What does it represent for you Beats?

You can not answer, because all this is not relevant. After the great Powerbeats Pro and, now, Solo Promy opinion about the sound of the brand’s headphones has finally turned for the better.

The new generation of the most popular on-ears has brought a lot of cool innovations. Among them are noise reduction, a new decent design and the Lightning port native to all of us. All this works up to 40 hours on a single charge and connects to the iPhone incredibly easily.

From awesome sound to new features, the Solo Pros are full of goodies. But that doesn’t mean I recommend them to everyone. There are several points of contention. Including about them I will tell in the review below.

Briefly about the main thing. Compare with Beats Solo3 Wireless

The Pro in the Solo name promises serious improvements after the almost popular Solo3 Wireless. I decided to turn their enumeration into something like a mini-review. Maybe you are too lazy to read everything. Then this block will suffice.

So, what has changed for the better:

▸ updated design: goodbye glossy plastic
▸ case and headband are stronger, stronger
▸ active noise reduction system appeared
▸ new wireless chip: was W1, became H1
▸ sound sharing function on supported iPhone and iPad
▸ Siri auto-reply to a voice request
▸ charging via Lightning port instead of micro-USB
▸ improved sound, and significantly

There are also several points of contention:

▹ no more 3.5mm audio port
▹ operating time with noise reduction (22h) is almost half that without it (40h)
▹ if the Solo3 Wireless seemed uncomfortable, then the Solo Pro won’t work either

Now Solo3 Wireless can be bought for 15,900 rubles, and Solo Pro cost 21,990 rubles.

What’s in the Beats Solo Pro includes a recycled case, Lightning to USB-A cable, case hook, 2-color Beats stickers, and instructions.

In my opinion, the difference in price is justified by the improvement in sound quality and the noise reduction function. If you are interested in the Solo series headphones, it is better to immediately look towards the Pro. At the same time, if you didn’t like the fit, design, or construction of the Solo3, then the new model is unlikely to fit.

Now go ahead, discuss in detail.

Design and management. Stylish, robust and without touch panels

I’ve always liked the design of wired BeatsEP (6190 rubles, our review), because they did not have glossy plastic. The headphones looked corny more expensive than the usual Solo, and the relative abundance of metal only exacerbated this impression.

Therefore, I am glad that Solo Pro went to the same steppe: matte, slightly textured plastic of the cups is interspersed with steel inserts. Definitely better than the Solo3 Wireless, which look like a toy against their background, and they feel the same in the hands.

From the Beats EP, the novelty also got a seat height adjustment mechanism. There used to be a telescopic system, a little flimsy. Now the headphones simply pull out of the recesses in the headband, along with the steel mount.

I like the look of the Solo Pro. Headphones at last look universally good on any person, the plaque disappeared youth and simplicity. No one will miss the old glossy plastic.

There is only one noticeable button on the case, located at the bottom of the headphones. If you think that it includes them, then you are mistaken – this is a change in the mode of noise reduction.

How then to control playback? It’s very simple: five keys are hidden in the round cover of the right earpiece in the format of a navigation bar. This is exactly physical buttonsno sensors (triple cheers).

Press up and down to adjust the volume, change tracks left and right, and click on the Beats logo to stop or start playback. If you hold down the central logo key, Siri is turned on. The tactile feedback is clear and noticeable, so everything will turn out without problems on the go and blindly.

The lack of a power button is easy to explain. Solo Pro turn on when you unfold them. And they turn off when at least one of the two headphones is folded. Not the most obvious system, but you get used to it quickly. The main thing is not to forget to do it.

Comfort fit and wear. Might be tight

Beats reported that they redesigned the ear cushions, but subjectively I did not notice the difference. They are again voluminous and plump, covered with leatherette and filled with soft foam inside. The speakers are covered with acoustic mesh.

These are still on-ear headphones – close to the earsbut not covering them like a dome.

