I’ve been using a MacBook Pro since day one at iPhones.ru. In 2016, two important events for me happened at once: I got into a team of wonderful fellow journalists, with whom I work to this day, and I bought a new “firmware” at that time with a 13″ screen without a touchbar.

About a week ago, for the first time in 4 years, I completely moved from my usual macbook to a new, first ever Apple laptop with an M1 processor, and I want to tell you my impressions, which I have accumulated enough so that I can answer myself the main question: Is this a new revolution in the world of laptops, or is Apple trying to sell us just a slightly upgraded MacBook?

To find out the answer, read this review to the end. Although, this is not even so much a technical review as a set of personal impressions, the main of which is “this macbook just DOES NOT DISCHARGE and runs on battery for ages!“.

But this is a spoiler, and first – the appearance and tactile sensations:

The same macbook. It’s good that you haven’t changed

MacBook Pro with M1 and MacBook Air with M1.

In our review of the MacBook Air with M1, our editor-in-chief noted that the appearance of the new MacBooks has not changed at all, and this is good. Good, because you’re buying a new laptop that habitually cools your hands with aluminum edges, habitually opens with one hand, has the usual screen size, and that’s great.

MacBook Pro 13″ without Touch bar (late 2016)

▪️ Dimensions (WxDxT): 304x212x15 mm
▪️ Weight: 1.37 kg

MacBook Pro 13″ with M1 (2020)

▪️ Dimensions (WxDxT): 304x212x16 mm
▪️ Weight 1.4 kg

No, really – I personally got used to my MacBook Pro 13″ in 4 years. I open it every day early in the morning and close it at the end of the working day.

Hands lie comfortably on the case, fingers without the help of eyes grope for the keyboard buttons. I definitely do not need the buttons to become larger in the new laptop, or move from their usual places.

Preparing for the release of new laptops with powerful stuffing, Apple took a risk and did not stuff new innovations like a touch screen. After all, it would be completely different macbookwhich you need to get used to again.

I’m not a retrograde, but it was in the case of the updated “firmware” that the guys from Cupertino did everything right: you buy a new product, open the lid with the usual movement, move from an old laptop to a new one in a few clicks and that’s it.

On the other hand, in the absence of visual changes, another problem appears. You subconsciously begin to look for differences more carefully, because you gave so much money for something new!

In my case, the keyboard was new to me. On the previous MacBook I had a “butterfly”, in the new one I had vaguely familiar “scissors” sensations.

Vaguely familiar – because in 2012 I was working on a MacBook Pro that had the same type of keyboard. I can’t say that after so many years you need to get used to it again: it’s just that the buttons move a little differently, softer and more silent than the butterfly keyboard.

So why should I be excited about the new MacBook M1?

Oooh, there are several reasons, and the very first and main one is

Autonomy with a capital letter

You can argue as much as you like about the advantages and disadvantages of MacBook and Windows laptops. You can compare the filling, the results of synthetic tests and other parameters. But what’s the point of having some kind of GTA 5 running on your laptop if it works away from the outlet for no more than a couple of hours?

In terms of autonomy, the MacBook Pro has always been head and shoulders ahead of all other laptops. On my own, I could work all day, chasing Chrome, Photoshop, and YouTube into the tail and mane. Occasionally, when I had to use some iMovie, the battery could run out in the late afternoon, and still it was perfect.

The new MacBook Pro does not only do all Windows laptops in terms of autonomy, but also all previous MacBooks. It doesn’t seem to need an outlet at all.

Photo of the “insides” of the MacBook Pro M1. Photo courtesy of ifixit

When the first day of the full use of the laptop went, and in more than 4 hours only 10% of its charge was used up, I could not even stand it and shared it on the site. My old MacBook usually already showed about 70% remaining charge by this time.

The first day is over, the second has begun – and you don’t need to charge your MacBook! From the morning of the second day, 65% of the battery remained.

And only by the end of the third day, the MacBook Pro with the M1 asked to be connected to the outlet, because there was 5% of the charge left. THREE DAYS of fully battery life!

And I still habitually used the Chrome browser, which “eats» The battery is much stronger than the native Safari.

All the remaining days, I did not stop rejoicing at the battery life of the 2020 MacBook.

Over the weekend, I watched the ENTIRE first season of Love, Death & Robots on one charge, and even 6 episodes of the new amazing series Alien Worlds on Netflix.


In total it worked out a little over 6 hours continuous video playback, plus after that I worked in Photoshop until late, then the next day I used the macbook at the office again for 12 hours, and now it’s the third day and I still have 35% of the charge.

I’m sure the macbook will survive and until the fourth day without an outlet. Well, what laptop can do that?

Performance just wow!

This is a very important point, for which everything was started in general – the development and creation of their own processor probably cost the Cupertinos a lot of money and effort.

And in the end – I moved from the MacBook Pro 13″ 2016 to the latest and newest MacBook 13″ 2020 with a new processor, and this: uhh … and what has changed, except for instant switching on after opening the lid?

But everything is known in comparison, and at some point I needed to get saved photos of gadgets from an old macbook. I took it out and turned it on.

