The government of the Russian Federation plans to transfer officials and employees of state companies to smartphones running the Russian operating system Sailfish.

According to the calculations of one of the federal officials, the procedure for such a move would cost the country 160 billion rubles.

The named term for supplying 7.9 million people who are government officials with smartphones based on OC Sailfish from Rostelecom is 2021. The so-called “complex service” is calculated at 13.1 thousand rubles. per person.

Of the 160 billion rubles allocated for such a “modernization”, 71.3 billion rubles. will be allocated from the federal budget. RUB 78.2 billion transfer state-owned companies, 10.7 billion rubles. will provide local budgets and 2.3 billion will donate the Ministry of Finance. [Лента]

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The service of one representative of the authorities will cost 13.1 thousand rubles.

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