Unfortunately, Microsoft’s charity does not yet extend to users who want to use the most fashionable operating system in the world on their computers and laptops. Law-abiding citizens and organizations have to pay for Windows. One way to motivate is warnings in the form of errors.

Fixing error 0x803f7001

Why does error 0x803f7001 occur in Windows 10?

  1. Your operating system, most likely, swears at the license key. It may be incorrect, created for a different version of Windows, already used on another computer, etc.
  2. They changed the motherboard, after which the system decided that you used the key on another PC.
  3. The computer has outdated drivers, viruses are wound up, the system is breathing heavily due to registry errors, dead service files, etc.

windows 10 activation error 0x803f7001

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Windows 10 activation error 0x803f7001: how to fix

By issuing a message in alarming red letters, the operating system hints at the need to deal with activation. First of all, you should try to “feed” her a license using the Windows interface or the command line. If it doesn’t help, the procedure for fixing error 0x803f7001 in a stubborn Windows 10 is as follows:

Read on for details.

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Enter activation key

You can go through the activation procedure in different ways:

  • Use the Windows interface. Click on “Start”, in transit through the “Parameters” we go to the updates. Click on “Activate” on the left. Click on Change Product Key.
  • Through the command line. We cheerfully start cmd and enter the command “slmgr / ipk NJ76D FDD60 RSW3B P7FBF S58B3”. Only instead of the given 25-digit combination, you need a real license key.

If you don’t know what key you have, you can use the ShowKeyPlus app. It needs to be downloaded and run, after which info for activation will be displayed in the program window. To copy it to the clipboard, there is a Save button in the utility window. After pressing it, you can insert the key into a text file.

windows 10 error code 0x803f7001

After activation, in most cases, the error goes away. If, nevertheless, the annoying inscription remains in place even after the reboot, you can try calling Microsoft representatives.

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Activate the OS with a call

The method is rather dreary, but suitable for those who have lost their license key and do not want to look for it. The algorithm is the following:

  • On the command line, type “case 4».
  • Choose the country in which you live.
  • The next window will contain a toll-free phone number to call and an installation code – a set of digital blocks that allow the Microsoft server to identify your copy of the system.
  • We call technical support and “communicate” with the answering machine. He asks why you complained. You must select the number corresponding to the activation of Windows, then the item that you do not have a key. There will also be other less important issues.
  • We exchange codes with the answering machine. We dial digital blocks of the installation ID on the phone. On the PC, click on the button for entering the verification code. We enter the combination received by phone into your computer.
  • We click on the activation button, getting rid of the Windows 10 error with the tricky code 0x803f7001.

error 0x803f7001 windows 10

Upon successful activation, a window will appear confirming the successful completion of the procedure.

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Reinstall the system

Users who consider themselves perfectionists may want to start with a clean slate – reinstall Windows. This approach is relevant in two cases:

  • Installed an unlicensed operating system. A crooked assembly can produce any errors, including 0x803f7001. The problem is treated, for example, by switching to licensed software.
  • Something went wrong while installing Windows. Maybe the hardware failed or the power surge happened at the wrong time. Rarely, but it happens.

Sometimes there are problems when upgrading to “tens” from legal Windows 7 or Windows 8. In this situation, return to the previous version of the operating system and update again. To roll back Windows, scroll: “Start” – “Settings” – Updates – “Recovery” – Return to the previous OS.

0x803f7001 windows 10 how to fix

And, of course, you need to switch to the “correct” version: from home to home, from professional to professional, etc. Also, the original Windows must be updated.

other methods

If error 0x803f7001 appeared after replacing the motherboard, it makes sense to check the troubleshooting option:

  • Go to Updates through Settings.
  • Click on “Activation” on the left.
  • Click “Troubleshoot”.
  • Follow the link to confirm that you have changed hardware.
  • Sign in to the Microsoft website.
  • In the list of registered equipment, select the motherboard. Note that you are using this device.
  • Start activation.

How else to fix error 0x803f7001 in a messed up Windows 10? General recommendations:

  • Check your computer with an antivirus.
  • Update the driver.
  • Check system files. For a light scan, type the SFC /scannow command.

In conclusion, a few words about another activation error – 0xc004c003. It can pop up for the same reasons as 0x803f7001. For treatment, you can try similar methods. They are described in sufficient detail in another article on the Moyo blog.

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