And just stunned how slow he is !!!

Big Sur took about 20 seconds to load. Loading the desktop after entering the password – another 10 seconds. Seriously? And I endured it slowmo four whole years?

Moved to the MacBook Pro c M1, pressed the power button. After 5 seconds, the desktop loaded with all the applications in the tray. Here is a completely different matter!

Single-core Cinebench test, 13-inch MacBook Pro, Apple M1, 8 GB RAM

Cinebench multi-core test, 13-inch MacBook Pro, Apple M1, 8 GB RAM

Tests on my old macbook:

Single-core Cinebench test, 13-inch MacBook Pro, Intel Core i5, 8 GB RAM

Cinebench multi-core test, 13-inch MacBook Pro, Intel Core i5, 8 GB RAM

Test results:

► 13″ MacBook Pro on Intel: 1430 – multi-core, 756 – single-core

► 13″ MacBook Pro on M1: 7731 multi-core, 1491 single-core


Photoshop opens the same way on both macbooks. Considering that in the new laptop this also happens with the help of Apple Rosetta 2 technology, which is, in fact, “crutches”, the result of norms.

Although, wait, what if we put a beta version of Photoshop with support for the new M1 processors?

Downloaded, clicked on the icon, the Photoshop workspace opened. Wait, where is the download? Closed, clicked again, carefully watching the screen. I managed to notice for a few seconds the loading window of the graphical editor, and then the workspace appeared again – you can work.

Then I compared the launch speed of iMovie, Safari, App Store, Illustrator… Amazing difference in launch speed.

Launching apps on the new MacBook feels like launching apps on the iPhone 12 Pro and all. You just clicked on the icon – and the application is already open and ready to work.

Creating a 10-minute video in iMovie is also many times faster. You press “export to file”, a waiting icon appears, you mentally count to five – the video is ready.

Indeed, everything is known in comparison. In general, I was satisfied with the performance of my old MacBook, but when I switched to a new one, I saw firsthand how slowly the “old man” of 2016 worked.

What to do with Touch Bar

Yes, this is a really important question for me. After all, the MacBook Pro with M1 and without Touchbar simply does not exist.

That is, whether you like it or not, train yourself to use this sensory strip.

After several days of trying, I did the following: went to SettingsKeyboard and selected in the section “Display on the Touch Bar” the item “extended strip Control Strip”.

Voila! On the touch panel, native and familiar icons appeared from the standard f1-f12 buttons. Ok, Touchbar, that’s how we’ll be friends.

No, of course you can force yourself to get used to the capabilities of this element of the MacBook. You can put all sorts of utilities that will expand the functionality of the touch strip. But I chose the easiest option, and thanks to Apple for it – my MacBook is now completely habitual.

Bugs and problems (there are a few)

To date, I had exactly two problems with a MacBook on the M1 processor:

one. Dancing with a tambourine when formatting an SSD and reinstalling macOS Big Sur “clean” (solution here)
2. Video glitches in Telegram (no solution yet)

If reinstalling the OS can be dealt with using the instructions, then with vidos in telega nothing to do: they are displayed with noise.

UPD: just yesterday, Telegram was asked to update, and videos started to display correctly. Magic!

In total, only the inconvenience of reinstalling the operating system remained. But I’m sure that by the time you want to do that, Apple will have fixed that too.

Really Pro. Who to take?

The question is rhetorical, because there are simply no analogues to this MacBook. No, there is also a MacBook Air with the same processor, but it is more suitable for fans of the 12-inch, almost forgotten, MacBook. There are still many such people: even in the editorial office, two authors already look with hatred at their “dvenashki“.

The rest of the owners of any MacBooks, sorry – you instantly found yourself in the ranks lagging behind. Technological progress has made a huge leap, and I even know at what point it happened: in 21 hours 35 minutes 10 October.

Yes, your MacBook Pros are still fast and powerful, but the new M1 processor really decides. If you don’t want to get upset, don’t go to the store and don’t touch the new Macbook. Otherwise, universal sadness will visit you, which will literally force you to lure a consultant, poke your finger at an aluminum laptop with a Pro prefix and quietly say: “I take…»

Sorry for the lyrics, I just remembered my feelings when I first saw the MacBook Pro with M1 in the store.

And if objectively, then The era of Intel processors is rapidly over. The Apple M1 processor is better, smarter and faster. He perfect for Macrevealing the full power of both hardware and software components, so that in the end I, as a simple user, just do not want to try and look for something else.

So the new Macbook is by no means slightly updated Apple gadgetand a brand new laptop.

You have never experienced that your gadget worked at the speed of a top-end iPhone, while this gadget is not a smartphone, but familiar and convenient throughout the MacBook.

Prices for the MacBook Pro 13″ with M1 start at 129,990 rubles for the version with 8 GB of memory and 256 GB of SSD. My previous proshka had exactly the same amount of memory and RAM, and this was enough for me for four years.

However, now I sadly give away a test Macbook with M1, because after spending a week on high speedit’s like I’m changing back to an old Mercedes, which, although it drives properly, can’t be compared with a new, charged AMG.

What can I say, you get used to the good very quickly.

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