Even 5-6 years ago, in the hope of buying a new iPhone in the first days after the start of sales, there were simply kilometer-long queues near the official Apple stores.

Then the excitement subsided a little, and even Apple itself intervened in the process, setting up online sales.

But the release of the iPhone XS and XS Max did not leave true Apple fans indifferent. From today, new queues of customers began to line up near the Apple Store.

Here is a photo from Orchard Road in the Republic of Singapore. It contains one of the Apple Store.

According to tradition, someone took with him a chair and two jars of energy drinks.

In other countries, for example, in Austria, everything is much calmer.

Someone took a tent with them.

Germany Berlin.

Australia, Sydney.

But do not forget that the start of sales is only tomorrow, September 21. Therefore, the queues can line up very, very long.

We also went shopping for new iPhones. There is very little left before the Apple Store.

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??? Are we flying for Xs Max? #work #iphone #gadget #trip #new

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Someone is very impatient.

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