The best mid-budget Android smartphone is Google Pixel 4a – it is a fact. It has a cool camera that is as capable as the iPhone 12, an OLED screen, 128 GB of memory (minimum!) And 3 years of support.

You can buy one today for plus or minus 30 thousand rubles. In our reality, this is inexpensive. But I was wondering what else you can buy for that kind of money. Turns out, iPhone SE 2020.

At Apple, it costs 40 thousand rubles, but retail stores sell such a device for 35 thousand rubles. On the secondary market, you can even buy it for 28-30 thousand rubles. Let’s compare and find out if the iPhone SE can destroy the Googlephone.

Displays. iPhone is nicer

I do not understand those who consider IPS the last century.

Both devices use different types of matrices. The Pixel has a 5.8-inch OLED, while the iPhone has a 4.7-inch IPS. There are no complaints about the quality of either one or the other.

The only thing that OLED gives off in blue when compared directly to the screen of the iPhone SE. You don’t notice it in everyday use.

But what you notice is the presence true tone in the iPhone SE. It adjusts the tint of the screen to the ambient light. Because of this, the eyes of the iPhone SE are much less tired.

The work of True Tone is especially strongly felt when you come home from the street on a cloudy autumn day, and the screen becomes warm instead of blue shades. Because such a light.

I don’t know of any Android smartphone that has a similar feature.

Together, the iPhone SE screen in practice looks better and more pleasant. By the way, both smartphones support HDR 10 video playback.

Materials. Both are great

iPhone SE: a classic made of aluminum and glass. If you held the iPhone 8 in your hands, then they are almost no different. Just an apple in the middle.

The Pixel is plastic, which is good. Because such a backdrop is stronger than glass and aluminum. It cannot be broken or dented. Feels nice. From this, the smartphone acquires some kind of crazy lightness.

Photo from my material about the experience of switching from iPhone to Google Pixel.

I can’t say anything about the strength of the glass. The Gorilla Glass 3 on the Pixel was scratched, but after seven hard drops it didn’t shatter.

The iPhone SE 2020 received a couple of light scratches a week later, which can only be seen if you look closely.

What about frames? Pixel Leader

I would be much more worried about the bezels on the sides.

I personally know people who do not perceive the iPhone SE 2020 precisely because of the frames above and below, they say, it looks old. Yes, the front panel is no different from the iPhone 6, 6s, 7, 8. But I now consider this to be prejudice.

First, the home button with touch ID still feels great. And I would rather call this design classic. This is exactly what Apple has been doing with the iPhone since 2007. A week later with the iPhone SE, I got used to this design and even fell in love with it.

Pixel 4a in this sense looks like a typical modern smartphone. Almost the entire front part is occupied by the screen. I note that there is a chin at the bottom, and the upper face is slightly wider than the side ones. BUT!

By the way, would you be able to distinguish Pixel from other smartphones by the front panel?

Here Google has done some kind of miracle and the chin does not bother the word at all. You know, it’s like a bang on an iPhone. The first few days you look at it, and then you stop noticing it.

So yes, in terms of appearance, the Pixel 4a will still be more modern.

Which is more convenient. iPhone SE

A definite plus is the presence of wireless charging in the iPhone SE.

It may seem that the iPhone SE is smaller, but it is not. The cases of both smartphones are almost identical. The Pixel will be slightly taller and thicker by a few millimeters. Most are accustomed to large diagonals in smartphones, and Pixel will be familiar here. He lives up to expectations.

But the iPhone SE, due to the smaller diagonal of the screen, a thin body with sloping edges and glass that goes into the frame, feels like a baby. Using one hand is a real pleasure. I remembered the forgotten feeling when you can reach almost any element of the system with your finger.

I’m not a heavy social media user, all I do on my phone is read twitter, a few of my favorite sites, including iPhones.ruI take notes and work with the calendar. It turns out that a small screen for such tasks is much better.

In my case “SEshka” provided many amenities.

It is convenient to write behind him. No kidding.

