Congratulating your girlfriend, wife, mother on March 8 is a sacred thing. In addition to flowers and compliments, it is nice to please a dear person with a beautiful and useful gadget. After careful generation of gift ideas, we offer a selection of 5 options: a reader, a smartphone, a Polaroid camera, a toothbrush with a motor, a robot vacuum cleaner. Prices for goods start at 1,000 hryvnias.


Many of us spend our time reading digitized books, spending our time in traffic on our smartphones. Reading on the go while shaking is not the best option, especially when using the phone. Screens of mobile phones are not designed for this, their backlight is aimed at the user, hitting the eyes. For this reason, among the gadgets bought on March, e-books occupy an honorable place. Their illumination comes from the edges, imitating natural lighting.

Gadgets for March 8 - gifts for women

When choosing a reader, usually take into account:

For infrequent reading, 6-8 inches is quite enough. If you need a gift for a technical college student, it makes sense to think about a diagonal of 9-13 inches. On the screen of such a reader, it is easier to delve into the nuances of drawings, diagrams, and technical documentation.

The classic of the genre is a monochrome screen with E-Link technology.

  • Memory size, interfaces, presence of button control.

Among the popular brands, you can highlight the products of the company PocketBook. In addition to pocketbooks, ONYX readers are often among the best devices.

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Choosing a smartphone or other gadget for a woman on March 8 is a slightly different story than looking for a similar gift for a guy for some men’s holiday. Some online stores, including Moyo, even have a separate “For Girls” category. It contains phones that are not the largest in size and have “feminine” colors: pink, white, red, etc. In addition to coloring, lovely ladies are interested in the opportunity to take high-quality photos: take pictures of berries-flowers, dawn-sunset, and, of course, selfies.

smartphone for photography

Successful examples of a smartphone for a loved one:

Or the other six colors are cool.

Cute smartphones in white, beige design. Amazing cameras. The phone is quite expensive, suitable for a woman who likes to emphasize her status.

Technical characteristics that affect productivity in this case do not play a decisive role, since women usually choose social networks instead of games. And you don’t need a mega-performance processor for communication.

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Instant print camera

An original gift on March 8 will be a quick print camera, a Polaroid analog from the 1990s. A feature of cameras of this type is the possibility of obtaining paper versions of the pictures immediately after taking the picture. Moreover, the photos are soulful and atmospheric. There are children’s and adults’, amateur’s and professional’s instant printing cameras. Many manufacturers produce full-frame cameras and the Mini series. The Mini format is a convenient choice for a girl due to the compact size of the camera.

  quick print camera for gift

Selection criteria:

  • case size and photos,
  • exposure time,
  • cost of cassettes,
  • possibility of customization,
  • body color

An alternative option is a smartphone printer. This device can’t take pictures, but it can produce Polaroid-style pictures by receiving a picture from a phone or tablet via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Photo printers also use cassettes as consumables. Modern products in this niche are produced by Canon, Fujifilm and other companies.

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Electric toothbrush

A gadget for brushing teeth is a good gift for a girl in a hurry. If your woman is used to doing everything quickly, does not hang around in the bathroom for hours, you can safely give her an electric toothbrush with a timer.

Electric brush for a gift for March 8

Such a gadget signals if little time is spent on cleaning. There are electric brushes for children and adults, according to the principle of operation, they are divided into:

1. Rotary
The working part of the head has a round shape, gently cleans, suitable for children.

2. Sound
Bristles work under the influence of sound waves. The space between the teeth is thoroughly cleaned. The shape of the head is oval.

3. Ultrasonic
The option is not for every day, as it is cleaned very carefully. They can deal not only with deposits in the form of tartar, but also with fillings and crowns.

There are models that can accept commands from a smartphone, switch to the appropriate teeth brushing program. After consultation with a dentist, you can install such a brush algorithm for lightening tooth enamel. When choosing, you should pay attention to the variety of colors and the cost of nozzles, they need to be changed every 3 months.

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Robot vacuum cleaner

Brooms and mops are yesterday. They are being replaced by intelligent household appliances, in particular robotic ones. When choosing an advanced gadget for mom as a gift on March 8, consider an option with a robot vacuum cleaner. Such a device removes dust by itself, there are even washing models.

  robot vacuum cleaner in action - a gift for March 8

Advantages of the robot:

  • saving time;
  • a machine with a height of 5-10 cm is able to clean under the bed;
  • some vacuum cleaners can not only work in one perimeter, but also move from room to room.

Selection criteria:

  • The power of the vacuum cleaner should not be less than 20 W.
  • If there are animals in the house, it makes sense to look at options with turbo brushes.
  • The working time depends on the size of the dust collector. The more capacious it is, the better. Only very expensive premium models have a self-cleaning function.

Good robot vacuum cleaners are produced by Samsung, Bosch, iRobot, and iLife. Cleaning devices are in the greatest demand. Advanced models are configured in such a way that they do not go into prohibited areas: into a child’s play corner, into an animal’s bowl, etc.

In conclusion, we provide a table of the above-described goods with approximate prices in hryvnias:

Good choice!

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