More and more and more – with each new “Galaxy A” the manufacturer increases the screens of mobile phones and not only that. The A72 is billed as a “smartphone that you need”.

Smartphone Samsung Galaxy A72

Let’s figure out what, according to Samsung, users need: a huge screen, a smart chipset, super cameras? See what of this and more is in the Samsung Galaxy A72, in its full review.

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Main technical characteristics

A72 is a representative of the mid-budget line. However, the manufacturer did not stint on the characteristics:

The delivery set remains concise: in addition to the smart itself, a usbish cord and a charging block, a paper clip, and documentation were put in a cardboard box.

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Dimensions and ergonomics

Smart is quite large, which is not surprising with a 6.7-inch screen. The official dimensions of the Samsung Galaxy A72, indicated in the specifications: 165 × 77.4 × 8.4 mm. Due to the back cover made of lightweight and durable plastic, the gadget weighs a little more than two hundred grams. A glossy aluminum frame around the perimeter securely fastens the structure.

  Samsung Galaxy A72 stand set

Smart lies in the palm of your hand like a glove, the matte back surface, although smooth, does not strive to slip out, like the same metal or glass without a case. The back cover is more resistant to scratches, scuffs, fingerprints.

Thanks to the rounded corners of the case, visually smart does not look too bulky. The materials are tactile.

  Dimensions Samsung Galaxy A72

There is nothing unusual in the location of the buttons, everything is the same as in most Samsung mobile gadgets and similar Android devices. Therefore, you don’t have to get used to interacting with the phone again. We will talk more about the location of control elements below.


A screen with thin symmetrical frames around the perimeter and a huge diagonal of 6.7 inches. A72 in terms of display size is only surpassed by representatives of the Note line, for example, 20 Ultra with 6.9″.

In the upper part, in the center, there is a neat “peephole” of the front module in a black border. Below, right on the screen, there was a place for a fingerprint scan.

The Super Amoled FHD+ display is protected by 5th generation tempered Gorilla Glass. Add here the brightness of 800 nits and get no problems with viewing angles, saturation and juiciness of the picture. The A72’s crisp 90Hz screen gives you smooth page scrolling and game movement. If you want to save a little battery power, you can lower the hertz to around 60.

Here, in the settings, it is possible to:

  • activate the dark theme, in which very deep blacks look spectacular and save battery power;
  • adjust font size and style;
  • adjust the brightness from saturated to natural;
  • increase screen sensitivity.

And more for the comfortable use of smart.

Samsung Galaxy A72 smartphone screen

There is a proprietary Samsung Always On Display. This is when some infa is displayed on the off display (clock, date, notifications). Elements can be customized, for example, choose a watch face from the Galaxy Store.

The Edge sidebar allows you to quickly launch applications or work in a multi-window format. To call it, just drag from the edge of the screen to the center. The contents of the quick tab can be changed at your discretion.


A72 is decorated with restraint, there are no unnecessary elements. The entire front part is occupied by the screen. The rear panel is given over to a 4-module camera unit, which, unlike the A32, slightly rises above the body. On a rectangular ledge opposite each other, there are “eyes” of photomodules and flashes.

The top end occupies a combined slot where you can install 1 SIM card + memory card or two SIM cards. Nearby is a voice microphone. The right side was taken under the oblong “rocker” of the volume and the on / off button. The left side is free from control elements and connectors.

Samsung Galaxy A72 phone design

Installed below:

  • the main conversational speaker, which, together with the top one, forms a pair and is responsible for stereo sound;
  • USB Type-C, responsible for charging the smartphone and wired connection with other gadgets;
  • mini-jack for connecting headphones.

This Galaxy is available in several solid colors. Users have already appreciated the black, lavender, blue and white tones. The shades are muted, calm, supporting the overall concept of elegance and minimalism.


The rear photomodule boasts 4 sensors, including:

1. Main – 64 MP with optical stabilization
Allows you to get juicy detailed daytime photos, there is good noise reduction. Night shots look artistic, the pictures show the relief and details.

2. Super Wide – 12 MP with 123-degree field of view
Without autofocus. Helps to capture as many objects on the sides as possible in the frame. No corner distortion.

3. Telephoto – 8 megapixels with optical 3x zoom
You can capture objects at a long distance, and with good detail.

4. Macro – 5 MP
With sufficient lighting, it allows you to get interesting shots of the smallest elements.

Front camera 32 megapixels without autofocus. When shooting “selfies” in portrait mode, it does not blur the contours.

Samsung Galaxy A72 cameras

Video with optical stabilization can be shot at resolutions up to 4K, however, only at 30 frames per second. While recording a video, you can switch between the “eyes”, for example, from the main camera to the ultra-wide one. There is a “Super Stabilization” mode, but then the video is written only in 1080 p.