Today, on the day I am writing this article, I specifically tried to watch a couple of my favorite films on the iPhone SE and did not experience any discomfort. On the contrary, due to its lightness, it is convenient to hold the device in front of you while lying in bed.

IMHO, both of them are convenient in their own way. Pixel against the background of most other devices, taking into account the thin frames, thin body is no less comfortable. If you want a smartphone with a small, but not too small screen, you should pay attention to Pixel.

Cameras. iPhone outsider

Here the iPhone SE 2020 is a clear outsider. He shoots generally well, but for 2021 – no way. Especially against the backdrop of Pixel. The SE 2020 uses the camera from the iPhone 8, which came out, crazy how time flies, in 2017.

Yes, there are some features from the iPhone 11 in the form of portraits and SmartHDR, but this does not really save the situation. There is no night photography. I still do not understand what was the difficulty in adding this mode. Especially since it’s software.

Here in Pixel 4a “all inclusive”. And you get night mode, which is ahead of the iPhone 12 in quality, and astrophoto for spectacular shots of the starry sky. In general, a complete set of a good smartphone.

Portraits Pixel 4a does much better than the iPhone. You can even shoot them at night! Here are examples from my article about switching to Google Pixel.

During the day, both smartphones shoot equally well. If you take a lot of pictures, I do not advise you to look towards the iPhone SE 2020.

Autonomy. There is a compromise

In the summer, when it was warm, I walked through the parks in my city and worked directly from my smartphone.

iPhone is again an outsider. While walking with SE for a week, I remembered that I have a power bank. With Pixel 4a, I completely forgot about such devices. “SEshka” produces about 4:30-5:30 hours of screen. This is enough for a day of leisurely use, but before the evening starts, the phone is already asking for charging.

The Pixel 4a can last up to 7:30 hours of screen time. Worthy, with him you can safely survive a stormy Friday. But! I decided to try turning on the power saving mode on the iPhone SE. And here’s what happened:

I’m sure if I hadn’t watched movies and hadn’t called on Telegram, 6:39 hours of screen time could be equal to Google Pixel.

I think that the power saving mode in the iPhone SE 2020 should be enabled out of the box. It does not affect the work with everyday tasks.

Moisture protection. iPhone is out of competition here

Fans of watching TV shows in the bathroom will appreciate it.

Starting with the iPhone 7, all Apple smartphones are waterproof. At least IP67, just like that in the iPhone 2020. There is none in Pixel.

The iPhone shouldn’t be submerged in water on purpose, but if it’s in the bathroom with a podcast on while you’re showering, it won’t die. But such a case is not included in the warranty, keep in mind.

Results. What is better for 40 thousand rubles

Who is on which side?

I think the attentive noticed that I did not keep score, as is usually done in such materials. Why? Yes, because both the one and the other smartphone are good in their own way.

Look, if you have a strictly limited budget, and 40 thousand rubles is the limit for you, take Pixel for 25-30 and don’t worry. It has an excellent camera, decent autonomy, 128 GB in the minimum configuration. A complete set of smartphones that meet modern realities. But this is only if you are not tied to the Apple ecosystem.

To the point: I freaked out and switched from iPhone to Google Pixel. Honestly, I don’t regret

iPhone SE 2020, despite the fact that this line was originally positioned as “folk” and “For all”, this SE is not for everyone at all. It’s cool, I loved this phone and reconsidered my attitude towards the compact form factor.

Red is the coolest.

SE 2020 is needed for those who clearly understand why such an iPhone is useful to them and what they will do with it. If you are tied to the Apple ecosystem, services, you don’t care about design, the camera is a great choice.

Autonomy, as it turned out, can be shaken up by the power saving mode, and it will actually work longer. iPhone SE 2020 is not in a hurry, and it was created for those who are also in no hurry … Following the trends. I do not recommend anyone else to take it. You can take a closer look at the iPhone XR or, better, the iPhone 11, having thrown a little from above.

I’ll keep SE for myself, use it for some more time and probably switch to 13 mini.

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