Here is a guide on how to identify the main causes of failures and ways to solve problems. For example: checking the status of the account, setting up the SMS center, updating the software and resetting data for gadgets running the Android and iOS operating systems.

SMS not sent from phone

Why are SMS messages not being sent from Android and iOS phones?

Often, the gadget does not send SMS due to the banal lack of money in the account. The mobile operator is unable to debit the required amount from the subscriber’s account, so the device gives an error. The easiest way to solve this problem is to order an additional package of services or top up.

But much more complicated situations also arise. For example, the phone downloaded and installed an update that affected the default settings. In this case, the operator’s SMS center number is often erased and replaced with an incorrect one. Then it may need to be adjusted.

Or there are problems with sending SMS after the mobile phone was dropped and damaged. The contacts of the SIM card slots are quite fragile and may break under strong shock. In this case, it will be very difficult to solve the problem yourself without visiting a repair shop.

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What to do if SMS are not sent: algorithm of actions

Try restarting your phone first. It happens that during long-term operation without rebooting, the cache memory of the gadget overflows. Restarting the program helps restore normal functioning.

Next, make sure your phone is in range. The signal level is indicated by the indicator in the upper corner of the screen. The more divisions are filled, the better the reception and the more stable the connection.

Mobile operator signal indication

If everything is fine with the connection, you should check the status of the account and make sure that there are funds available for withdrawal.

Check your blacklist and delete the blocked number. Check whether the addressee’s number is written correctly. Before the main numbers, write the country code (“+38” for Ukraine). Try sending the SMS again.

If it still failed to send, in the next step, make sure that you wrote the numbering of the SMS center correctly in the phone settings. You can find the exact combination on the operator’s website or in the program.

If everything is indicated correctly, and the issue is not resolved, it’s time to move on to more complex options.

  1. Try removing the SIM card from the slot and reinserting it. Restart the gadget again. The card may have moved, which is why the error occurs.
  2. If the phone has fallen or been in water, and then there are difficulties with sending SMS or receiving calls, you should contact the service center. Damage to the contacts is quite possible even in the absence of visual mechanical breakdowns.
  3. Connect to a stable Wi-Fi network and check for updates. Sometimes software developers learn about the presence of bugs in firmware versions only from user feedback. In this case, an additional package of programs is released that corrects the errors or shortcomings that were initially made.
  4. Check and unblock all messaging app bans. Open all necessary accesses. Access settings for the “Messages” subprogram are carried out through the application control menu, in the “Application permissions” item or in the “Permission Manager”.
  5. If none of the performed actions gave the desired effect, you can reset the network data or contact the operator’s contact center.

Let’s start with the easiest and simplest ways to eliminate problems.

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How to check the balance on a mobile phone account

If the phone catches the signal perfectly, the subscriber can check the balance of the account in three ways. The step-by-step course of action is described in the table:

Smartphone owners will greatly simplify their access to number management, balance tracking and account top-up by installing the operator’s proprietary software. Owners of push-button phones will find it easier to use the USSD code.

On the official websites of operators and in branded applications, you can top up your account without a commission, using a bank card.

Problems with the SIM card slot

If you are sure that the problem with sending SMS does not lie in the lack of funds in the account, new software, operator failure or temporary loss of signal, then you should think about possible damage to the contacts.

First, try to remove the SIM card from the slot and put it back. If the phone supports the possibility of installing multiple SIM cards, replace them. It is possible that the contacts have oxidized or worn out. Such a problem arises in the case of frequent changes of gadgets or long-term use.

If the card was cut manually before installing it in the gadget, there is also a possibility of damage to the contacts. In this case, it is recommended to replace the SIM card in the service center of the operator.

Phone and different SIM cards

Even minor drops or a strong shake of the phone can be a source of trouble. External signs may appear, while internal damage is much more difficult to diagnose.

If your gadget often loses contact with the operator’s towers, and friends and colleagues complain about the inability to make calls for no objective reason, contact a repair shop. Specialists can restore damaged contacts, and the problem with the slot and signal reception will be solved.

SMS center number check and correction on Android

In order to check whether the SMS center number is correctly entered in the settings on a phone running the Android OS, you must:

  • open the main settings menu,
  • go to the “Programs” tab,
  • open the item “System programs”,
  • select the “Messages” program,
  • find “Advanced settings”,
  • the SMSC center number will appear in the pop-up window.