The speakers themselves freely deviate along the axis from the mount, fixing on the ears even at an angle. The height is freely adjustable, but the margin for it is small, up to 4 centimeters on each side.

The inner side of the headband is soft, the headphones do not put pressure on the head. Outside, it is plastic, single-segment and slightly prone to bending. Without fanaticism, you can’t turn into a spiral, but you won’t accidentally break it either.

The fit of the Solo Pro can be summed up in one word: tightly. They are very tight to the head, pressing the ears. On the one hand, this increases passive noise isolation, including external one. Others will not reluctantly listen to your playlist.

With another, tightly in this case also means tight. Alas, I wasn’t a fan of the fit of all previous generations of Beats Solo. This is a personal moment, everyone has a different shape of the head and ears. But Solo Pro personally I can’t wear more than 3 hours without discomfort.

Ears heat upare starting to ache. You can take it off for half an hour, then continue, it will become easier. I’ve talked to Solo3 Wireless owners and they say that over time the headphones break in and become much easier to wear. The pressure on the ears is reduced. So this moment, apparently, we decide over time.

I also noticed that not everyone can wear these headphones around the neck. They will be like a second scarf in winter, well, or a choker (sorry).

I suspect that children and adolescents will not have such problems. But I still want to warn you, regardless of age: you need to hold the Solo Pro on your ears for at least five minutes before buying. And if you have a really big head, then Solo Pro, IMHO, will not work at all.

Iron and noise reduction. Listen, hear and even eavesdrop

The Solo Pro has improved the technical side, and very seriously. In addition to the H1 chip with all the cutting-edge features for the iOS ecosystem, Beats has seriously upgraded the headphone processor. Yes, it’s the processor.

Headphones now support active noise cancellationand with it – transparency mode (Transparency). Noise reduction works in both directions: it cuts off not only external sounds, but also monitors the tightness of the ear pads, head turns and even the shape of your ears.

The Solo Pro adjust the sound hundreds of times per second based on all these factors, and in this they are suspiciously similar to the AirPods Pro. I wouldn’t be surprised if they have the same processors.

I rate the quality of noise reduction as follows: cuts off about half of the noise, the effect is noticeable instantly. It does not reach the power of the leaders in this field, but it really improves the experience of music in the subway, train, car or plane.

I warn audiophiles that the noise reduction here affects the sound, reducing the power of the bass. Not critical, but useful to know in order to be more willing to turn off the feature in a calm environment for maximum music enjoyment.

Active noise canceling does not affect me negatively. But I know many people who, from such a chip (not specifically in Solo Pro, but in general), start to get sick or dizzy. So I advise you to check it live, for yourself.

Transparency Mode allows you to hear your surroundings without removing your headphones or pausing your music. At the same time, noise reduction is not completely turned off: the rumble of the aircraft and the crackle of the subway car are still muffled. This is a useful feature that allows you to always be on the lookout for everything that happens on the street. With her, even eavesdrop on others on the street.

Again, AirPods Pro function in a similar way in the same mode (they are even called the same in iOS settings), which indirectly confirms the theory about similar hardware in these two devices.

Manage noise canceling modes You can either through the iOS settings (Bluetooth menu) or through the physical button. Changing the mode on the key is accompanied by a musical effect, but it is not obvious. Whether it turned on the noise reduction, or turned it off, it’s not entirely clear. I would have preferred a verbal announcement to him.

It’s a pity that you can’t change the strength of the noise reduction or the transparency mode. You either turn it on to the maximum, or turn it off completely. Some kind of slider would be nice.

Well, the last two points. First, in Solo Pro updated microphone system, they convey the voice better when talking. I willingly believe, because even on the noisy Tverskaya I didn’t have to shout or try to hide behind my palm so that the interlocutor could hear my speech.

And secondly, charging is now on. via Lightning port. The cable (black!) is included. There used to be micro-USB, which is hopelessly outdated, tired and generally well.

