Blogger Marques Brownlee from the MKBHD channel ordered the flexible phone Escobar Fold, which is produced by the company of the brother of drug lord Pablo Escobar.

Brownlee placed an order in December 2019, when the Escobar Fold 1 was released. The smartphone cost $349 or 25,000 rubles with free shipping. A few months later, the device did not arrive, the money was not returned, and the company representatives did not get in touch.

Escobar Fold 2 was released in February 2020. The blogger ordered it for $399 or 28 thousand rubles, but not under his own name. A month later, history repeated itself: Brownlee did not receive a smartphone.

In February, representatives of the brand contacted him and offered to send the gadget for review.

On February 21, Brownlee unexpectedly received a package with Escobar Fold 2. According to the details, this should be the first Escobar Fold. A company representative explained that they had run out, so they sent him a second version.

In the box was only a smartphone and charger. Initially, everyone assumed that this was a copy of the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

In fact Escobar Fold is the original Galaxy Fold with stickers all over the body. Moreover, the quality of these stickers leaves much to be desired.

If you remove the stickers, then under them there will be a regular Galaxy Fold with the Samsung logo.

According to Brownlee, Escobar Inc is a fraudulent company. They do not send smartphones to most people, that is, they simply steal money.

Brownlee and other bloggers only got the Escobar Fold because of their fame. Their names are easy to find in the order list.

As a result, Brownlee does not recommend anyone to buy Escobar Fold. Probably Escobar Inc bought a few Galaxy Folds, which are mostly sent only to tech bloggers.

Ordinary people can place an order, but they will just lose money. Escobar Fold is unlikely to reach them.

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Ordinary people will never get it.

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