Sales of smartphones in Russia are growing again. This is reported by Vedomosti, citing its own research.

From January to October 2017, about 23.2 million devices were sold in the country. This is 10% more than a year earlier – 21.1 million units.

Sales growth was also confirmed by large resellers – MTS, Svyaznoy and M.Video. True, according to the latter, sales growth was only 3%, and not 10%, as others believe.

The most popular smartphones are devices from the price range from 10 to 25 thousand rubles. First of all, the growth of the market is associated with the renewal of the model range of large manufacturers and the growth in sales of Chinese brands. For example, Xiaomi or Huawei are considered in M.Video.

MTS representative Dmitry Solodnikov believes that the growth is associated with the strengthening of the ruble and lower prices for some smartphone models, such as the iPhone 5S and SE. And also with the increase in credit offers in the market.

Svyaznoy claims that thanks to extended installment programs, premium-class devices are gaining popularity – from 40 thousand rubles. [Ведомости]

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Sales grew by as much as 10%.

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