Over the past year, the Nokia brand has not been recognized: HMD Global decided to raise the legendary company from its knees by introducing 6 new smartphones in 2017 at once.

And the company grabbed five more at MWC 2018, which started in Barcelona. Let’s figure out which Nokia smartphones will flood the shelves in the coming months.

Budget Nokia 1

Without budget devices anywhere. Nokia 1 comes with an optimized version of Android 8.1 Oreo, tailored for the Android Go platform. That is, according to the manufacturer, even with such a weak hardware, the user will not experience discomfort.

Features of Nokia 1:

Display: 4.5”

Memory (RAM/ROM): 1/8 GB + microSD up to 128 GB

Cameras (primary/selfie): 5/2 MP

Networks: 4G/LTE

Battery: 2 150 mAh

Polycarbonate body, 4.5-inch display and a nice price of $85. All this has the right to life. The state employee will go on sale in April.

Updated Nokia 6(2018)

Nokia 6 was the debut smartphone of the “new Nokia”. A year later, HMD decided to finalize the firstborn and made a number of changes to the 2018 model.

First, I replaced microUSB with USB Type-C. Secondly, the weak Snapdragon 430 processor was changed to Snapdragon 630, increasing performance by 60%.

The design remains the same: tempered glass, all-metal body and increased durability.

Specifications of Nokia 6 (2018):

Display: 5.5” (Full HD)

Memory (RAM/ROM): 3/32 GB + microSD up to 128 GB

Cameras (primary/selfie): 16/8 MP

Networks: 4G/LTE

Battery: 3000 mAh

By tradition, HMD completes its handsets with “naked” Android One. The company refused to impose its own shells for the OS. It is noteworthy that the model has two methods of biometric authorization: using a fingerprint scanner and by recognizing the owner’s face.

The price of Nokia 6 (2018) is €279 (19,370 rubles). The novelty will go on sale in April this year.

Frameless in Finnish – Nokia 7 Plus

HMD Global simply could not help but support the general trend of OEMs to release “frameless” smartphones. The Finnish response was the Nokia 7 Plus with an 18:9 screen aspect ratio.

Another nice feature of the novelty is the dual main camera, represented by two sensors: telephoto and wide-angle (f / 2.6 and f / 1.75, respectively). Users can take pictures using the 2x optical zoom.

The front camera received a resolution of 16 MP.

Do not forget that the legendary Zeiss is the manufacturer of optics, so you can count on excellent photography results in absentia.

Features of Nokia 7 Plus:

Display: 6” (18:9)

Memory (RAM/ROM): 4/64 GB + microSD up to 256 GB

Cameras (primary/selfie): 12 + 13/8 MP

Networks: 4G/LTE

Battery: 3 800 mAh

Finally, Nokia 7 Plus not only takes good pictures, but also looks very stylish.

Slim case, bronze edging and almost complete symmetry. The novelty is clearly worth its €399 (27,700 rubles), which the buyer will be able to say goodbye to in April.

The one, but not the one – Nokia 8 Sirocco

In 2006, Nokia released the premium Sirocco mobile phone, a legendary phone that users were not deterred from buying by a clearly inflated price. Still the premium segment.

In 2018, HMD Global decided to repeat the success of its predecessor at MWC 2018 with the Sirocco-branded Nokia 8.

With this smartphone, Nokia raises the price bar for its devices to a new level, and at the same time pleases with impressive features.

Features of Nokia 8 Sirocco:

Display: 5.5” (POLED, Quad HD)

Memory (RAM/ROM): 6/64 GB + microSD up to 256 GB

CPU: Snapdragon 835

Cameras (primary/selfie): 12+13/5MP

Networks: 4G/LTE

Battery: 3 250 mAh

Of the special features of the model – studio-quality sound recording (24-bit) due to three microphones built into Nokia 8 at once. The smartphone is protected according to the IP67 standard, equipped with an NFC module for contactless payments and will cost €749 (52,000 rubles).

Like all new items, Nokia 8 Sirocco will go on sale in April.

“Banana” Nokia 8110

Another surprise of HMD Global was the banana phone Nokia 8110. The slider can work up to 25 days on a single battery charge, is equipped with a 2.4-inch screen, 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB of internal memory.

For a bright and extraordinary phone, vaguely reminiscent of a cheap version of the original Sirocco, Nokia asks for only €79 (5,500 rubles.)

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