Someone thinks that Huawei is another Chinese manufacturer of budget smartphones, such as LeEco, Meizu and the like. For others, this name is already associated with a full-fledged worthy A-brand. Second, whatever one may say, close to the truth.

In fact, Huawei is huge technology corporation with thirty years of history. Moreover, smartphones are not the main source of income. The company specializes in equipment for mobile networks.

Have you heard about the recent 5G tests in Russia? The equipment was supplied by Huawei. They even made their mark in the technical equipment of the Sochi Olympics. Our unshakable trio of operators have been cooperating closely with this Chinese manufacturer for a long time. And there are many more such examples around the world.

So why did Huawei succeed with smartphones? Let’s figure it out together.

Where did Huawei start?

Ren Zhengfei, a former officer in the Chinese Army Corps of Engineers, founded Huawei in 1987 in the city of Shenzhen. The goal of creating his own company was quite patriotic – Zhengfei wanted to provide China own telecommunication technologies.

With a starting capital of 20,000 yuan (about 9000 today’s dollars) it is difficult to jump right into expensive developments, so the company started by reselling equipment from Hong Kong. Since then, Huawei has shown steady growth.

In 1990, the company opened its own research center with a large staff, which allowed them to develop new devices. As early as 1993, Huawei released programmable switch С&С08, which turned out to be the most powerful in China. Thanks to him, the company managed to get a contract for the deployment of telephone networks throughout the country.

In the next ten years, Huawei launched several research centers around the world and brought the supply of its telecommunications and network equipment to the international level, including to Russia.

In 2003, the company opens a division Huawei Devicesaimed at developing new mobile devices. In those days, it turned out to be distinguished only by the “clamshell” U626, awarded the “Charlton Media Group» as the best 3G phone. In 2009, Huawei released its first Android smartphone, and in 2012, the model that gave rise to a full-fledged sub-brand – Honor U8860.

Since then, Huawei has been selling its smartphones under two brands. But they do not compete with each other, but rather seek to reach a large audience.

Huawei is slowly being sold in all directions, and Honor, which is more pleasant to the European ear, is being promoted as a modern youth smartphone, actively advertising in social networks and the media. For example, did you notice that Doctor Strange used just such a phone? Did they appreciate the joke in Evening Urgant?

Why do they succeed

According to various estimates, this year, about 10% of all smartphones sold in Russia are released under the brands Huawei and Honor. Moreover, this is a weak indicator in comparison with the rest of the world.

As usual, we asked an expert from m_mobileM.Video telecoms, share insights – what is happening with Huawei and Honor in the Russian market?

Huawei is an example of Chinese determination and reliability. They managed to gain confidence among Russian users, which clearly affected the demand: if in 2013-2014 they sold hundreds of thousands of smartphones, now the demand for Huawei and Honor devices is in the millions. How do they do it? They probably have access to Chinese wisdom that leads to success.

But seriously, the main principle is this: a harmonious lineup for both brands with models in different price segments in order to cover the widest possible audience, a high level of reliability of the devices themselves, a functional component at the level, competitive prices. And of course, the general intensity of competition between all Chinese brands makes us move forward all the time. And the user benefits from it.

By the way, I have heard the opinion more than once that Huawei produces the most reliable smartphones among the Chinese. So what’s the secret to success? Here’s what it looks like from the side.

Huawei has a huge patent base
For decades of intensive research, the company managed to accumulate an impressive patent portfolio. This is not the case when a Chinese manufacturer licks all the achievements of competitors and releases its own device.
The company invests most of its profits in research
We were recently assured here that Huawei is letting up to 85% of your profit for the development of new products. And judging by their latest camera phones, there is every reason to believe that this is true.
Smartphones are not the main thing for them
Do not forget that Huawei is a major telecom giant, so smartphones for them are means of promotion of their own networks, which raises brand loyalty quite well. This is just another promising direction, for example, as the company is now turning its attention to the IoT market.
Smart advertising strategy
Huawei clearly differentiates their products. Advertising of their branded smartphones went according to the classics: commercials on TV, billboards, cooperation with networkers. While Honor is distributed mainly on the Internet, through bloggers, social networks and online platforms.

Does it all work? Yes.

sales of smartphones in the world, mln.

Huawei is on the third place in sales of smartphones in the world. Right after Samsung and Apple. The gap from the leaders, of course, is decent, but if the trend continues, then the Cupertino team will give up their second place in a couple of years.

What’s on sale right now?

Huawei nova 2i

This is the best Huawei smartphone in the mid-range price range. Not to be confused with Huawei nova 2, which is more of a camera phone. Model 2i received an enlarged display with thin bezels and an 18:9 aspect ratio. There are four cameras, two for the back and two for the front, all of which can blur the background.

If you buy a smartphone through m_mobile, you will get a compact wireless speaker from Huawei. The offer is valid until January 8th.

Smartphone Huawei nova 2i — 18990 r.
Wireless speaker Huawei AM08 White1990 is free

Huawei P10 lite

Here, too, clarification is needed, the P10 lite has little in common with the older model, Huawei P10. This is another solid midrange, nimble 5.2-inch smartphone that shoots a little worse than the aforementioned nova 2i. But it has a glass case and a built-in NFC chip.

If you decide to take it, until December 25 there is an option to get the same wireless speaker from Huawei. It costs 1990. in retail, but the guys from m_mobile are ready to give them away.

Smartphone Huawei P10 lite16990 r. 14990 r.
Wireless speaker Huawei AM08 White1990 is free

Huawei P10

This is what happens when two well-known brands join forces in development. Huawei P10 cameras were created together with the Germans from Leica. On the back is a combination of 12MP and 20MP cameras, plus an 8MP front camera. It produces impressive shots, except for those taken in the dark – after all, the matrix is ​​​​not as light-sensitive as that of the company’s flagships.

And the rest – the same flagship attributes: high-quality assembly, metal case, good processor and fast charging.

Smartphone Huawei P1032990 r. 26990 r.

So all is lost for Apple?

Of course not.

They are too do not sit still. And they are quite fighting for markets, including Chinese ones. Apple is well aware that Huawei has the potential to shake the giants of the smartphone industry. And I think the Americans have something to oppose.

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