If you notice that the smartphone reboots itself, it is better not to write it off as a coincidence. It is necessary to understand the reason for such behavior of the gadget as soon as possible. For this, it is usually taken to the service for diagnostics. But there are ways to identify and fix the problem yourself.

The text contains 6 common reasons why the smartphone reboots by itself, as well as effective tips for each situation.

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Why does the smartphone reboot by itself?

If the phone reboots by itself, the first thing that comes to mind is to run to the service for help. But, as practice shows, it is not always worth rushing.

First of all, diagnosis by a master will probably take several days and cost a pretty penny. Secondly, the experience of many users on the forums shows that you can deal with the most common reasons that the phone involuntarily reboots on your own.

The most common causes of unexplained reboots are:

  1. Mechanical damage to the device (impact or fall from a height).
  2. Violation of the software.
  3. Battery failure or other failures in the power system.
  4. Malfunction due to temperature effects — overheating or hypothermia.
  5. Moisture entering the device.
  6. Phone memory overload.

Let’s consider in more detail each of the problems and options for solving them.

Mechanical damage

Have you noticed that your phone, which was dropped or hit on a hard surface the day before, reboots involuntarily? There is a high probability that the cause of the reboot is mechanical damage to the device’s filling. The malfunction may consist in the malfunction of the board or its components, and the departure of the loop contacts.

Checking the contacts of the smartphone loop

In any case, to identify and eliminate the cause of the malfunction, the device must be disassembled. This should be done only if you have an ultra-thin soldering iron and the patience to thoroughly study the board and every contact of the system.

To disassemble the mobile phone and access the contacts, you need to unscrew and remove all the panels. Next, inspect the board: are all the contacts of the loops well fixed. If it was possible to find a disconnected contact, it must be carefully soldered. After that, assemble the device by screwing the panels in reverse order.

Now you can turn on the device and check its operation. If the performed manipulations did not help and the involuntary reboot of the smartphone occurs again, we recommend visiting the service center.

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Software failures

Experienced users and specialists call the cyclic reboot of the smartphone due to software problems the easiest solution to malfunctions. Often, the cause of the failure lies in an incorrectly installed update, a crooked utility, or a failure in the operation of communication modules.

To solve the problem, perform the following steps:

  1. They take out the flash drive from the smartphone and reboot the device.
  2. Manually delete unused programs from the phone’s memory or use applications such as Clean Master for this.
  3. If the problem remains, perform a factory reset.

  Factory reset on Huawei and Samsung smartphones

In order not to surf the Internet for a long time in search of combinations for resetting settings, we suggest you find the one you need in the table:

Another cause of software problems can be a viral application. Removing all third-party programs from the device or returning to factory settings will help to eliminate bugs.

You should also install any anti-virus application (for example, Avast). It will additionally monitor the gadget for virus infection. If uninstalling apps, clearing memory, and factory reset didn’t fix the problem, you may need to replace the firmware. It must be performed by a master in a service center.

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Battery or power system failure

Netizens claim that a common reason for frequent phone reboots is battery failure. A smartphone with a one-piece body and non-removable battery will have to be taken to service.

If self-diagnosis of the battery is possible, the device should be disassembled by removing the back cover. Then examine the battery. It should be even, without bulges or depressions. The surface is free of smudges, rust, and stains. All these are signs of malfunction. If they are determined visually, it is necessary to replace the battery with a new one and check the operation of the smartphone.

Damaged smartphone battery

In addition to problems with the battery, the cause of the bug may lie in oxidation or separation of the power contacts. To calculate the fault, you need to perform the following steps.

  • Clean the contacts with a cotton swab from dust and dirt.
  • Remove oxidation with alcohol, nail polish remover.
  • Apply an electric screwdriver to the contacts in turn, checking in this way whether power is supplied to them: the indicator light will light up if everything is in order.

Having found the departing contact, it must be carefully soldered. Soldering should be done very carefully, without overheating the core, otherwise the contacts may close. If you doubt your abilities, ask for help from an experienced master.

Did the measures taken not eliminate the problem of phone reboots? Continue to establish possible causes of the malfunction.

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Temperature influence

Severe overheating or hypothermia can easily become a reason for constant reboots. If you suspect that this is the case, try to exclude the influence of too high or low temperature on the phone.

If the smartphone overheats while charging, immediately disconnect it and let it cool down. It is also important to remove the battery (if possible) when the device cools down. And then turn it on and check if it works.

Rebooting often occurs due to the power button being stuck. Try to catch it with a pin or a paper clip to remove the SIM card. If the cause of the malfunction is in this key, reboots will stop.

Ingress of moisture

Sometimes contact with moisture can cause a circular reboot of the phone. If you have recently been exposed to rain or had another contact with liquid, it is important to dry your smartphone well. The most affordable and easiest way to do this is rice cereal.

To do this, disassemble the device: remove the cover, panels, remove the battery. All elements of the smartphone are placed in a container with dry rice so that the cereal completely covers them. Leave the device in the container for a couple of days. Rice is a strong absorbent that will absorb moisture that gets on the device components.

  Signs that moisture got into the smartphone

After a few days, the smartphone is taken out of the cereal, assembled and checked for performance. If the cause of the malfunction was moisture, the problem should be solved.

Memory overloaded

According to user reviews, overloaded device memory is often the cause of sudden reboots. To eliminate the problem, it is enough to clean the storage of photo and video files, delete unused programs.

Please also note that a lot of space in the smartphone’s memory is occupied by residual files of remote programs, phone software, and cookie files. To perform high-quality cleaning, we recommend downloading and installing special applications on the phone, for example, Clean Master.

Clean Master: smartphone application with antivirus, memory cleaning function, processor cooling

Now you know: frequent reboots of the gadget do not mean that it is defective and it is time to run for a new one. It is enough to carry out self-diagnosis using the recommendations from this article, and the smartphone will most likely return to normal operation.

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