Here it is, the Samsung Galaxy A22, which seems to be an inexpensive, but at the same time cool smartphone. Although the company had to make some cuts in order to lower the price tag, there is something to be proud of. We will reveal its weaknesses and strengths during the review.

Mid-budget Samsung Galaxy A22 smartphone


The review of the Samsung A22 should start with the parameters, after which we will delve into the features of the gadget. So:

Appearance and dimensions

Samsung A22 is a classic of the genre: a rectangle with rounded edges. Medium size (159.3×73.6 mm), which allows one-handed use. The thickness of the gadget is 8.4 mm. The weight was also quite small – 186 grams. For comparison: “Galaxy” A02 already weighs 206 g.

The back cover is plastic, glossy. Frames around the perimeter too. In the corner, on a small pedestal, there are the “eyes” of 4 cameras, located in pairs one under the other. A flash rested a little lower. On the upper part of the case there is an additional microphone with noise reduction, it participates in stereo sound recording.

The left end is occupied only by a slot for cards. In this model, it is full-fledged, that is, there is a place for two SIMs and for installing a microSD. On the right is a “rocker” button for increasing/decreasing the sound volume. Next to it was the power key, which has a built-in sensor that allows you to unlock your smartphone by scanning your fingerprint. The finger falls on it even without visual contact, it is convenient, fast and does not take long to get used to.

On the lower edge, the manufacturer brought:

  • minijack, which allows you to use standard wired headphones;
  • main microphone;
  • Type-C USB connector, through which the gadget charges and connects to other devices;
  • multimedia speaker.

Samsung offers a choice of 3 shades of A22: white, black and mint. There are no gradients or patterns on the lid. Only even muted colors.

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Memory and performance

A22 works on a Mediatek Helio G80 chip. There are 8 cores on board, 2 of which are capable of overclocking up to 2 GHz, another 6 – up to 1.8 GHz. This provides an average level of performance. In terms of power, it is optimally suitable for solving a number of everyday tasks, such as correspondence, calls, watching videos, using messenger applications, listening to music. Games like World of Tanks will only run on low or medium graphics settings.

4 GB of RAM is allocated for mobile phone operation. As for the built-in storage, there are options for 64 or 128 gigs, for example, the Samsung Galaxy A22 White. The size of the internal memory can be increased by using a micro SD up to 1 TB.

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Samsung Galaxy A22 screen

This is Super AMOLED with a 90-hertz scan. Shows users a bright, smooth picture. In the settings, you can change the display mode to 60 Hz. In addition, it is possible to:

  • activate the dark theme or switch to light;
  • adjust the brightness by dragging the slider to the right/left;
  • change font size and style;
  • switch to saturated or natural colors.

And also work with other parameters to adjust the screen to your own needs.

Samsung Galaxy A22 smartphone screen

The display size is 6.4″. The resolution is not very large: 720 by 1600 pixels, but there is no great load on the chipset. The pixel density is at the level of 274 ppi. The frames around are relatively small, except for the bottom one, which is slightly larger than the others. In the center a cutout-drop is located under the frontal.


The phone is powered by a 5000 mAh battery. One and a half to two days of autonomy is ensured with such a battery capacity. The battery is non-removable.

100% charge of the Samsung Galaxy A22 smartphone

Smart is charged through the Type-C connector. To speed up the process, the manufacturer provided the possibility of fast charging. The device charges 50% in an hour. The kit already includes a 15-watt block and a USB cord. There is no mention of wireless ways to recharge the battery.

Samsung A22: camera review

The smartphone has 4 photo modules compactly placed on the back cover. AI participates in all shootings to improve the quality of the resulting frames.

  four cameras in the Samsung Galaxy A22

Regarding the megapixels and features of the shooting “quartet”:

  1. The main sensor is 48 Mpix and the ability to take photos and videos with the participation of optical stabilization. As a result, there is no shake in the videos and no blurring of the frames even during movement.
  2. Ultra-wide — 8 Mpix and a viewing angle increased to 123 degrees. You can photograph a maximum of everything in all directions.
  3. Macro — 2 MP, shoots when approaching a mini-object by 3-5 cm. The depth sensor is 2 MP, blurs the background and allows you to take great portraits.
  4. When viewing the resulting images, the good work of HDR is noticeable: the dark and light areas of the images are perfectly rendered. Color rendering is natural, and contrast is moderate. You can shoot portraits with background blur on the main module.

Video is recorded either in FLD or HD at 30 frames per second. When filming on the main camera or the front camera, choose the desired resolution. Optical stabilization works only if the 48-megapixel sensor is activated.

The menu is standard: “Portrait”, “Photo”, “Video recording”. The “More” tab opens additional options for photo modules. For example, you can switch to macro photography or activate Night mode.

The 13-megapixel front camera can shoot with good background blur. Additionally responsible for face unlocking. During the day, it works perfectly. There are nuances in the evening: if the lighting is not sufficient, it is easier and faster to use a fingerprint scan.

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The device is initially delivered with the eleventh “Android” and the OneUI version 3 proprietary shell. The firmware has a flexible, very “friendly” and convenient interface.

  OneUI 3

For example, a grid of shortcuts with programs for quick launch of the format 3 by 4. It is convenient to reach any icon with one hand. There is a split-screen mode, when the user gets the opportunity to work simultaneously in 2 applications on one screen, to flip the news feed and correspond in the messenger. Previous programs are more than enough here. There is a complete set of Google programs and various social networks such as Facebook.


Given the fact that the Helio G80 chip is inside the smartphone, there is no 5G support, only 4G. Sensors and satellites for navigation (GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, Galileo) — everything is present. There is 2-band Wi-Fi at 2.4 and 5 GHz, which provides excellent data transfer speeds. In addition to wireless technologies, the fifth version of “Bluetooth” is presented.

Thanks to the presence of NFC, you can use Samsung Pay to pay for purchases using your phone.

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“Galaxy” A22 is a mid-budget phone. Hence the all-plastic case, discreet design, lack of moisture protection (there are no seals even in the slide-out compartment with SIM cards), average chipset, low display resolution, and mono sound of the speaker. At the same time, Samsung did not skimp on the main thing – the quality and brightness of the screen, battery capacity, convenience when working with a smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy A22 showed that it is a worthy representative of an inexpensive niche. “Super AMOLED” stands out among its competitors with a screen with up to 90 hertz, a perfectly optimized shell and more autonomy.

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