Samsung owners accuse the company of intentionally limiting performance.

Appropriate complaints appeared on the Samsung forum, and the Android Authority and 9to5Google also confirmed the existence of the problem.

Many Samsung smartphones have a Game Optimizing Service system application that is responsible for optimizing games. It allegedly slows down 10,000 apps, including Instagram, Netflix, TikTok, and Samsung Pay.

Popular benchmarks such as 3DMark and GeekBench weren’t included in the list.

A Korean blogger clearly showed how Samsung limits the performance of the Galaxy S22 Ultra. To do this, he renamed the 3DMark application to Genshin Impact. After that, the result of the 3DMark Wild Life Extreme test became two times worse: 1141 versus 2618 points.

It is currently unknown which smartphones are equipped with the Game Optimizing Service. Android Authority did not find the app in the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S20 FE and Galaxy S10E, but found it in the Galaxy S21 Plus. 9to5Google has reported that the Game Optimizing Service is preinstalled on their Galaxy S22 Plus.

Samsung told iPhones.ru that the Game Optimizing Service does not affect non-gaming applications.

Our priority task is to provide all the necessary opportunities to users of mobile devices. The Game Optimizing Service (GOS) has been designed to effectively manage device temperature and avoid overheating while maintaining peak gaming performance. GOS does not affect non-gaming applications.
The feedback that users leave about our products is important to us, and in the near future, after we study the feedback received, we will release a software update. It will allow you to manage performance when running gaming applications.


Users speculate that the company is deliberately limiting performance in popular apps in order to increase the battery life of smartphones. [9to5Google]

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10 thousand applications fell under the performance limit.

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