When choosing an inexpensive smartphone, you have to sacrifice something – camera quality, autonomy, display resolution, performance. Manufacturers rarely compromise: either pay more for a flagship, or be content with a modest set of benefits. Realme is changing the game with the new C35 camera phone. We found out what we invested in a state employee for 17,000 rubles, how a smartphone can shoot and why it has few direct competitors.

Realme C35 is not inferior to more expensive smartphones in design and geometry. Photo: manilashaker.com


Model Realme C35
The size 164 x 75.6 x 8.1 mm
The weight 189 g
CPU Unisoc Tiger T616
Memory 4/6 GB
Versions 4/64.4/128, 6/128 GB
Navigation and modules Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth 5.0
NFC there is
Display 6.6″, FHD+, IPS LCD, 60Hz
Camera 50 MP, f/1.8 – primary
2 MP f/2.4 – macro
0.3 MP, f/2.8 – depth sensor
Video recording up to 1080p 30 AZ
SIM cards two Nano-SIMs


The back cover of Realme C35 in classic black and green colors shimmers in the light. The light green version seems luminescent due to the peculiarities of the gamma – the artificial glow effect looks interesting and expensive. The rounded body adds aesthetics to the smartphone.

The edges are flat, and in combination with the large size, this creates a feeling of “angularity”. Holding Realme C35 in a small hand is not very comfortable. But from the display did not have to “cut off” inches for the sake of ergonomics. Minor inconvenience when gripping is easily solved by buying a cover.

People with large hands will not experience discomfort due to the rough edges of the C35. Photo: techradar.com

The power button with a built-in fingerprint scanner is recessed into the body – the right side without uncomfortable protrusions. On the left is the volume rocker. Engineers have not forgotten about the USB Type-C port for charging, a microphone and a mono speaker. Wired headset lovers will appreciate the traditional 3.5 mm jack. The camera block is isolated, protrudes above the back cover with a minimum step.

The design of the Realme C35 does not cause a wow effect, but there are no cheap elements or awkward innovations in its design. It is not a shame to put a smartphone on the table next to representatives of the expensive segment.


In budget phones, you rarely see a display with a resolution higher than HD. Realme C35 is equipped with a 6.6-inch FHD+ (1080 x 2400) screen. The display quality is good: colors and shades are realistic. The display is made using LCD technology, its maximum brightness does not exceed 600 nits. AMOLED for a state employee is an excessive luxury, and you can see the elements displayed on the screen in the sun. The screen is a bit lacking in brightness. But if you don’t live in Miami, this won’t be a problem.

The Realme C35 screen is nice – large, with good color reproduction. Photo: canggih.id

For viewing multimedia content, the display of Realme C35 is perfectly adapted. Thanks to FHD-resolution, streaming video does not lose quality, all the details of the composition are perfectly distinguishable in the photos. The display refresh rate does not exceed 60 Hz, but there are no shell freezes or discomfort when surfing the web.

Operating system

The smartphone runs on Android 11 with a proprietary Realme shell. There is no reason to be afraid of Chinese surprises and crooked code: the software almost does not differ visually and in operation from the standard android. There is also no abundance of unnecessary and malicious applications installed by default.

You don’t have to relearn after Android: the interface in Realme is almost identical to the shell of any android device. Photo: 91mobiles.com

In July 2022, the Chinese company announced an update to Android 12 with Realme UI 3.0 skin. C35 remains relevant smartphone and adds performance after the update.


The iron heart of the C35 is the Unisoc Tiger T616 processor. The model is not from the top lists of the best chipsets, but putting it in the category of junk is reckless. When navigating the menu and surfing, the Tiger T616 works out its price: there are no slowdowns, applications launch confidently and quickly, social networks and mail respond instantly. In wild multitasking mode (with 15-20 background applications), the processor will “think”, but who buys a budget smartphone for conditional 3D or AR modeling? The chipset copes with everyday tasks – and this is the main thing.

