Randomness is a funny thing. It always seems like the troubles of others just can’t happen to you.

How many times have I and thousands of others said the right thing: do not rush to buy a new gadget in the first weeks of sales. The first devices are corny more often defective than those that were released in a run-in production.

This also applies to Apple.

Once I bought an iPad 2018

On Friday, I routinely looked at the official Apple website and noticed that the new iPad is already on sale. Wanted to buy it from the day it was announced. Alas, delivery promised 1-3 business days, and I don’t like to wait.

In the evening I went to the most official Apple store, which can only be found in Russia – the one in TSUM on Petrovka. It is called Apple Shop and has only a distant relation to the Western Apple Store.

Experience has shown that it is there that new devices appear first. Guessed: the iPad 6 generations have not yet had time to put up, but they began to sell. I took what I wanted (128 black). And Apple Pencil, times are now supported. Satisfied, he went home.

I turn it on in the evening. And I see it right in the middle.

The Chinese left a gift, okay. Hair does not interfere with the operation of the tablet. It’s just there and annoying. Visible on a white background. Since most web pages and apps have this kind of background, a hairline will annoy me most of the time.

Oh, I so wanted to set it up, download all the applications and sit in the evenings watching movies on the armchair.

What did the service say?

To get started (and for the sake of interest), I wrote to Apple support. Nothing new: bring it to the service, first reset it. Also, bring your receipt and proof of identity. OK.

This morning I went to the Central Department Store.

I did not expect a miracle, but I hoped for a quick solution. Judge for yourself. There is a hair under the screen. device 3 days. Selling where I bought it. The marriage is obvious, it can even be seen on the Apple logo at boot time. Well, they’ll definitely change!

No. Regardless of the breakdown, the Moscow Apple Shop sends you to the 5th floor of the shopping center – to the acceptance of an authorized service center B2X.

The guy made a surprised face, turned on the tablet and said nothing more about him. He handed over the act of acceptance. The waiting time for a decision is one to two weeks, but may be longer.

I stand and think. The hair lies under the display. But the service still needs to confirm its presence? What repairs will they make when the gadgets are just on sale? I hope they will not remove the glass of the module and break the tightness.

There would be no such bureaucracy in the Western Apple Store. A reminder that Apple in Russia operates according to different rules. I didn’t need a passport, I didn’t need a check, and the box with all the contents remained with me.

So don’t repeat the mistake

Now I have a 2018 iPad box and a useless Apple Pencil. I hope that the favorite story of Russian SCs will not play out: they say, there are no spare parts, you will have to wait a month or two. Or not, I don’t hope so.

Consider it warning.

When you buy a new iPad 2018, keep my story in mind. Unlike the iPad Pro, iPad 2017/18 have an air gap between the glass and the matrix. Something can get there both during production, and later, in case of violation of the tightness of the screen module.

So don’t be tempted to unpack at home. Open iPad 2018 in store, check it out and then just leave. Don’t be like me.

PS The review is still there.

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I warn you.

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