The phrase “flagship smartphone” evokes associations with top devices from Samsung, Apple, Google, Xiaomi, OnePlus. The young Chinese company Realme did not want to stand aside and challenged the titans with its new product GT 2 PRO. We found out how powerful the filling of the smartphone is, why the camera is worthy of praise and what compromises the owner of the flagship from Realme will have to (or not have to?) make.

An autograph by designer Naoto Fukusawa and a branded logo add a premium gloss to the smartphone. Photo: pocket-lint.com

Operating system
Competitors and analogues

Specifications Realme GT 2 PRO

Model Realme GT 2 PRO
The size 163.2 x 74.7 x 8.18mm
The weight 189 g
CPU Snapdragon 8 Gen1
Memory 12 GB (outside the Russian Federation – 8 or 12 GB)
Storage capacity 128, 256, 512 GB
Navigation and modules WiFi 6, Bluetooth 5.2, 5G
NFC there is
Display 6.7″, WQHD+, LTPO 2.0 1Hz to 120Hz, AMOLED
Camera 50 MP, f/1.8, Sony IMX 776 – primary
50 MP f/2.2, 150°FoV – Ultra Wide
40x microscope camera
32 MP, f/2.4 – selfie camera
Video recording up to 8K 24 FPS
SIM cards two Nano-SIMs

Realme GT 2 PRO design

GT 2 PRO abandoned the glass elements in the concept. Instead of a case with a cold sheen and iridescence, Realme has implemented a calm, unconventional option. The back cover of the smartphone is made of biopolymer paper with a pastel mint green or white tint. Unusual material in the hands is felt with a pleasant effect of warmth.

Eco-friendly design has become part of Realme’s marketing concept. The company said that for every million GT 2 PRO smartphones sold, there are three and a half million fewer plastic bottles in the world. This does not affect the characteristics of the device, but the promotion of the topic of ecology is a strong trend in the world of smartphones. Realme successfully fit into the current trends, reducing the size of the package and focusing on the eco-agenda.

The biopolymer of the cover is practical: it does not collect traces from touches, does not collect scratches. The camera block protrudes above the plane of the lid, but very elegantly: in the prone position, stability is not disturbed. The smartphone has good ergonomics: you can get it out of your pocket with a slight movement of your hand. The volume and power keys do not cling to the fabric of the trousers.

With thin bezels and a neat front camera, the GT 2 PRO looks like a flagship expensive. Photo: digitalcameraworld.com

The device has two speakers that generate good quality stereo sound. Rounded edges feel good in the hand and do not cut into the palm.

The GT 2 PRO has an interesting implementation of the NFC module. Theoretically, it works at any position of the smartphone brought to the terminal. In practice, the back panel (all), the upper half of the display and the side edges respond. A trifle, but saves a couple of seconds.

Display Realme GT 2 PRO

The GT 2 PRO has a flagship screen: 6.7 inches, WQHD + (3216 x 1440) with a pixel density of 509 per inch. Translated into everyday language, this means a sparkling image with high contrast. Viewing multimedia files, the game is comfortable for the eyes. The display is based on AMOLED LTPO 2.0 technology. The refresh rate varies from 1 to 120 Hz. The maximum values ​​give the shell a high smoothness of operation, the minimum ones save battery power. The frequency change occurs automatically: the device adjusts to the current operating conditions.

Luxurious colors and high definition – the display of Realme GT 2 PRO is not inferior to flagships even for 100,000 rubles. Photo: geardiary.com

Curved screens add a 3D effect and visually expand the image area, but they have few fans. The GT 2 PRO has a classic flat display that occupies 92.6% of the front of the case. Fascinating, bright, juicy and smooth – such a screen makes you forget about the advantages of curved models.

With a maximum brightness of 1400 nits, the flagship from Realme has no problems displaying the picture even under direct sunlight. The display is additionally protected by Corning Gorilla Glass Victus: it has immunity to scratches, like the best representatives of the flagship class of smartphones.

Operating system

The device runs on Android 12 with the classic Realme UI 3.0 shell. The interface is as simple as possible. UI 3.0 differs from pure android only in small details in the design of the shell: icons and fonts are drawn differently, various widgets are added.

The shell is light and comfortable for a beginner: applications open and sort in the background quickly, customization is easy. Menu navigation is clear, without intricate schemes.

Switching to the Realme launcher won’t make much of a difference to Android fans. Photo: mobigyaan.com

For lovers of customization, the shell provides point settings. You can change the icon size, change the names of applications, or turn them off. Minimalism on Realme GT 2 PRO is real!

Realme GT 2 PRO performance

The chipset of the device is a powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. The processor effortlessly copes with the load in multitasking mode and in gaming scenarios. Thanks to 8 Gen 1, 12 GB of RAM and the Realme UI 3.0 shell, the smartphone was the first among competitors to receive the Google Performance class 12 certificate: the device is perfectly optimized to work with applications from Google (and not only).

