Add-ons released on Android often have specific controls. Google is confident that the functionality of the device is simplified with voice commands. But activating such a tool does not benefit the old hardware. Not every Android smartphone is designed to pair with Smart Home and other platforms.

Contactless input is a modern feature

Due to the presence of additional options, some programs become “weighty”. For weaker devices, the decision to remove voice input is the best way to free up space and speed up the device. Although it should be taken into account that the absence of a keyboardless dialing will affect the following:

  • clarification of the weather with the help of an assistant,
  • contactless management of personal appointments and calendar,
  • activation of smart home functions,
  • contactless commands when listening to music and turning on the video,
  • building routes to the nearest pizzeria or cafe through voice recording.

Of course, a personal assistant from Google will answer even the most philosophical questions. A smart bot is effective when searching for a dentist, choosing a cinema, ordering food at home. Keep this in mind before you disable Google voice input.

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Disable Google voice input

Several voice assistants are available on Android, each with its own features and deactivation methods. Because the OS is built by Google, most of the bundled pre-installed software consists of services and applications from the respective developer. Although this is not a sentence.

OK Google - Shutdown

If you don’t like OK Google, how to turn off and install an alternative voice platform won’t be a multi-variable task. It is fair to say that this is not the only command for contactless input that a novice user has to deactivate.

Google Talkback is another pre-installed voice service in the Android operating system. This tool is activated by default and acts as an assistant for people with disabilities. For ordinary users, the functionality is not particularly convenient, and many are trying to figure out how to turn off Google’s voice assistant so that they don’t have to constantly see unnecessary prompts.

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How to turn off Google Assistant voice assistant – 3 ways

Google Assistant services run on a smartphone or tablet running Android 5.0 or higher. In the case when the function is not needed and slows down the device, the following is considered a way out of the situation:

  1. Turning off an unnecessary function through a special panel
    To disable the Assistant, launch the Settings app (click the More menu in the right corner). Next – a logical and intuitive path requires a few finger clicks on the submenu.
    As a result, a new screen should appear, divided into tabs, including the Assistant. At the very bottom of the last submenu is a list of devices on which the functionality is active. Select the Phone option to deactivate. The switch makes it possible to return the assistant back in 1 click.
  2. Deleting a feature and all data from the cache
    The assistant is removed in the standard way (through the built-in tool “Settings” → “Applications”). This “deactivation” is the most radical.
  3. Mute via microphone
    It’s even simpler here – in the “Microphone Permissions” menu, deactivate the Google program.

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Why turn off voice tokens?

Google Assistant is considered the successor to the Google Now service. The ability of the functionality to interpret the so-called natural speech is much higher than that of similar services. Although the Assistant is far from perfect. To run the application, you will need the following technical capabilities:

The system is learning all the time, month after month it understands more and more words. But this requires resources related to caching. Not everyone is willing to tinker and prefer standard keyboard input. Therefore, guides for those who wish to figure out how to turn off voice search are quite a popular thing.

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Android is the only operating system for which it is possible to replace the automatic input application with an external alternative. Cortana cannot be replaced on Windows, and Siri cannot be replaced on macOS and iOS. Although the algorithm is a little confusing, and before turning off Google voice input, a beginner should carefully read the guide, the task is doable. If someone is closer to the keyboard, this is definitely worth doing.

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