Top reasons to rename a user:

  1. They bought a used PC, or a system unit with a monitor was presented by relatives.
  2. The user has matured and wants to get rid of the childhood or teenage nickname.

rename account in windows 10

Read how to quickly change your username to a more appropriate one in Windows 10.

How to change username in Windows 10

Renaming a user in the “top ten” cannot be called a super-difficult task, but before the procedure it is still desirable to lay a straw – to create a restore point. To do this, just right-click on “This PC”, in the “Properties” select “System Protection” and click “Create”. The essence of the most popular ways to rename a user:

Now let’s look at these options in more detail.

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Through a local account

Local accounts are used by users who do not need synchronization, as well as people who do not want to be tied with another thread-rope to Microsoft servers. Consider how to change the name of the local account that does not suit you in the beauty of Windows 10. The algorithm is as follows:

  • Let’s start with the Control Panel.
  • We expand the account window, in which Windows will show you only the user under which you logged into the OS.
  • If you need to rename your work account, choose to change your authorization data. Click on the item to change the name. Rename the user by filling in the active field. Complete the process by clicking the “Rename” button.
  • If renaming of another local account is required, click on the link with the management of another user. A window of the same type as in the previous paragraph will open. You will only need to enter a new name and click on “Rename”.

how to change admin username in windows 10

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Via Microsoft account

To edit a Microsoft account, you will need an Internet connection. Procedure:

  • Click “Start” – “Settings”.
  • Open the “Accounts” folder.
  • We click on the management of the Microsoft account.
  • Windows will take you to the Microsoft account login site. You need to log in.
  • At the top of the window there will be a menu with additional actions. Go there and go to edit your profile.
  • The next step is “Change name”.
  • Enter a new name, you can change the last name at the same time.
  • It remains to pass the security check by filling in the captcha and save the changes. The next entry into the operating system will take into account the changes made.

how to change account name windows 10

All these fixes will affect not only the computer from which you went to the Microsoft site: when you log in on other devices, the new account name will be displayed instead of the old account name. Before you rename a user over the Internet in Windows 10, do not forget about it.

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Through the command line

The main command for working with accounts is “net user”. With it, you can create accounts, disable and delete them, as well as add and change the password. However, this command is not suitable for renaming. Instead, use the expression: “wmic useraccount where name=”name_number_one” rename name_number_two”. In it, name_number_one is the old username, and name_number_two is the new one.

how to change username in windows 10

Only a user with admin rights can rename an account. After the procedure, it is enough to enter net user without additional parameters to make sure that the command was successfully executed.

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How to change administrator name in Windows 10

There are several built-in accounts in the Microsoft operating system, including the admin account. It is sometimes renamed for security reasons. So, how do you change the administrator name to a new one in Windows 10? Sequencing:

  1. We go to “Start” and run cmd.
  2. The next command is gpedit.msc.
  3. Click on Computer Configuration.
  4. We press on the Windows Configuration.
  5. We go to “Security Settings”.
  6. Click on Local Policies.
  7. And again on “Security Options”.
  8. Scroll down the list and find the item with the renaming of the admin account. We open it with a double click and write another word instead of the administrator.

In the home “ten” gpedit.msc does not start because the group policy editor is disabled by default. This is treated with a few complex commands or by using simple third-party software designed to change OS settings. An example is the free Policy Plus app.

step by step change admin name in windows 10

In conclusion, a few words about the relationship between the username and the name of the system folder in which the files associated with the account are stored: documents, desktop contents, downloads, and so on.

If you rename the standard user name, for example, to Vasya, then the old user directory will remain in the Users root folder. This approach is quite logical, since different programs use system directories and they should not have problems finding information. When installing Windows, it is desirable to enter the name of the local user in English, since the Cyrillic alphabet is not always clear to the applications.

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