The fact that you need to wash the pillows does not raise questions. Doing it right is a task with an asterisk, because fluff, bamboo, synthetic winterizer or holofiber require certain knowledge and a special approach.

wash pillows

Can pillows be washed at home?

Each hostess has a choice: take the pillows to dry cleaning or wash them at home. To make the right decision, you will have to weigh all the pros and cons.

How to wash pillows in the washing machine: rules

Pillows are washed every six months. Only then will the journey to the kingdom of Morpheus be pleasant and rejuvenate. There are several rules that are relevant for bedding.

wash pillows in washing machine

Four aspects of how to wash pillows in the washing machine.

  1. Before starting a “big wash”, you need to get rid of the dust accumulated inside. The traditional, “grandmother’s” method – knocking out pillows – allows you to visually verify the huge amount of dust that has accumulated in the thickness of the filler. In order not to damage the bedclothes, it is better to use a vacuum cleaner.
  2. The water temperature should not exceed 40°C. This will reduce the risk of irreversible deformation of the filler fibers.
  3. Experienced housewives advise liquid detergents, it is easier to rinse them out of the filling fibers.
  4. Gel or powder with an unobtrusive odor is the best option.

vacuum a feather pillow

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How to wash down pillows

Those with goose or duck down are light and soft. Their washing includes a number of features:

  • Liquid detergent is the priority.
  • The temperature of the water should not exceed 30°C. Hotter water will lead to chemical changes in the protein molecules that are part of the fluff fibers and cause an unpleasant odor.
  • Tennis balls placed in the washer drum will help prevent fluff from churning into clods.
  • Re-rinse mode to remove detergent residues.
  • Press the pillows at the minimum speed.
  • Dry in the air or in a room where a draft walks.

wash pillows in the washing machine

If you have to wash an old pillow, it is torn open and the contents are placed in several bags of denser fabric, equipped with ties. It is better to replace the pillowcase with a new one or wash it separately.

How to wash feather pillows

Likewise, as well as downy. It is also better to rip them open and spread the contents into bags. Sew up, then wash at a moderate temperature (no more than 40 ° C) with liquid detergent. In this regard, the expected question arises: how to wash a feather pillow without tearing it? Answer: You can’t! The contents will inevitably clump together. In addition, there is a high risk that part of the filling will fall into the drum, clog the filter and clog the drain.

wash feather pillows

To avoid such a disaster, feather pillows can be washed by hand. Feather bags should be pre-soaked for a couple of hours in warm soapy water. After washing and rinsing thoroughly, hang in a draft, periodically changing position and shaking.

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How to wash padding pillows

The synthetic winterizer consists of the thinnest synthetic threads fastened during heat treatment. Individual fibers are chemically inert and do not interact with water in any way. And since they are not hygroscopic, they do not absorb sweat. Nevertheless, such fibers still break and crumble. This means that dust is also formed in them, which must be disposed of at least twice a year.

You can and should wash synthetic padding pillows. Especially if the cover looks stale. Optimal washing conditions:

  1. in 40°C water,
  2. with liquid detergent
  3. with repeated rinsing.

It is impossible to wring out such a pillow in the drum. This process will cause the destruction of adhesions between the fibers and damage to the structure of the material. So that even after washing the pillow remains soft, fluffy and elastic, it is allowed to drain by placing it on the bottom of a bath or basin. Then wrapped in a thick cloth and wrung out to collect the remaining moisture. Dry away from heating appliances and the scorching sun.

How to wash holofiber pillows

Thanks to the hollow fibers, sealed on both sides, which are twisted into springs, the material has a low specific gravity, while remaining soft and elastic. In addition, he:

  • does not provoke allergic reactions;
  • non-hygroscopic: sweat, saliva and body odor remain only on bed linen;
  • not a comfortable environment for dust mites.

The filler of such pillows is difficult to get dirty, but if you still managed to get rid of the dirt manually. Before washing pillows from holofiber, liquid powder is dissolved in a basin with warm water and the products are soaked for an hour. Then wring out and rinse thoroughly until the soapy water disappears.

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How to wash a bamboo pillow

Usually the manufacturer on the label indicates the nuances. As with other synthetic fillers, moderate temperature, gentle washing and gentle detergents are recommended. Before washing, inspect the cover for integrity and try to eliminate damage.

How to wash an orthopedic pillow: from buckwheat husks, anatomical

These pillows breathe well. However, you are still wondering how to wash an orthopedic pillow made of vegetable filler.

wash orthopedic pillow

The answer is unequivocal: it is impossible to wet such types of pillows under any circumstances. Only dry cleaning is allowed. At home, they are cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, since after exposure to water it is impossible to restore the original properties.

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How to dry pillows

It depends on how correctly the filler is dried, whether its original properties will be restored and whether the pillow will be suitable for use. And the most difficult can be considered drying pillows made of down and feathers.

dry pillows outdoors

You can do this in different ways:

  • Dry the pillow without steaming – if it was washed entirely. The disadvantage of this approach is obvious: the material dries for a long time. There is a high risk that the fluff and feather will collapse, fall into clods and stink;
  • in portions, in small bags in which washing was carried out. The fabric for the bags should not interfere with air circulation and moisture evaporation;
  • drying feathers and down in a room protected from drafts is a laborious process, since the material must be periodically stirred for uniform drying. But at the same time, it is possible to preserve the structure of natural fibers.

Other types of filler can also be dried by spreading on a clean cloth. And away from batteries and other heating devices.

The product label shows how to properly wash feather pillows and others. Often there is no need to do this, and letting everything take its course is not an idea. So read the instructions and act. The video is a good example of how it’s done.

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