A massive steel plate and copper elements protect the processor from overheating. Photo: eilat.payngo.co.il

In the launcher, the user feels all the splendor of smoothness at 120 Hz. In games, the situation is different: the smartphone at the software level blocks FPS at around 60 frames per second. The explanation is simple: the engineers were looking for a balance between performance and autonomy. 120 Hz in games would have added realism, but reduced the work of a smartphone without charging for a couple of hours. The main thing is that all the top games from Real Racing 3 to Alto’s Odyssey never drop below the 60 FPS threshold on high settings. There is no drop in frametime, which means there are no image breaks or slowdowns.

In hot climates, the processor tends to heat up when playing games at ultra settings, and this is felt by the temperature of the back cover. It’s unpleasant, but this is banal physics and a fee for power. It was not possible to force the processor to throttling (overheat to the point where power drops due to the threat of damage to the chip) during the tests. In the cities of central Russia or in the Far North, no one will know about heating at all.

In a special mode “GT Mode” processor performance should be increased by increasing power consumption. In practice, a significant increase in games is not visible. But from future updates, you can expect changes that will allow “GT Mode” to overclock the smartphone.

Autonomy Realme GT 2 PRO

With a large display and a gluttonous processor, Realme had no right to install a small capacity battery. The 5000 mAh battery takes advantage of LTPO 2.0 and lasts an average of 7.5 hours on a charge. The indicator is worthy: in the mode of surfing, games (up to 1-1.5 hours), watching two or three streaming videos, the device will not ask for power supply on the very first day of operation.

The bundled adapter and cable are all you need to quickly charge your Realme GT 2 PRO. Photo: smartprix.com

The smartphone does not have wireless charging. But the wire pleases with speed: from 0 to 100% the battery gets in just 35 minutes. For comparison: the premium Google Pixel 6 Pro with a battery of the same capacity takes up to an hour.

Camera Realme GT 2 PRO

Selling the idea of ​​shooting the moon, as was the case with Infinix Zero X, Realme did not dare. The device does not have a telephoto lens. Instead, the engineers built in a microscope camera and an ultra-wide-angle module covering 150 degrees when shooting.

Shooting with a camera with a 150-degree field of view provides an unusual and rewarding experience. Photo: digitalcameraworld.com

The bet is made on the main module with a sensor from Sony IMX 766 with OIS (electronic stabilization). Resolution – 50 MP, focal length – 23.6 mm, f / 1.8 aperture. Pictures on the main camera are clear, with soft bokeh, detailed and saturated. Focusing is very fast.

To some, the sharpness of photographs seems excessive, but the frames are not devoid of the necessary “warmth” of shades and do not look artificial. With support for 10-bit HEIF and 12-bit RAW, enthusiasts can play with sharpness and saturation.

Color-balanced, high-quality, live shots from the main camera deserve the best epithets. Photo: digitalcameraworld.com

The night photos of the GT 2 PRO are done without too much noise, but with some loss of dark details. There are eighteen shooting modes in total: from night and street, portrait and 50 MP to slow-mo, text scanner, starry and 3D.

Secondary modules are not 100% independent, but they expand the capabilities of the device. With the ultra-wide angle camera, you can capture shots that are as dynamic and stylistically as shots from the GoPro HERO10 Black action camera.

A 40x magnification microscope camera is a fun addition for shooting insects, fabric fibers. The 32 MP selfie camera works without autofocus, but clearly conveys facial features. Video device shoots in resolution up to 8K at 24 fps.

Competitors and analogues

It begs a comparison with the OnePlus 10 Pro. The model from Realme is better with overall performance, autonomy (the difference is about 2 hours). HyperSmart Antenna Switching provides up to twelve antenna switching for improved connection to towers. GT 2 PRO is thinner and neater. The OnePlus model pits Realme’s flagship with an optical zoom camera, 50W wireless charging, and more detailed photos.

Interesting conclusions are given by a comparison with the flagship Xiaomi 12 Pro. A smartphone from Xiaomi is more expensive by 25,000 rubles and is ahead of the competitor in many aspects. A camera with a 2x optical zoom, 50W wireless charging, slow-mo shooting in Full HD quality – Xiaomi 12 Pro is obviously stronger in this. But Realme GT 2 PRO, at a lower cost, holds a charge about 40% longer (in time), is not inferior to a competitor in display quality and performance, and wins in connection stability.


Realme GT 2 PRO is a rare guest in the line of flagships that offers competitive hardware for a reasonable price. Marketers and engineers were able to implement the best ideas: from an eco-format body and a pre-top main camera to a stunning display and a powerful processor.

The smartphone does not receive the highest marks due to uncontested wired charging, the lack of RAW in the ultra-wide-angle module. In all other respects, the GT 2 PRO is a full-fledged flagship that will cover most of the needs of a modern smartphone fan.