Each mobile phone company has its own number.

The short combination *#*#4636#*#* will help to simplify the search for the necessary settings. The test mode will open. “Phone information 1” is the first installed SIM card, respectively, 2 is the second.

In the field at the bottom of the screen, opposite the text SMSC, enter the number of the operator’s SMS center and click the “Update” button. After making the changes, you should restart your phone and try to send the text message again.

The same tab allows you to test the signal level of the network and Wi-Fi receiver.

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Data reset on iOS

iPhone owners have several options for solving the problem.

  1. The first allows you to completely disable the iMessage service. The method is radical, but effective.
  2. The second option is more flexible – it allows you to send messages as regular text SMS in the absence of a stable Internet.

To get to the desired menu, open the “Settings” item, go to the “Messages” tab and set the sliders to the desired values ​​in the window. You should also turn off the ability to send messages from other devices.

The iOS system allows the user to view or edit SMS center numbers. The iPhone receives this data from the operator automatically. But the function of resetting network settings is available to the user.

You can perform this action in the “Settings” menu:

  • go to the “Basic” item and select “Reset”,
  • a list of available actions appears on the screen,
  • select the “Reset network settings” item.

Both Android and iOS should be used as a last resort to completely reset data and restore factory settings. In order not to lose important information, it is better to seek help from professionals.

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We will try to send a message later

After carrying out any serious manipulations, the phone should be rebooted.

  1. First, it will allow the software to restart with the new settings.
  2. Second, some services without restarting the system can simply ignore the settings received from the user.

It should be taken into account that operators also experience technical failures in network maintenance. Don’t be in a hurry to mentally write off your phone as scrap. Wait a few minutes and try sending the text again.

Typing and sending SMS

If you cannot solve the problem yourself, feel free to go to the network service managers for help. They work at authorized user service points of the mobile service provider.

We turn to service center specialists for help

Consultation on setting up gadgets for sending SMS messages can be obtained by phone, USSD request, on the official resources of operators or at authorized service points.

For Vodafone subscribers

You can get detailed instructions by phone by calling the short number 111 (or 0800400111 from any landline). Calls within Ukraine are free. After dialing the number, follow the instructions of the voice menu.

The necessary settings will be sent via SMS in response to the subscriber’s request. To set the necessary parameters, the user just needs to save the received message.

You can use the USSD code *120#. Or send an SMS to the number 620 with the message: Info/Info/Info.

You can search for the nearest program and service setting point on the operator’s official website. We go from the main page to the “Support” item, then – “Find a store”. Enter the name of your city. All available points of the operator are displayed on the map.

To “Kyivstar” subscribers

The provider of mobile communication services does not spoil its users with the opportunity to order automatic settings using SMS or USSD requests. You can get qualified help in the online chat on the company’s website or in the program.

By contacting the number 466 (from mobile) or 800 300 466 for fixed devices, the user will also receive the necessary assistance.

You can find customer service centers on the Kyivstar web resource. Go to the “Service centers and stores” section. Select the desired city from the list or enter the name in the search field.

For Lifecell users

You can get advice on solving problems with sending SMS to “Life” subscribers in the application released by the communications operator by calling the number 5433. For landlines – 800 205 433.

The website of the mobile service provider has an online chat for communication with consultants and a detailed support service.

You can find the nearest service center by dialing 545. In the footer of the operator’s official resource, there is a search page for the company’s stores, where users are provided with support.

So, let’s summarize. Before diving headfirst into setting up your gadget, start with the basics: checking the black list of subscribers, correct phone number entry, and account status. Many users of mobile networks solve problems with sending SMS precisely at these stages.

Check the restrictions and permissions set for the messaging app. Select recommended settings or reset network settings.

Check and enter the correct service provider SMS center number. Download and install the latest server software updates. After making changes, reboot the gadget.

If communication problems arise after seemingly minor damage, contact a repair technician.

Operators provide assistance in setting up the service in various ways. But if you still can’t fix the error, ask for help from professionals.

We wish you as few unpleasant problems as possible with your favorite gadgets and only pleasant communication!

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