As the owner of the Apple technology fleet, the transition to Lightning suits me completely. Maybe in a couple of years they will switch to USB-C, in general it will be perfect.

There is only one downside. The appearance of Lightning means the disappearance of the 3.5mm audio jack. Solo Pro can only be connected to wired audio sources via a 3.5 mm cable to Lightning. Which is not included and which costs 3 thousand rubles.

Could have put it.

Sound. Beats are not the same, and this is very good

Year after year, the company fights against criticism from the audiophile camp in the only sure way – by improving the sound quality. The Solo Pro is no exception in this regard. Moreover, these are clearly the best headphones in terms of sound quality that Beats has ever released.

An advanced driver with optimized diaphragm geometry creates a high frequency response with less total harmonic distortion.

It was a quote from a press release, I put it as it is. It is objectively clear that the sound quality has been improved here, but by how much?

The difference with Solo3 Wireless is instantly noticeable, just from the very first seconds. That’s it, boominess and bassiness have ceased to be a hallmark of Solo. I finally hear mids in them: lively, bright and saturated.

Partial frequency response normalization (without fanaticism, it’s still Beats) unexpectedly makes Solo Pro almost omnivorous headphones. There is no longer the feeling that the voices seem to have been cut from above.

However, the new Solos do not enter the field of audiophilia. Rhythm, bass power still become a key part of any track, if it is initially rich in low frequencies. It’s just that the emphasis on them is now slightly shifted, and this has significantly changed the sound of the headphones as a whole.

This model is unusual strong midbass. If the bass guitar starts playing, it seems to become one with the rest of the instruments, enveloping the music with a rhythm and drive that is usually imperceptible in wireless headphones. And techno, trance, electronics generally blow up consciousness even at low volume.

I drove a selection of jazz tracks on the first impression and I have to admit that they sound in Solo Pro very driving and at the same time decent, as if it should be so. Pop music is perfect, especially modern, rich in low frequencies of all stripes.

At the same time, the vocals are juicy, not suppressed, although a little pressed to the center. The sound stage is not very wide, due to the ultra-tight fit of the headphones.

The only genre on which the ears even stumbled a little was heavy metal. Well, quite heavy and fast, with a focus on guitars. Too lively bass plays against it, and especially midbass, flooding everything else in the track. I can’t imagine the burnt metalhead in Beats, so it’s not a big loss.

I can confidently say that Solo Pros sound better than most wireless headphones. This is the perfect evolution of the Beats sound philosophy: the bass should to beand it should be a lot of. It’s just that now the principle is achieved without the tonal humiliation of all other frequencies. And this is good news.

This makes me even more upset that I can’t wear the Solo Pro for a long time. Hopefully they will stretch over time. Because such a sound is contagious, after it your home “monitors” are simply sickening to listen to.

Where to buy and what colors do I recommend

Beats Solo Pro is a great update to the Solo range for both fans of previous models and those who have bypassed the Beats before. Seriously folks, put them on first and listen. This is no longer a bass machine, but very good sound quality headphones. Many competitors even for these 22 thousand rubles sound worse.

Yes, this is not an audiophile story. Yes, wearing comfort is highly dependent on the shape and size of the head. But other than that it turned out to be a decent piece.

Full integration into the Apple ecosystem, useful noise reduction chips and decent battery life are seasoned on top with the undeniable popularity of the brand. Wearing Beats is no longer a shame, even if you are bearded, sullen and stern.

In short, this a good choice for those who need universal large headphones for Mac, iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time. Two taps, no Bluetooth menus. With H1 chip is very convenient.

Beats Solo Pro Sales begin November 8you can pre-order now. They cost 21,990 rubles.

In Russia, all six colors will be sold, of which I recommend grey, white and dark blue. The rest is not for boring people, especially bright red.

I have an ivory (white) model in the photo. She’s pretty, IMHO, second in front of gray. Gray is actually beige, and no matter how you look at it, it looks just super. I advise you to look at it first of all.

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