In 2020, the prices of equipment have increased markedly. iPhone 12 costs 79 thousand rubles, which for many is a very serious waste.

But you still want an iPhone, so the used smartphone market, which has grown significantly last year, comes to the rescue.

According to Avito, in 2020, the demand for used smartphones increased by 16%, with the iPhone remaining the most popular gadget on the site. In 2020, 45% of smartphones sold were different iPhone models.

No matter how hard manufacturers try, it is impossible to make a cheap smartphone with flagship characteristics. Therefore, if you have about 20 thousand rubles in your hands and you need a smartphone, then there are only two options:

one. Buy new in the store
2. Buy a used iPhone

In this situation, I would prefer the second option. For 20 thousand rubles today you can buy a used iPhone 7 Plus, which in almost all respects will be better than any state employee on Android.

1. iPhone 7 Plus is durable, the latest metal iPhone

I would like to start with the design, because in the case of the iPhone 7 Plus, you get a recognizable and time-tested aluminum body that feels good in the hand.

No cheap glossy plastic disguised as glass. Only high quality aluminium.

If this is not enough for you, then you can look for the Jet Black version. This is also aluminum, only it is polished to a shine, in the literal sense. Looks cool, but there are two caveats:

one. Jet Black scratches quickly if you carry your phone without a case. Therefore, finding a smartphone in good condition will not be easy.

2. The Jet Black version was the most in demand, at least at the start of sales, and they were produced noticeably less due to marriage. As a result, demand was high and supply limited. This is another reason why it will be difficult to find Jet Black today.

The iPhone 7 Plus is IP67 water and dust resistant. Few budget Android smartphones can boast of this.

2. iPhone 7 Plus has a quality screen

The iPhone 7 Plus has a 5.5-inch screen with an already unusual 16:9 aspect ratio and Full HD resolution. The display does not occupy the entire surface and does not look modern, but it is pleasant to look at. The picture is clear and beautiful. Apple has always been able to make high-quality IPS screens

As a former owner of the iPhone 6s Plus and 8 Plus, I can safely say that the 7 Plus will be a shovel. It is similar in size to the iPhone 11 Pro Max, but with a smaller screen.

If you have large palms, you can use your smartphone with one hand.

3. The processor and RAM is still enough for everything

The iPhone 7 Plus has an A10 processor and 3 GB of RAM. This hardware is enough to run iOS 14 normally. It is clear that the new iPhones are faster, but the difference in speed is not significant if we are talking about ordinary tasks. Gone are the days when there was an abyss in performance between the old and the new flagship.

Despite the fact that this year the iPhone 7 Plus will be five years old, it still shows decent results against the background of new smartphones under 20 thousand rubles.

Specifications plus an optimized operating system provide an excellent bundle. Everything works smoothly, new games are launched in good quality, it makes no sense to talk about applications from the Top 100 App Store.

In addition, iPhone 7 Plus is equipped with Touch ID, which quickly unlocks the smartphone. It is also worth highlighting support for NFC and Apple Pay.

4. The iPhone 7 Plus has a big battery, but with nuances

With batteries in the iPhone 7 Plus, everything is very complicated. The fact is that today there are still new iPhone 7 Plus on sale, which means that there are very young devices on the used market. Their batteries are fine.

But with older models, questions may arise. It is good if the original battery with minimal wear is installed in the smartphone.

But there is a considerable chance of getting on a smartphone that has been in repair. And if this is an authorized service center, then you should not worry. But if the device was repaired somewhere, then it is better to refrain from buying.

Before buying, try to arrange with the seller that you show the phone to the master, who will confirm the originality of the battery. Not everyone agrees to this, but it’s worth a try.

With a normal battery, the iPhone 7 Plus should last until the evening.

One of the main drawbacks of the iPhone 7 Plus is the lack of fast charging. The smartphone has a large battery, so it will take a long time to charge.

5. The camera still shoots decently

The iPhone 7 Plus was the first iPhone with a dual camera: wide-angle and telephoto. Both are 12 MP. The wide-angle aperture is ƒ/1.8 and the telephoto aperture is ƒ/2.8.

In 2020, Nikita Goryainov compared the cameras of the iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 11 Pro Max. The latter was better in all situations, but Nikita compared two flagship smartphones, between which there is a three-year difference.

It’s me that iPhone 7 Plus will shoot better than smartphones for 20 thousand rublesbut worse than new iPhones (logically).

Everything is clear with the main camera, but I would like to add two things about telephoto:

one. Portraits can only be taken in very good light. In the evening and at night, forget about the second camera
2. Due to the 2x optical zoom, it is convenient to use when you need to get close to something

iPhone 7 Plus records 4K 30FPS video with optical stabilization. Yes, not 60FPS, but it’s still a smooth picture with stable focus.

A 7MP front camera is installed on the front without any additional modes.

6. iPhone 7 Plus has the perfect operating system

Since the iPhone 7 Plus runs on iOS, its owner has access to all the advantages of this operating system: security, smooth operation and quality of applications. On all three of these dimensions, iOS has always outperformed Android.

Separately, I would like to say about applications. On iOS, they look and work better than on Android. For example, Instagram normally records stories, while on Android this is constantly a problem.

Plus, with iPhone 7 Plus, you’ll get access to the normal version of Apple Music, the Apple TV+ mobile app, and the Apple Arcade gaming service.

7. iPhone 7 Plus is still the current smartphone

Today, the iPhone 7 Plus runs iOS 14, and pretty well. Most likely he will get iOS 15which may be his last major update.

For almost another 1.5 years, Apple will release updates for it. After the end of support, it is not necessary to shelve it. Most apps work with older versions of iOS for several years.

As for the iPhone 7 Plus as a device, it looks outdated from the front, but from the back it is a classic iPhone.

Well, take the iPhone 7 Plus?

As I said, today the iPhone 7 Plus can be bought for about 20 thousand rubles. Of course, there are more expensive and cheaper options.

Before buying, I advise you to read our guide to checking used iPhones. In general, there is nothing complicated.

Note that I do not recommend the iPhone 7, although it is also a very good smartphone, but the iPhone 7 Plus is still better. It has a larger screen, better battery life and a second camera.

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It can be bought for 20 thousand rubles.

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