Two weeks ago, Google introduced an updated generation of its own Pixel 3 line of smartphones. Despite the fact that the gadget has a top-end Snapdragon 845 processor, the Pixel 3 could not beat the iPhone Xs Max in an artificial performance test.

Pixel 3 cores are clocked at 2.5GHz and 1.5GHz. The RAM in the device is 4 GB, and the Adreno 630 chip is responsible for the graphics.

The clock frequency of the A12 Bionic processor installed in the iPhone Xs Max is 2.49 GHz.

The processor performance in the single-core test of the Xs Max is twice that of the flagship from Google: 4,816 versus 2,393 points.

With graphics, everything is about the same: 22,278 points for the iPhone Xs Max versus 13,845 for the Google Pixel 3.

The overall results in the AnTuTu test for the Pixel 3 were not salutary. Apple’s flagship is still in the lead with 363,687 points.

It seems that today the Xs Max simply has no competitors. Smartphone from Apple can be safely called the most productive on the market. [AI]

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