Fur clothes need to be cleaned every season to keep them beautiful. But this must be done carefully, because the material is easy to spoil.

How to clean fur?

From this article you will learn how to clean the fur from all sorts of contaminants, and what products should absolutely not be used.

How to clean natural fur without ruining it

Cleaning fur at home can be just as effective as professional cleaning. All that is needed is to strictly follow the rules.

You can comb the fur only with a soft brush

There are two ways to clean a fur thing:

  1. Dry. It involves the use of loose mixtures with absorbent properties, for example, bran, sand, cereals, talc. They are gently rubbed into the contaminated area, after which the material is thoroughly shaken out and combed out.
  2. Wet. Involves the use of a cloth or dampened sponge. You need to act carefully to prevent the base material from getting wet.

The method of cleaning the fur depends on the type of contamination.

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How to clean fur from yellowness

Pile of light tones acquires a yellowish tint over time. This is especially noticeable on white products. The most effective cleaning method in this case is wet. Here are some recipes:

  1. Add 1 tbsp. l. hydrogen peroxide to 200 ml of water. With a cotton sponge, washcloth or cloth, spread the liquid over the surface of the item. After drying, comb the pile.
  2. Make a solution of 1 tsp. ammonia in 200 ml of water. Soak a cloth in it and gently wipe the fur with it.
  3. Whip up a thick lather from pet shampoo. For 200 ml of warm water you will need 1 tbsp. l. detergent. Apply the foam to the fur and after 10-15 minutes gently remove with a soft sponge.

Choose a well-ventilated area to dry your fur clothes. Ideally, a balcony. But make sure the item is out of direct sunlight.

How to clean white fur

The most difficult thing to care for products with white pile. It gets dirty much more often and any pollution is clearly visible on it. Frequent wet cleaning is not recommended. It is better to use the dry method. For this, semolina, soda and starch are suitable.

white fur cleaning

The absorbent must be poured onto the dirty area and carefully distributed between the villi. It is convenient to do this with a soft brush. The loose substance should be left on the pile for about 20 minutes. After that, the product must be shaken well to remove particles of cleaning agent. If necessary, repeat the procedure.

For greater efficiency, the absorbent is heated in a dry frying pan before use.

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How to clean natural dark fur

If the pile has become dull, stuck together in places or changed color, then it needs to be cleaned. In this case, the dry method should also be used, but with other absorbents:

  1. For fur with a coarse pile (for example, nutria or ox), rye bran is suitable.
  2. A muskrat or otter product can be cleaned with fine sawdust. But they must be hardwood. Coniferous sawdust contains resins.
  3. Sand is suitable for cleaning a beaver or mole fur product.

After cleaning, be sure to shake and comb the pile well.

How to get rid of stains

One of the most effective stain removers is gasoline. It is rarely used in its pure form. The liquid must be mixed with an enzyme-free laundry detergent or starch. You should get a thick creamy substance. It is applied to the stain and after a few minutes, thoroughly washed off with a damp sponge.

You can only remove stains in this way from dark-colored things. On a product with a white pile, the gasoline mixture will leave a yellow tint. From light fur, dirt is removed with alcohol or acetone, which is mixed with soda or starch.

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How to clean a fur coat at home: features for different fur

Cleaning fur of different types

Each type of fur has its own characteristics, which must be considered when choosing a cleaning agent.


Such material is recommended to be cleaned by a dry method. Since the pile is quite dense, it is worth using substances with small fractions: starch, talc, semolina.

In rare cases, soap suds are used to remove stains. It must be applied very carefully, since the muton can be deformed from strong wetting.


This type of fur is less whimsical to care for. It has a short, curled pile that can be brushed without following the direction of the coat.

The wet method will help to put in order a fur coat from astrakhan fur. A soft sponge or cloth dipped in soapy water will do. For strong local pollution, you will need a cotton pad with a small amount of gasoline or alcohol solution.


For such fur, sawdust with the addition of gasoline is often used. They are distributed over the pile, left for a few minutes, and then swept away with a brush or a clean broom. After that, the fur coat should be hung on the balcony or in another well-ventilated area to get rid of the smell of gasoline.

You can use sawdust exclusively deciduous trees.

A mink

A mink coat requires careful handling. Therefore, for self-cleaning, you need to choose the most gentle methods:

  • absorbents with small fractions – soda, talc or starch;
  • weak detergent solution with pet shampoo;
  • aqueous solution with a small amount of ammonia and ethyl alcohol.

You can wipe the pile only in the direction of growth. Make sure that liquid does not penetrate deep into the product.

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A dog

The most common problem with this type of fur is dust that clogs into the undercoat. You can get rid of it with the help of starch, soda or talc. Using a soft brush, spread the absorbent over the surface of the product. Shake it well after 30 minutes and gently comb the fur.

If the fox fur coat has acquired a foreign smell, soda should be used as a cleaning agent. All manipulations are carried out in the same order as in the previous case.

How to clean faux fur

Synthetic materials also require special care. However, they are much easier to clean, because faux fur can be washed by hand or in a machine.

When hand washing, the item is soaked in soapy water for half an hour. Then, using a soft brush, clean in the direction of the pile. Finish the wash by rinsing with a little vinegar.

Faux fur cleaning

You can wring out a thing only by squeezing or pressing. Under no circumstances should it be twisted.

To wash synthetic material in the machine, set the delicate mode. Water should not be hotter than 40o. Use a mild detergent, such as for washing children’s clothes. The spin and dry function is strictly prohibited.

Dry the product in a horizontal position, lightly combing the pile in the direction of “growth”. Lay a thick towel under the item first.

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Mistakes when cleaning real and faux fur

In order for fur items to serve as long as possible and not lose their attractiveness, provide them with proper care. Never make these mistakes:

Now you know how to clean fur at home without damaging it. All the necessary funds are quite affordable and will definitely be found on the farm. But, despite the effectiveness of home care, it is still worth remembering that it is better to entrust the cleaning of an expensive item to a dry cleaner. So you will be sure that the fur will receive safe and high-quality care.

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