Bad news for Samsung smartphone users. According to a number of owners of South Korean gadgets, their smartphones independently send photos from the gallery to contacts from the address book.

Without warning and in a completely random sequence, the pictures are sent via MMS messages.

One of the users noted that his smartphone sent all the photos to the girl. Sending is carried out through the standard Samsung Messages application. But the most annoying thing is that the application does not even show the pictures that were sent.

You can see what photos were sent to a random user only after he answered.

Judging by the discussion of the problem on the Samsung forums and in the Reddit community, the bug affected not only the Galaxy S9 and S9 + flagships, but also occurs on other smartphones of the brand. Representatives of the company are aware of the problem and are asked to call the direct support line if a bug is found.

The only thing that owners of South Korean devices can do now is to prevent the Samsung Message application from accessing multimedia files. [The Verge]

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