Buying a top phone that came out 1-3 years ago is a good idea. During this time, the price for it has already decreased slightly, but the “stuffing” has not had time to become obsolete. This means that it will definitely serve you for 2-3 years. We have collected the top cheaper flagships of previous years (2019-2021), which are worth buying in 2022.

You can buy the flagships of past years in different price categories. Photo: aldiaargentina.microjuris.com

What to look for when choosing

one. Year of announcement. It is better not to take gadgets that are older than three years. Now technology is developing rapidly. What was top 4-5 years ago is outdated today.

2. The amount of RAM. It makes no sense to consider models with a volume of less than 4 GB. This is the minimum amount of RAM with which the smartphone will not slow down when opening the phone book, SMS, browser pages.

3. The amount of built-in memory. If it is less than 128 GB, then it is better to be able to insert a memory card. 32–64 GB is not enough for an active user for applications, photos, videos.

four. Autonomy. It is important that the smartphone works for at least 10 hours with active use. To do this, the battery capacity must be at least 4000 mAh.

Rating of the best smartphones of past years up to 50,000 rubles

Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro

The first in our top is the flagship of 2019 for 29,990 rubles. The model became quickly recognizable thanks to the unusual front camera. It is not built into the screen, as usual, but extends from the top of the smartphone.

Advantages of Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro:

  • 8 GB RAM and 8-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 with a frequency of 2840 MHz. This is enough to run most utilities and games without freezing;
  • Super AMOLED display. This means that the viewing angles are wide, the image brightness is high, and the included screen consumes less energy than IPS counterparts;
  • front camera – 20 megapixels, rear – 48 megapixels. It can shoot video in 4K (resolution 3840×2160) 60 frames per second. A significant advantage is the mode for shooting in low light, which allows you to reduce the amount of noise and graininess.
Smartphone Xiaomi Mi Redmi K20 Pro is a flagship with a custom design. Photo: smartprix.com

One Plus 9

The next flagship of 2021 in the ranking of smartphones. Unlike the previous model, it has more:

  • RAM (12 GB vs 8 GB);
  • built-in memory (256 GB vs. 128 GB);
  • display diagonal (6.55 vs. 6.39);
  • battery capacity (4500 mAh versus 4000).

Particular attention should be paid to the camera of the OnePlus 9 smartphone. It was developed specifically for this model in collaboration with Hasselblad. This is a Swedish brand that manufactures cameras and photographic equipment.

The model received a main camera of 489 MP and an ultra-wide-angle lens of 50 MP. For day and night photos are characterized by high sharpness and clarity, accurate color reproduction. It is possible to shoot video in 8K quality (7680 × 4320) at 30 frames per second.

Another significant advantage of the model is the Snapdragon 888 processor. Powerful, fast – it will be top-end for several more years. Utilities open and close quickly, games do not freeze.

The OnePlus 9 smartphone is the best solution for those who need an inexpensive camera phone. Photo: 9to5google.com

Xiaomi 11T Pro

A smartphone that has one of the best Xiaomi displays. The 6.67-inch AMOLED screen reproduces more than 1 billion shades, which allows you to accurately reproduce natural colors. High-definition images and increased color depth are possible thanks to HDR10+ technology.

Another plus is the high screen refresh rate. This model has it up to 120 Hz. This means that the movements in the video or in the game will be smooth. An important advantage is that the intelligent system automatically selects the optimal number of frames per second at the moment. This reduces battery consumption.

Additional benefits of Xiaomi 11T Pro:

  • a capacious 5000 mAh battery is enough for 14-15 hours of active use. You can fully charge your smartphone in just 20 minutes;
  • the main camera is 108 MP, the front camera is 16 MP. There is artificial intelligence that automatically improves the frame. It changes sharpness, brightness, white balance to achieve the best result;
  • there is a special mode for reading. The screen becomes dim, like a real book page. This helps reduce eye strain.
Xiaomi 11T Pro is one of the best smartphones under 50,000 rubles. Photo: assets.hardwarezone.com

Black Shark 4

A playful, stylish, powerful flagship of 2021 for 48,900 rubles, which has many fans. This is not surprising, because it has many advantages:

  • bright, energy-intensive AMOLED E4 with a resolution of 2400×1080 and an image refresh rate of 144 Hz. This provides a perfect picture while playing games or watching videos;
  • screen response time – 8.3 ms. This is something that gamers will definitely appreciate. Indeed, during an online game, it is important that the screen responds instantly to pressing;
  • 4500 mAh battery (enough for up to 12 hours of active use). There is a fast charging function. You can fully charge the device in half an hour;
  • 8-core processor with 12GB RAM and Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 processor for smooth operation.
The Black Shark 4 smartphone is a powerful gaming gadget. Photo: techradar.com

We collected the top cheaper flagships up to 50,000 rubles and reduced the characteristics in one table.

