In the summer of 2022, Tecno launched Camon 19 smartphones on the Russian market. The name appeared for a reason. It’s short for the ambitious Camera is always ON. So the manufacturer emphasizes that his gadgets are distinguished by high-quality cameras. Three models came to our review at once: Camon 19, 19 Neo and 19 Pro. How they differ and which one is better to choose, we will tell in the material.

Tecno Camon 19 Pro has fairly thin bezels around the screen and a neat cutout for a selfie camera. Source: gsmarena.com

Equipment and design

All three models are delivered in fairly large cardboard boxes. The packaging looks stylish and concise.

Smartphone kits have everything you need. The boxes are almost identical. Source: gsmarena.com

The configuration of smartphones of the Camon 19 line is almost the same. Along with the phone in each box put:

  • Silicone Case;
  • power supply (18 W for Camon 19 and 19 Neo, 33 W for 19 Pro);
  • USB Type-C cable;
  • a clip to remove the SIM tray;
  • protective glass;
  • documentation.

The case was made of non-premium materials, but it still looks high quality. The frame around the perimeter is made of lacquered plastic, and the back is matte, so it is not afraid of fingerprints. Outwardly, all three devices are very similar, although they differ in size.

Smartphone Camon 19 19 Neo 19Pro
Width 74.4 76.9 75.6
Height 166.6 168.8 166.8
Thickness 8.3 8.5 8.6
The weight 198 195 204

You can’t call compact smartphones of the Camon 19 line. It is noteworthy that the largest of the models – 19 Neo – weighs several grams lighter than the base version.

On the left side face placed a triple connector for two SIM-cards and a memory card. At the top end there is only an auxiliary microphone. At the bottom are a 3.5 jack audio output and a Type-C connector.

Smartphone camera modules are similar. They are made in the form of two protruding washers. An unusual decision, none of the smartphone manufacturers had thought of this before.

The power button and volume rocker are located on the right side. The device was not equipped with a sub-screen fingerprint scanner. The sensor is built into the power button of the gadget, and it works quickly and accurately.


The manufacturer equipped all three Tecno Camon 19 smartphones with IPS matrices of the same diagonal – 6.8”. IPS displays are cheaper than AMOLEDs and they don’t fade. The resolution of the displays of all smartphones of the Camon series is also identical – 1080×2460 pixels at a density of 395 dpi. This is enough for watching videos, playing games and other tasks.

But the refresh rate is different. If the base version and 19 Neo have it at 60 Hz, then the 19 Pro received 120 Hz. Faster games look better with more frequency on the tap. The maximum declared brightness is 480 nits. This means that the smartphone is convenient to use even in bright sunlight.

All three smartphones received the same displays – bright and saturated. Source: gsmarena.com

Displays pleasantly surprise with color reproduction. The colors are saturated and contrasting – they are almost as good as the top AMOLED matrices. Smartphones have good viewing angles. With deviations, the colors on the screen become warmer, which is typical of all IPS displays.

In the curtain with settings there is an unusual function – darkening a separate area. If activated, a resizable zone will appear on the screen. Inside it, the brightness will remain the same, and everything will be darkened outside. This is convenient in public places when you need to hide information on the screen from prying eyes.

Specifications of smartphones

The Camon 19, 19 Neo models received the same filling – the Helio G85 processor, and the more modern and productive Helio G96 was installed in the Pro version. There is also a difference in the amount of RAM and internal memory – customers are offered different options:

Smartphone Camon 19 19 Neo 19Pro
Chipset Helio G85 Helio G85 Helio G96
Max. frequency, MHz 2000 2000 2050
Graphics core Mali G52 Mali G52 Mali G57
RAM size, GB 4/6 6 eight
Internal memory, GB 128 128 128/256

The technical capabilities of the Helio G85 are enough for everyday tasks and games at medium graphics settings, and the Helio G96 built into the Pro version confidently copes with the most demanding applications. The performance of the two chipsets differs by about 20-25%.

Camon 19 smartphone cameras

The cameras of the three Camon 19 smartphones are significantly different. Top positions are expectedly occupied by Camon 19 Pro: it has three lenses, when younger models can boast only two. Built-in sensors differ in characteristics:

Smartphone Camon 19 19 Neo 19Pro
Main lens, Mp 64, f/1.7 48, f/1.8 64, f/1.6
Telephoto lens, MP 50, f/2.0
Depth sensor, MP 2, f/2.4 2, f/2.4 2, f/2.4
Selfie camera, Mp 16, f/2.5 32, f/2.5 32, f/2.4

The main module installed in the Pro version of the smartphone is the main merit of the company. It was developed in collaboration with Samsung. This is the world’s first RGBW-matrix phone.

The standard uses 4 colors (red, blue, two greens), while RGBW uses white instead of one green pixel. Because of this, the light sensitivity of the matrix increases by 200%, which allows you to receive light with any wavelength. Thanks to the best color reproduction and high-quality grayscale, photos are vivid.

Camon 19 Pro allows you to create high-quality images both day and night. Source: gsmarena.com

The Camon 19 smartphone cameras have a lot of settings and capabilities. All gadgets, especially the Pro version, take good pictures. Built-in software algorithms skillfully correct user errors by aligning the white balance.

Camon 19 also shows good results. Source: wylsa.com

The telephoto lens, which is unique to the Camon 19 Pro, is equipped with a 2x optical zoom that allows you to zoom in on the image without losing quality. Another strong point of the smartphone is the night mode. It is very good due to the high light sensitivity of the matrix. The frames are highly detailed and accurate color reproduction.

The selfie cameras of all three smartphones are almost the same – the Pro version has only a slightly lower aperture (f / 2.4 vs. f / 2.5). Phones allow you to create rich and bright shots on the front camera.

The selfie cameras of all Camon 19 smartphones are the same – the frames are saturated, with a qualitatively blurred background. Source: gsmarena.com

Another advantage Camon 19 Pro has over the basic and Neo versions is optical video stabilization. Unfortunately, even he does not have a 4K recording. The maximum quality is 1080p at 30 frames per second.

Autonomy of smartphones

All devices are equipped with the same batteries with a capacity of 5000 mAh. Camon 19 and 19 Neo are charged in 2 hours 33 minutes, and 19 Pro in 1 hour 28 minutes. This speed is due to a more powerful power supply.

Tests of autonomy of Camon 19 smartphones showed similar results:

  • in standby mode, the gadget works 120-130 hours;
  • when web surfing – about 12 hours;
  • when watching a video – 13 hours 30 minutes;
  • in games – from 5 to 6 hours.

The overall autonomy during normal use of a smartphone during the day (phone calls, instant messengers, social networks) is about 32-35 hours.

Which phone to choose

The difference in price between the three smartphone models is relatively small:

– Camon 19 – about 17,000 rubles;

– Camon 19 Neo – about 15,000 rubles;

– Camon 19 Pro – about 20,000 rubles.

Users who care about the camera should definitely overpay 2-3 thousand rubles for the Pro version. For the money, you get a more powerful processor, a better main camera, and an additional telephoto lens with 2x zoom. If you just need a good phone, you can choose an inexpensive Camon 19 Neo.