A mobile phone is always at hand: on the couch, in a bag, in a pocket… And next to them are keys, lighters, a cigarette case… Such a neighborhood has its own price – scratches on the body and screen are right there.

remove scratches from phone screen

Remove them using five home methods that everyone can do. Even to those whose hands do not grow from there.

Remove scratches with vegetable oil

This option will return the former shine for a short time, visually concealing mini drops.

You need to drop a little oil on the phone screen – this will remove scratches from it. After a couple of seconds, the device will shine like new. But as soon as you clean it with napkins, cleaning products for displays, or treat it with an antiseptic, the whole effect will come to naught. You will have to repeat everything again.

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Remove scratches with baby powder

Getting a “cleaning mixture” to forget about annoying scratches is as easy as shelling pears. The table contains a step-by-step algorithm:

Remove scratches with baking soda

This is an effective cell phone cleaner. But first, it’s still better to try it on other surfaces.

remove screen scratches with baking soda

The instructions are the same as with the powder.

  1. Dilute baking soda with drinking water 2:1 to make a soft paste.
  2. Spread it on a lint-free cloth and crawl over the display.
  3. Remove residue with a clean cloth.

The screen is ready to go again!

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Remove scratches with car polish

Car cleaners are also suitable for mobile phones. You just need to apply to a lint-free cloth (a napkin from the 2E LUX CLEAN set is suitable) and rub in for 2-5 minutes. You need to work carefully so as not to bring chemistry to the speakers and other parts of the mobile phone.

Remove scratches with toothpaste

The main thing is to find a composition without abrasives. Otherwise, instead of removing scratches from the glass, the grooves on the phone will only get deeper.

remove scratches from phone screen with toothpaste

Cleaning takes place in three stages:

  • Apply the pea on cotton wool or fabric

Squeezing onto the display is not recommended – you can overdo it.

  • Rub the paste into the scratch

Then she will work through the most microscopic cracks.

  • Wipe with a damp cloth

To withdraw excess funds.

There is no panacea for how to remove scratches. What works for one cell phone may not work for another. Abrasive scrubs can inadvertently break the oleophobic coating. If you are afraid that cleaning will be inaccurate, you can stick a hydrogel film on your mobile phone, which “heals” microcracks.

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