Smartphone entertainment is also available. Photo: ictfix.net

C35 is not for gamers. You can forget about playing top titles on ultra settings. But if you choose undemanding novelties or classics like Angry Birds, Candy Crush or Pokemon Go, the smartphone will make friends with them. Enthusiasts are also launching the popular Asphalt 9, Ninja Arashi. FPS does not exceed 30 on low settings, but it is playable. 4 or 6 GB of internal RAM is enough to process frames and display games smoothly.

C35 does not have 5G support, but for Russia this is a nominal problem: 5G coverage is unlikely to appear in the country in the near future.


Realme did not tie its customers to the outlet and save on battery. The built-in 5000 mAh battery keeps a stable charge for more than 24 hours. The smartphone was tested in the mode of working in social networks, watching videos and photos, downloading applications. There are very few scenarios in which charging is required before the second day of work: non-stop games for 9 hours, continuous broadcasting on VKontakte throughout the day, searching for GPS satellites when in areas with very poor coverage.

Options C35 — complete. You do not need to buy additional cables or an adapter for charging. Photo: gadgetpilipinas.net

LCD screen with a frequency of 60 Hz, no 4G – the battery does not spend a lot of capacity in everyday work. Resources are freed up for the user, who can watch more videos or play, are not afraid to add brightness. Realme C35 is in the top three most autonomous smartphones in its class.

Charging the model with a standard 18W adapter from 0 to 100% takes 2 hours and 14 minutes. You can’t charge a smartphone faster, but you will have to do this only once every 1-2 days. The classic method of overnight charging with the C35 is an obvious approach.


The Realme C35 claims to be the top budget camera phone thanks to its main lens. The 50 MP module with f/1.8 aperture and Sony IMX766 sensor exceeds expectations. The camera accurately reproduces colors, takes detailed pictures with many fine strokes.

In low light conditions and in the dark, the quality remains at a very high level. You don’t have to wait for iPhone-like photos, but for the price, the C35 shoots surprisingly well in the dark. Shooting is quickly set up with built-in Night, Pro and Panorama modes.

Twilight photos in street light without excessive noise. Worthy to keep in the collection of photos. Photo: techradar.com
It is very difficult to find flaws in daytime shots. Photo: flickr.com

The 2 MP macro camera and 0.3 MP depth sensor in the model do not differ in special indicators. These modules do their job – and that’s enough. On the other hand, the 8 MP selfie camera with f/2.0 aperture produces bright and clear photos.

Selfies on the C35 won’t get lost in the gallery. Photo: flickr.com

Smartphone video modes – 1080p 30 FPS from the main camera and 720p 30 FPS from the selfie module. Surprisingly, the video at night is also of high quality. No exposure-killing noise, excessive soapiness. The material filmed at night can be safely uploaded to YouTube channels with a large audience or watched by the family on home TV.

Analogue models

Among the main competitors of Realme C35 are models of Chinese brands:

1.Realmi 8i. Almost twin brother of C35. A device with a similar level of performance, the same display (but with a higher refresh rate of 120 Hz) and iron filling. The only downside of the 8i is the camera, which doesn’t live up to the level of the C35’s lens in day or low light conditions.

2. Infinix Note 12. A model with an unusual design of the back cover, durable battery (1-2 days without recharging) and good color reproduction of the display. A direct comparison of cameras is not in favor of Infinix due to low detail, but the phone works out its cost.

3. Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 4G. And again the camera lags behind. Note 11 4G takes normal, but very formulaic and typical shots. But otherwise it surpasses the C35. The Snapdragon 680 processor is more powerful, the MIUI shell is richer in settings, the screen, although smaller in diagonal (6.43 inches), is a real AMOLED. Thanks to similar autonomy indicators, the C35 and Redmi Note 11 4G are direct and largely interchangeable competing smartphones.


The decisive advantages of Realme C35 are FHD display, autonomy and camera. Engineers installed a sensor from the flagship Realme GT2, which brought shooting to a level unattainable by competitors. If you shoot a lot on a walk or while traveling, but do not consider it necessary to pay more than 18,000 rubles for a smartphone, Realme C35 will make you happy. For everyone else, there is a huge selection of models, where there is a place for both flagship camera phones and inexpensive devices from leading brands.