Realme has introduced several MagDart accessories that attach to the smartphone using magnets.

The 50W MagDart Charger charges a 4500mAh smartphone battery up to 100% in 54 minutes.

It requires a 65W SuperDart power supply to operate. Also, this charger is equipped with a cooler to prevent overheating.

Another realme 15W charger, made in the form of a washer. The company claims it is 26.4% thinner than MagSafe.

The MagDart External Battery is similar to the recently released MagSafe Battery Pack.

MagDart comes with a docking station that allows you to use the battery as a stand for your smartphone.

The carbon fiber MagDart case is equipped with a magnet, so you can attach all MagDart accessories to it.

The three-card MagDart wallet is similar to the iPhone 12 MagSafe wallet.

The MagDart Beauty Light Flip-Up Selfie Stand attaches to the back of your smartphone and is powered by reverse wireless charging. It has 60 LEDs and allows you to adjust the brightness and color temperature.

All MagDart accessories are compatible with realme GT flagship smartphone. No more details about them, including the price and date of start of sales, the company did not tell. [The Verge]

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The company introduced many accessories with magnetic attachment.

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