The camera app is simple and straightforward. There is a tape, scrolling which to the left / right, you can switch between photos, videos, individual modes. From the More tab, you can add features to the ribbon that you use most often when shooting, such as Night or Panorama.

From the new mode appeared “Cheerful”. Responsible for connecting with Snapchat. If you turn it on, you can put on cool masks, change the background.


Its capacity has grown to 5000 mAh. Let’s say in the previous A71 the battery was 4500 mAh. The manufacturer promises that the battery will last without energizing:

  • up to 20 hours of Internet surfing,
  • up to 23 hours of video viewing,
  • up to 40 hours of phone calls,
  • up to 146 hours of listening to tracks.

Those who have already managed to test the A72 in action say that the smart battery in active mode for a day and a half keeps easy.

  Battery and Charging Samsung Galaxy A72

Fast 25-watt charging is provided, in half an hour you can recharge the battery by 50%. Smart is charged as standard, using a wire through the Type-C connector. Wireless charging, like the S20 or S21, is not here.

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Performance and memory

Smart has become faster and more powerful due to the 8-core Snapdragon 720G chipset, where 2 cores can be accelerated to 2.3 GHz, another 6 to 1.8 GHz. The processor is not too “gluttonous”: even if you play a lot, read, watch videos, the smart will last a day without recharging.

For the graphics in the answer “Adreno” 618. To help the processors, 6 or 8 gigs of RAM are provided, depending on the model chosen. Internal memory can be 128 or 256 Gb (for example, in A72 Violet). The latter can be increased up to 1 TB using a microSD, but in this case you will have to sacrifice one SIM card, since the slot for them is combined.

Performance in A72 is more than enough even when running resource-intensive programs. The system works smoothly and without brakes, it is comfortable to play even at high settings.


In terms of communication, the A72 has two nano-sim cards operating in 2G, 3G and 4G networks. But if a flash card is used, then the second sim will have to be sacrificed. For a wired connection with other gadgets, the Type-C port and the 3.5mm jack at the bottom of the smart body are responsible.

From wireless technologies in A72 it is presented:

  • Wi-Fi – 2.4 + 5 GHz;
  • “Bluetooth” – the fifth version;
  • NFC — Samsung Pay.

The latter allows you to pay for purchases using your mobile phone with one touch to the terminal. You can add Mastercard, Visa, MIR cards to the corporate payment service.

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Firmware A72 – “Android” version 11 under a clear, functional and outwardly pretty One UI 3.1 shell. It has many security profiles (protected folder, applications), built-in antiviruses.

In particular, in most of the latest Samsung gadgets, the Knox system is pre-installed, which allows you to separate the personal and the public. Tapping on the Knox icon, you need to enter a password, after which you will be taken to a separate secure space where you can put anything: from contacts and SMS to electronic documents and more.

Samsung Galaxy A72 Security

In addition, the A72 provides unlocking using:

  • Face scanning – for this, a front camera is used. The sensor will not work if there are glasses on the face, a mask, or there is not enough light around.
  • Sub-screen scan – you need to place your finger on a special circle and do not remove it for 1-2 seconds so that the sensor has time to react, otherwise you will have to enter a pin code. 3 fingerprints can be stored in memory.


The main features of A72 Black and other shades:

  1. They added more RAM, unlike the younger “brothers” in the line, A32 and A52 with 4 gigs, this “Galaxy” received 6 and 8 GB, which has a positive effect on system performance, the ability to use “heavy” applications that require a lot of free memory.
  2. We placed a telephoto lens with a 3x magnification in the camera block instead of a depth sensor. Added optical stabilization to eliminate blurry pictures and video shaking. The camera application has many modes: standard and pro, slow and super slow motion, night, macro, etc.
  3. Provided protection of the outer shell of the smart according to the IP67 standard. This ensures safe diving for up to half an hour to a depth of up to a meter. Now you can safely talk on the phone, even when it’s raining outside, not be afraid to use your mobile phone near the pool.
  4. We increased the autonomy of work by installing a more capacious 5000 mAh battery. A 25-watt fast charge allows you to fully replenish the battery’s energy reserves within an hour.
  5. They installed a stunningly large and bright “Super AMOLED” display with eye protection and super-smooth scrolling. Information on the screen is perfectly visible even on a bright sunny day.

A72 is equipped with a set of flagship chips that were previously available only to top-end Samsung devices. At the same time, smart is included in the line of medium budget employees. This is a super option for connoisseurs of models with a huge screen, good cameras, not a frail amount of memory, protected from moisture, dust and third-party interference with personal data.

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