Feature/Model Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro One Plus 9 Xiaomi 11T Pro 12 Black Shark 4
RAM (GB) eight 12 12 12
Built-in memory (GB) 128 256 256 256
Screen Diagonal (inch) 6.39 6.55 6.67 5.67
Screen resolution (pixels) 2340×1080 2340×1080 2340×1080 2340×1080
Main camera (MP) 48 48 108 48
Front camera (MP) twenty 16 16 twenty
Battery capacity (mAh) 4000 4500 5000 4500
Size (mm) 156x74x8 74x160x8 164x76x8 164x76x10
Year of announcement 2019 2021 2021 2021
Price (rubles) from 29 990 from 40 550 from 45 500 from 48 900

Top flagships of past years up to 100,000 rubles

Samsung Galaxy S21FE

Compact (screen diagonal 6.4 inches), thin (8 mm) and stylish gadget for 56,990 rubles. This is a versatile device that has many advantages:

  • bright Dynamic AMOLED 2X screen with 120 frames per second refresh provides high smooth video, clear and contrast picture;
  • Gorilla Glass Victum is installed on the screen. Twice as resistant to scratches and other damage as 6th generation glass, withstands drops from a height of up to two meters;
  • degree of protection against water and dust – IP68. The phone is not afraid of rain, falling into water (to a depth of 1.5 m), dust and debris will not get inside;
  • main camera 12 MP, front – 32 MP. Less Mp than competitors compensates for the artificial intelligence that allows you to capture stunning portraits and landscapes. There is a night mode that reduces noise and increases sharpness.
Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is suitable for teenagers and adults. Photo: hardwarezone.com

Huawei Honor 30 Plus

This smartphone is the flagship of 2020 with:

  • powerful processor HiSilicon Kirin 990;
  • super sensitive camera. There is a laser focusing system, noise reduction in the dark, increased image sharpness;
  • built-in memory 256 GB, there is a slot for a memory card;
  • OLED display (diagonal 6.57 inches) with a refresh rate of 90 Hz. The screen looks unusual and stylish due to a slight bend back;
  • Dual SuperCharge technology. Thanks to it, in just 40-50 minutes, you can fully charge the battery completely. Improved charge consumption system. The phone can work up to 10-12 hours with active use.

Huawei Honor 30 Pro+ has everything you need for a phone: stylish design, bright screen, good camera, powerful processor and capacious battery.

Huawei Honor 30 Pro Plus is a one-stop solution for work and play. Photo: androidauthority.com

Apple iPhone 12

Apple technology has been in demand for a long time. And the iPhone 12 is a good buy in 2022 thanks to:

  • powerful processor (A14 Bionic);
  • excellent cameras (12 megapixel main and front). Although the iPhone camera loses to other models in this top in terms of the number of megapixels, it is not in terms of shooting quality. Why? Because not only numbers are important, but also additional features. The Apple iPhone 12 has built-in beautification, night mode (reduces noise) and AI that automatically improves the quality of pictures. Read more about cameras in phones in the blog;
  • protection against ingress of water and dust IP68 (can be lowered into water to a depth of more than 1 meter).

The comparison table shows that the battery capacity of the iPhone is lower than that of other models (3208 mAh versus 4000+ mAh). It also has less RAM (4 GB vs 8 GB). But this does not mean that the iPhone works worse and less. This difference is compensated by high energy efficiency and adaptability of the processor.

The Apple iPhone 12 smartphone is a powerful flagship of yesteryear, which is relevant in 2022. Photo: theverge.com

One Plus 9 Pro

Rounding out the top best smartphones of yesteryear is the 2021 flagship OnePlus 9 Pro. This is the model with the largest screen among the phones from this rating. Its diagonal is 6.7 inches, and the resolution is 3200×1440 pixels.

As with the OnePlus 9 version, there is a camera developed in conjunction with Hasselblad. Thanks to a special color calibration technology, Natural Color Calibration, it is possible to capture the natural shades of nature. Colors will not be distorted, too bright or vice versa, dull.

Why is the Pro version better?

  • Higher pixels per inch (526 vs 402). This means the picture will be clearer;
  • 4 rear cameras instead of 3;
  • there is slow motion;
  • there is a wireless charging function;
  • made of metal and glass (in the usual version, plastic and glass);
  • there is protection against moisture and dust IP68 (the regular version does not have it).
OnePlus 9 Pro is a stylish and large smartphone for shooting photos and videos in excellent quality. Photo: imgix.bustle.com

We collected the top cheaper flagships up to 100,000 rubles and reduced the characteristics in one table.

Feature/Model Samsung Galaxy S21FE Huawei Honor 30 Plus Apple iPhone 12 One Plus 9 Pro
RAM (GB) eight eight four eight
Built-in memory (GB) 256 256 128 256
Screen Diagonal (inch) 6.4 6.57 6.1 6.7
Screen resolution (pixels) 2340×1080 2340×1080 2532×1170 2532×1170
Main camera (MP) 12 fifty 12 48
Front camera (MP) 32 32 12 16
Battery capacity (mAh) 4500 4000 3200 5000
Size (mm) 75x156x8 160x73x8 71x146x7 73x163x9
Year of announcement 2021 2020 2020 2021
Price (rubles) from 56 900 from 62 590 from 68 800 from 79 900