or fitness bracelets from other manufacturers.

▣ Same story with CarPlay support. If you want to connect the device to the car, you will have to choose only the iPhone. No iPad supports CarPlay by itself, but it can replace a car head unit when placed on a special stand.

Display Brightness in the new iPad mini has not changed compared to its predecessor and is noticeably inferior to the same iPhone parameter. iPad mini screen brightness is 500 cd/m²for comparison, the iPhone 13 has a brightness level 800 cd/m²and in the Pro line – 1000 cd/m². However, the iPad does not support HDR.

Working in direct sunlight or in bright light with your tablet may not always be convenient.

▣ For iPad mini 6 little memory. This applies as a drive in the basic version (64 GB enough for only a small part of users), and the amount of RAM. 4 GB RAM Enough to run iPadOS and most apps today, but in a year or two, that might not be enough.

Some applications are highly dependent on the amount of “RAM”. For example, in Procreate it will not work with a large number of layers.

In the latest generations of the iPhone without the Pro set-top box, 4 GB of RAM is also installed, but the tasks for the smartphone are slightly different. But the minimum volume of the drive this year was tightened.

Tablet autonomy does not strike. We are already accustomed to the reference 10 hours under load for iPads of all lines. However, this applies to simple office work or web browsing. If you use a tablet instead of a smartphone with frequent correspondence, calls and games, the battery life is significantly reduced.

In practice, get 5-6 hours active exploitation or 3-3.5 hours games. In this mode, the “minicom” will be able to compete with the regular iPhone, but will not last a couple of days of battery life as the iPhone Pro Max.

At the same time, the battery capacity of the iPad mini 6 is about one and a half times greater than that of the iPhone, which means that it will “land” external batteries one and a half times faster.

▣ Don’t forget that iPad mini 6 something to wear. In the cold season, the inner pocket of the jacket is suitable for carrying, but with the advent of warm spring, you will have to acquire a special bag for the tablet.

What is the result: iPhone or iPad mini?

If the new Mini is tweaked a bit, it could be a full-fledged iPhone replacement for some users. But, alas, it has significant drawbacks.

Firstly, on the iPad, you can still make calls only with the help of certain crutches. Only thanks to a couple of operator chips from MTS and Megafon is it possible to call from a tablet to a phone number. With SMS messages, everything is much worse.

Secondly, it is still not possible to connect Apple Watch to Apple tablets. If it’s realistic to survive the lack of CarPlay, then no one wants to give up the watch when switching to a tablet.

Thirdly, there is only one device in the iPad mini lineup that can replace the iPhone well – and this is the top configuration. In other models, there are certain compromises (small storage capacity or the absence of a cellular module).

Fourth, the large size of the case does not give an increase in battery life. If you use the iPad instead of the iPhone, it will not live up to the level of the Pro Max models. You will have to charge the tablet exactly every day.

Fifth, mini in general is not the top-end hardware, with the exception of the processor. This applies to the main camera module, small amount of RAM and a small drive.

All these and a number of other minor disadvantages are hardly offset by the advantages of iPadOS and the size of the 8.3-inch display.

If Apple corrects at least some of these shortcomings in a couple of years, the next generation iPad mini can be safely recommended as an alternative to the largest iPhone. But so far it is difficult to imagine it in such a capacity. Too many compromises.

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After the release of the updated iPad mini 6, many users seriously thought about purchasing a gadget. Some even see the tablet as a replacement for the iPhone. Certain features and capabilities may still allow you to use the iPad mini 6 as a smartphone. Now we will consider them – precisely from the angle of an alternative to the iPhone. To the topic: a detailed review of the iPad mini 6 Which model …

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