Well, the presentation is over. Today Samsung showed the Galaxy S9 and S9 +. New cameras, cool Slo-Mo mode with a frequency of 900 frames per second, Snapdragon 845 processor (in Russia there will be Exynos 9810), 4 GB of RAM, selfie moji, 3000 mAh battery, face recognition scanner.

Price in Russia: from 59,990 rubles for the Galaxy S9 and from 69,990 rubles for the S9 +.
Start of sales: March 16 (pre-order opens today).

Read more in the Samsung Galaxy S9 review.

21:37 No, only such a photo can be final 🙂

21:16 Final photo from today’s presentation.

21:13 And here are those selfimoji:

21:08Galaxy S9 first hand 🙂

21:03 It looks like the presentation has come to an end. Dancing on stage 🙂 In the meantime, let’s figure it out – are you planning to take Galaxy S9 / S9 +?

21:02 The head of Samsung has not yet named prices …

21:01 Sales start March 16th! Pre-order opens today. You can apply on the official website of the company.

20:59 New dock Dex. Now the smartphone can be used as a manipulator.

20:58 The new Knocks platform is an updated software that will protect user data. Add to this dual biometric authentication and you have a very secure smartphone.

20:56 After a demonstration of the capabilities of the camera, a lengthy lecture about the superiority and convenience of modern smartphones followed.

20:54 And Samsung has introduced a new wireless charging enhanced power.

20:52 The Galaxy S9 has worked on multitasking – switching between applications will be much more convenient.

20:50 The Galaxy S9 and S9+ have stereo speakers. Flagships will sound very loud. The Koreans used an audio chip from AKG.


Galaxy S9 will be a great shopping assistant. He will tell you what you need and what you don’t. Simply put, the new camera opens up the possibility of a mobile stylist.

20:45 Samsung is talking about augmented reality. Galaxy S9 can instantly translate signs and inscriptions./blockquote>

20:43 Here’s how it works:


20:39 Urri Willis on stage. And we will talk about … emoji! In the Galaxy S9, you can create not only a face, but a whole person who will do what you do.

20:38Dual camera only for S9 +. Crazy Slo-mo – both.

20:37 Dust and moisture protection is present!

20:36 Here is the same camera installed in the Galaxy S9. Wide angle lens and telephoto. Of course, with optical stabilization.

20:35 The camera was checked immediately. Poured into a glass of water and shot it on the Galaxy S9.

20:33 SLo-Mo’s slowdown is really impressive. Previously, only professional video cameras were capable of such a frame rate.

20:30 The queue for slow motion Slo-Mo. 900 fps! These are the camera capabilities of the Galaxy S9.

20:28 The Galaxy S9 will have a camera with two apertures (diaphragms). They will adapt to the level of lighting. This has never been on the market before!

20:26 Jonathan Vaughn on stage. It is this guy who will tell us about the Galaxy S9 camera.

20:24 An unexpected moment! The badge can be turned into a smarton through virtual reality. Mikk simply pointed his smartphone at the badge and saw the Galaxy S9 on the screen.

Even the color can be changed!

20:21 Well, now Samsung has a face recognition system! Recognition depends on lighting conditions, so there are two scanners at once – both the iris of the eyes and the face.

20:19On stage Justin Dancin. “The main thing about smartphones is the camera,” Dancin concludes.

20:17 Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ – here they are!

20:16 Here is the Galaxy S9 slogan. The camera is the main thing that has changed in the new generation of flagships.

DJ Ko recalled that from a player and a camera, a smartphone has turned into a single control center for all appliances in the house.

20:10 These are the real pioneers of the mobile industry.


You can not argue – over the past ten – fifteen years, the mobile phone industry has changed beyond recognition.

20:06 On stage, the president of the company, DJ Ko.

A classic introduction about the usefulness of technology and the ability to “change the world for the better.” By the way, the new president has a very well-placed voice. It’s nice to listen to him!

20:03 Well, fasten your seat belts! The lights go out, the presentation begins. And it starts with a video.

19:56 The mobile app is up and running! They promise to surprise with augmented reality.

19:52 The purple color makes my head spin a little. The whole hall is flooded with it, it is everywhere …

19:49 You can bring your iPhone up to the screen and focus on the QR code. It will offer to install the currently non-working Samsung application.

19:47 It feels like a movie is about to be shown. Lights were dimmed in the hall. There are still 13 minutes before the presentation.

19:45 This is what the right approach means: you need to go to the Samsung presentation with Apple laptops.

19:44 And this is the same magic scene in the form of a cube.

19:42 The presenter came on stage and offered to install the Galaxy Unpacked 2018 application. But it freezes at startup. Bug or feature?

19:40 Everything is very organized. Don’t get confused. The girls call on the press. Spectators take their seats.

19:37 Samsung decided to make a real arena. The stage is square and viewed from all sides. We hope it will be funny, interesting and worthy.

19:36 There are a lot of journalists. All these people that you see in the photo are representatives of the press.

19:34 Open-space is cancelled! Everyone was suddenly called into the hall.

19:32 Remember how Samsung trolled the iPhone X by a guy who shaved his bangs to fit his smartphone? So some girls dye their hair the color of the nine in the name of the flagship.

19:30 Meet Mikk’s torso. And he seems to know what it means to dress in the presentation style 🙂

19:28 Well, the badge is on hand, which means all the doors are open!

19:26 Samsung decided to abandon conference rooms and “dark rooms”. The presentation was held outdoors. In short, Koreans have their own atmosphere.

19:24 Well, look forward to the Galaxy S9? The organized line of journalists begins to advance.

19:19 Do you remember how the first McDonalds opened in Moscow? Now in Barcelona something similar. Not kilometer queues, but there will be 300-400 meters.

Here are the Germans, and the British, and the Spaniards. Yes, almost all IT journalists from all over the world came to Barça.

19:16 Still, the main Samsung event of the year. And that means a lot of people are expected. No, there are a lot of them. Mikk Seed is lost somewhere here.

19:13 While the cans are getting cold and the pizza is arriving, read what Barcelona is doing during MWC 2018.

Today, February 25 at 20:00, as promised by Samsung, the presentation of the long-awaited flagship Galaxy S9 and its “big brother” Galaxy S9 + will take place at MWC 2018.

On the occasion of the announcement of the iPhone X killer, we decided to broadcast the event.

My colleague Mikk Seed will also be in the conference room where the presentation will take place. Official start Unpacked 2018 at 20:00 by Moscow time.

In Live mode, we will talk about the most interesting things about the Galaxy S9 and S9 +. Stay in touch. There is very little left before the start. And after the end of the event, a pleasant surprise awaits you.

PS We already know what the Galaxy S9 looks like and even saw a short video showing the main features of the novelty.

There was also a live broadcast from Samsung. Yes, there are two Russian translators working there.


The stream is being updated…

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