Are you already familiar with slow-motion, are you shooting or just planning? It seems that this type is already in the past: the era of super-slow Super slow motion videos.

We tested the new mode with Samsung Galaxy S9+ to share our own life hacks, experience of use and demonstrate the possibilities of video recording when 960 fps for creativity.

Everything you forgot about the Samsung Galaxy S9+ camera

I’ve been testing the Samsung S9+ camera for a month now. Although the tests DxO put the Chinese flagships Xiaomi and OnePlus in the first place, real tests in automatic mode show the complete superiority of Korean developers.

Should we be surprised?

The smartphone itself selects the appropriate aperture value and regulates the flow of light entering the sensor, instantly transfers the image to the camera’s own memory, processing it like a built-in DSP processor.

At this time, the CPU is free from processing, so all its resources are directed to the work of the camera application: focusing, frame zoom, automatic selection of appropriate camera parameters and color / white balance correction.

Thanks to the incredible speed of all components, the developers have realized ultra-high-speed shooting at a speed 960 fpspreviously available only in professional slow-motion cameras for shooting special effects or fast-moving processes.

We can say that testing the Super Slow-Motion mode of the Samsung Galaxy S9 + (the S9 also has it) called Super Slow-Motion became for me a kind of symbol of the superiority of its camera: the capabilities of professionals in a small, grippy flagship.

It’s time to figure out how Super Slow-Motion works and what it can do.

Super Slo-mo vs. the competition

Super slow motion – Several unique 960 fps slow motion modes. Incredibly cool feature.

What is unique about 960 fps? This is exactly 4 times higher than the capabilities of the iPhone X camera module, which captures basic smartphones. 240 frames! Other photo flagships from Huawei, Google (Pixel), ZTE and even action camcorders lag behind as well.

On normal playback, 1 second of slow motion turns into 4. Too short to keep a bullet flying? or falling drops of water?.

As a rule, cameras offer to shoot short slow mo video at the same speed. If you need more than just a storyboard of movements, you either have to reduce the number of frames per minute using a video editor, or use a second camera.

Life hack. With the Galaxy S9+, you can shoot non-stop: maximizing the shooting speed for only the scenes you need while recording video at normal speed.

Shooting is possible in two modes: either only until the end of the recording of the Slow-mo section (“One Frame”), or repeatedly within one regular video (“Multiple Frames”). In manual or automatic mode, to choose from.

Small nuance: iPhone X and Huawei P20 competitors shoot 240fps videos at FullHD (1920×1080) resolution, while Samsung’s Super Slow-Motion videos are always HD (1240×720).

In fact, the difference is almost imperceptible: even professionals today shoot special effects at this resolution, carrying out software processing in the final part of the editing.

How to use Super Slow-mo

ATTENTION. 960 fps video recording time is limited to 0.2 seconds. When shooting several Slow-Motion scenes in one video, the maximum time is no more 6.4 seconds.

Step 1. Selecting a mode and setting the capture area

1.1. Launch the stock camera app. At the top, swipe to select the mode Super slow motion.

1.2. will be displayed in the center bright yellow frame – Super Slow-Motion motion capture area.

Note. To move the frame of the capture area, you need to touch the center and drag it to the desired location. To change the size of the zone, you need to drag the corner of the selected area.

Step 2 Select a shooting mode

2.1. Select in the settings the recording mode of super slow motion video (auto or manual), the type of shooting (single Slow-mo or series).

Note. On the “automatic”, the smartphone monitors the zone indicated on the smartphone screen and switches to shooting 960 frames per second as soon as movement begins in it. In manual mode, you need to press the key next to the shutter button.

2.2. Let’s go, you can shoot!

Step 3. Video Editing

3.1. Finish recording.

3.2. Go to the “Gallery”, where you can proceed to editing using advanced built-in editor.

3.3. Perform video editing. The editor provides operations for trimming, adding music, converting Slow-Motion to standard speed (30 fps), converting video to GIF (played at 30 fps).

Note. There are 3 playback options available for GIF animation: infinite, reverse or variable (back and forth).

An example of a GIF animation created with the Galaxy S9+

An example of Super Slow-Motion on the Galaxy S9+. Automatic capture mode

An example video with multiple Super-Slow Motion elements. Automatic capture mode

An example of a single Super Slow-Motion. Manual capture mode

An example of Super Slow Motion. Glowing object in total darkness. Manual capture mode

Features of slow motion on the Samsung Galaxy S9+

The compact dimensions of the optical system of a smartphone impose restrictions on shooting ultra-slow motion video. There are not many of them, but it is better to prepare in advance.

During high-speed shooting, much less light enters the camera sensor than for normal photography, so good lighting is required for Super Slow-Motion. The ideal option would be daylight and incandescent lamps.

Any LED and halogen lamps flicker in time with the impulses of their circuit (transformer or capacitor). When shooting fast captured by their flickerwhich appears in the video as strobe effect.

We must not forget that the section of Super Slow-Motion recording is limited 0.2 seconds. This is less than the human reaction time to trigger, so in order not to miss the right moment, it is worth combining automatic motion capture and recording several super slow motion moments in one video.

Shooting Super Slow-mo without a tripod is not the most enjoyable experience. Super slow motion camera stabilizer not workingand the trembling of the hands on the recording is more noticeable than ever.

More because of this automatic capture is triggeredbecause when you shake the smartphone, objects in relation to it begin to move.

Why is Super Slow-Motion the new breakthrough?

Evaluating new technologies is always difficult: in comparison with the ideas worked out in the past, there are a lot of shortcomings. However, Super Slow-Motion leaves a pleasant impression of refined technology suitable for amateur and professional tasks.

The new recording mode eliminates the need for semi-professional equipment for shooting special effectssporting events or important moments of life – any dynamic scenes that you want to capture frame by frame.

Exactly 960 fps you need a video camera to keep a torn tape at the finish line, to capture the moment of hooking a large fish, to keep up with the movements of animals in the wild.

The usual 240 frames is only enough for ordinary human movements, which are quite slow compared to the events described.

Using Super Slow-Motion on the Galaxy S9+ becomes more difficult in low light, but a tripod and auto shooting mode make it possible to shoot great slow-motion videos.

Summing up, we can confidently say that the Super Slow-mo mode is not just successful experimentbut also a working tool.

And if you combine it with other features of the Samsung Galaxy S9 +, especially when shooting video, it becomes clear that we have a real find for a professional photo artist and video blogger:

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The hobbyist and the beginner will also be able to use the camera of the new Galaxy to its fullest. You just need to point and choose what you want to shoot – a photo or video. The rest will be done by Samsung and advanced automatic shooting modes.

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