Google diligently following in the footsteps of Apple. She created her own mobile OS Androidreleased a phone under its own brand Nexus Oneplans to launch its own analogue iTunes, so why not offer a tablet? Another operating system has long been forged in the bowels of an Internet company Chrome OS and it’s no secret that its interface adapts not only for netbooks, but also for tablets. As it turned out, this is done not for the sake of third-party manufacturers, but for yourself and your new gadget.

Anonymous source Download Squad said that on November 26, Google will release its own tablet with the support of mobile operator Verizon. This day was chosen for a reason and it has its own name – “Black Friday”. Despite the gloomy name, this is one of the most beloved holidays by Americans, so to speak. On this day, American retail chains arrange grand sales, thus starting the holiday shopping season. And “Black” Friday was named back in the 60s because of the terrible traffic jams that occur due to the fault of drivers rushing for cheap goods.

But, back to the tablet. According to the characteristics, it should be a very attractive device. The resolution of the display with a yet unknown diagonal is 1280×720 pixels, and the gadget is based on the platform NVIDIA Tegra 2. With extremely low power consumption, it can provide smooth video playback up to 1080p inclusive. Naturally, in other tasks it also has quite high performance. It is also worth paying attention to 2 GB RAM, compared to which the 256 MB of RAM in the iPad look pathetic (although the lack of memory in the Apple tablet is felt only when opening several heavy web pages at the same time).

To store media content, 32 GB of flash memory is provided and, possibly, the amount of disk space can be increased using memory cards. Among other features mentioned modules Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G, webcam and GPS-receiver. In fact, the Google tablet will be the first device based on the web-based operating system Chrome OS. HTC is responsible for the production of the gadget, already noted by the Nexus One smartphone. The exact price of the product is not yet known, but the source claims that it will be significantly lower than that of the iPad, and subject to the conclusion of a contract with Verizon – generally ridiculous.

Already, the Google tablet looks interesting thanks to its powerful hardware stuffing, and Chrome OS is at least curiosity. Still, the Android interface is poorly adapted to the large screens of tablets, while in the alternative OS it was originally designed for more serious devices than smartphones. [ Download Squad ]

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Google is following in the footsteps of Apple. She created her own Android mobile OS, released the Nexus One phone under her own brand, plans to launch her own analogue of iTunes, so why not offer a tablet as well? Another operating system, Chrome OS, has been forged in the bowels of an Internet company for a long time, and it’s no secret that its interface is adapted not only for netbooks, …

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